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Hi Pals, I am always a latecomer🤣🤣. I’m so sorry, this week’s prompt is for the Pablets in the community and I happened to be one of the Pablets😁. Well, straight to work 🚶‍♀️🚶‍♀️

There is always that one thing that keeps you moving on mostly when you feel like giving up. I would say I don’t have any because of the pressure we face every day but it’s the opposite. My PASSION FOR MUSIC is what keeps me going and not just that it also supports me financially.

Doing one of my songs

I'm most passionate about my music because it helps me in many ways. I get to meet people every day, unlike the time I was just there doing my regular job, but now I'm a member of the band. Not only that, I meet different people every day. I get the opportunity to perform on a stage and grow as I perform often. I used to be this shy girl that does not do well with like crowd, even when I was in choir. I've never done songs in a huge crowd, but now I guess your girl can do it.

You have that one love that you fall for at first sight and also felt that way at the same time in return, that even when you fight today you end up together again before the day ends that’s how it has been with ME and MUSIC. There have been several times I left music to face another of my life but music always finds me😍🥰 or I will say we find each other again. It gives me Peace of Mind and takes me away from the worries and stress.

Thank you so much, Ladies of hive.
Thank you for the time you took to read this❤️‍🔥.

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Thank you for having me❤️‍🔥

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That was also my passion when I was a child and in my adolescence, then my life took a turn and finally I got my true passion, but I still like music and singing, how nice that your passion is also an economic support! greetings @melzi

Thank you so much
It wasn't easy o
But God helped me through it and is still helping me

Why didn't you upload some of your work for us to see na 😭

Oh, I'm so sorry. Noticed now, so next time I will definitely drop some of my work.

Thank you so much

Would be waiting


I'm a lover of music though but not a singer😅. It is one the things that assist me in coping with the harsh reality of life. Ability to sing is such a beautiful talent

I realise you are still new on hive, you can search for communities such as hive open-mic, afri-tunes community and other music related communities where your singing talents can be utilised and get the support it deserves.

And also try to use more tags on your post, especially tags that relates with your post, it helps others to categories and find your post on hive blockchain and there are some tags that earn you rewards and occasional airdrops. I'm sure as you grow on hive you will get to know more about the usage of this tags.

Pop in from #dreemport

Yes dear, the way Music heals the body is still a mystery. Thank you so much, I will join afri-tunes immediately and participate in hive open mic. ❤️❤️

I will be looking out for the hashtags, I'm really grateful for the info.

Thank you so much for reblogging ❤️

Passion finds us even if life makes us leave it. It is because the passion resides in our soul and is the way for its respiration.

It's good to know that both of you find each other.

Popped in via Dreemport

Yes, life showed me pepper, at a point I felt like I should just do a regular job but in doing that job, I ended up mixing it with music as I was a teacher and my learners loved rhymes, to the point, every topic is turned to a song🤣🤣

Thank you so much

Woooh! It means you were an innovative teacher

Well😍, I love to stretch myself and make the best of everything I do.
Thanks a bunch. 🥰😍😘❤️‍🔥

You are most welcome. Hope you are able to progress on Dreemport

Yes dear. ❤️‍🔥❤️‍🔥❤️‍🔥