Impact of Premarital Sex and Unplanned Pregnancies in Modern Society (LOH 173)

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Premarital sex more than ever, has become very rampant in the society.
Even in Africa now people are submitting to it and it is becoming more normalized, and we know that as africa becomes more westernized, things like this and more will also become acceptable.


The world in general is now prone to premarital sex, and sadly for the ladies, this affects them most, because it often leads to unwanted pregnancy and they have to bear it even when they are not ready!
Sometimes it turns out that the man denies the pregnancy or he's forced to take the girl in, or african mothers will also always forcefully take the girl to the man that got her pregnant!

When my sister got pregnant, my mom was very disappointed, my sister went to live with the man, the man wasn't even ready for such commitment but due to the society and what everyone would say, they were both living together.

But the experience was really bad for my sister as the pregnancy grew everyday. Most times the man doesn't even give her food to eat and the things a pregnant woman needs. She also got very ill. Even while she's ill, the man still didn't have money to take her to the hospital and my sister almost died!

Before my sister got very ill, my mom would send someone to her house to give her some food that she cooked at home so she could eat, but she didn't know the situation would get so bad.
So when she heard of the illness, she saw that it was serious, my sister has already turned pale and her legs were very swollen and she could hardly walk, also her delivery day is also around the corner.
My mom brought her back home and she would no longer live with that guy, then she used all she had to take her daughter to the hospital.

She continues to live in our house even after she delivers the baby and we all care for the baby because we love her and she's never a mistake.

The act of forcing someone that got pregnant to marry the man or woman should stop, because most times when there's no real love and the partner is not ready they both suffer, especially the woman.

Let me tell you the scenario that always happens in africa when a girl gets pregnant at home...

The African mother looks at her daughter and knows right away that she's pregnant 😂

Girl's mother: Hey come here! Why are you pregnant, so you're pregnant

Girl: (tries to deny. With a shivering voice) No mommy, I'm not...

Girl's mother: (cuts in) If I slap you now you'll tell me who got you pregnant

Girl: (in fear) Oh sorry mommy, its... it's... it's Emeka, Emeka got me pregnant

African mother: That useless boy, so you opened your legs for that useless boy to get you pregnant 😡. You'll hear from me!

Oya pack your bag we're going to his house, from now on you'll become his wife, he'll care of this thing you call pregnancy!

And that's the end of the story, either the man denies the pregnancy, that's if he's strong enough, or he takes the girl in.

Advice to african mothers: That someone got pregnant doesn't mean he must get married to the man, this only leads to suffering. Don't force your child to marry the wrong person!

Also girls need to be careful not to get themselves in this situation, it's very difficult for a girl to get married after having a baby, at least for now!

To all girls, including myself, getting pregnant is not the end of the world, it's good to try all we can to take good care of the baby and not subject yourself to suffering in a man's house all in the name of forceful marriage.

For my sister's story, she still lives in our house but the man who got her pregnant send the child's school fees, while she feeds the child, sometimes it's good to share the responsibility so that the whole burden is not on the man!


For me, I don't want to get premarital pregnancy, but I know mistakes can happen, if it happens and the guy is not willing to marry me, I won't live in his house to avoid mistreatment, I would rather stay in my house and let him do his own part to care for the baby. We will need to get to the agreement who takes the baby and share the responsibility of caring for the child


Thank you @jane1289 for this nice topic for his week, I loved participating!
And thank you all for reading to this point..

I also invite you to participate in the contest, I would like to learn what you think about the topic too!

See you next time! 🤗




Thanks for this wonderful piece

You're welcome

You're very much correct, sorry your sister has to go through all that, staying with our parents during pregnancy is the best, they may feel disappointed but then they will still take care of you, they can't push you out cause if they do who would take care of you as they do, nobody. Despite being in the disappointed state they still care and love us that's the beauty of being a parent.

That's right, parents never leaves their child alone, especially when they're suffering

It's not a sin to get pregnant, but it is a mistake to live with a man who can't see your worth and doesn't know how to protect your child.. .so it is better to be alone, right?

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Here it is viewed as a great sin lol! (Of you're not married)

And yes, it's better for me to stay alone when this happens than to suffer mistreatment and affect my child


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