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Pleasant evening to all the lovely ladies here


To begin with I must say that a 100USD is a pretty sum in Nigerian currency and following the exchange rate for today that will amount to
38,249.91 naira, that's huge.
The first thought that came to my mind was to add up all the amount to my savings which is channeled towards getting industrial machines and starting/setting up my fashion business.
I strongly believe in women empowerment, whatever form it may come, be it advice, little token here or an assistance to set up herself and become independent to a large extent.
Independent women have voice, they know their rights and can defend themselves whenever the other gender is failing to meet with responsibility.

Becoming an independent woman has been one of my major goals, because I had a mother who was a complete housewife and never had an opportunity to fulfil her dreams, she lived totally dependent on my dad for every penny and you can imagine a day he says no!..
Of course a thousand and one thing she never got for herself, experience she couldn't afford and the list goes on. This could make any woman feel inferior to a man.

Nevertheless aside pursuing my dreams and all that I love to share
whatever I have gotten be it gifts or goodwills I will always share an information that will help my fellow woman and believe me first part of the cash will go for some small chops and a snacks party with my fellow friends and apprentice at Trumie outfits where I am learning fashion.



All of these woman wants me to onboard them so they could also blog and enjoy the friendship and love we share here, but lord have mercy am just so busy. I will take them one at a time.
I will appreciate more women on hive and will add that to my calander, I invite @gloriaolar, and @bimpcy to join this communitu and contest.

Thanks for your patience in reading this long piece, I did try to summarize


All of these woman wants me to onboard them so they could also blog and enjoy the friendship and love we share here, but lord have mercy am just so busy. I will take them one at a time.


I love the fact you want to buy equipment for your fashion business

Thank you
That laughter was contagious, I couldn't resist smiling.

Love it! Such a great way to spend that gift- and you could do everything you want with it too if you calculate it creatively.

You could put some towards the machines, then get your friends and other ladies to come and join you and create a co-operative shop where you all learn, teach each other and sew for profit and then you could take on young apprentices and interns and then every time someone reaches a milestone- that's the reason the have a little party to celebrate!

Imagine all of the women and girls that you could help there buy investing in their futures.

I wish you all the luck in the world and can't wait to see your plans come to fruition and be totally successful! 😀

You just spelled out all of my plans, I had it in mind to get trained and train young girls for free, I will certainly do a free skill acquisition to empower women.
A cooperative business is a expensive idea, thanks for sharing that with me
I will look into it.
Thank you for these great ideas, i love them.

Haaa, I'm not going to steal your idea, but maybe when the pandemic is over I could come and help you with it!!! Though I can't sew! I am really, really, REALLY bad at it, no matter how hard I try to be good at it!!! lol...

But I am very good at a lot of other things...

Did you mean that a cooperative business is very expensive $$$$ to create, cause over here it's the opposite. It's much cheaper and easier and how most people get a business togther- with a little bit of money and input from everyone- like having an organisation that has a committee of people to make the decisions for the business- the chairWOMAN and vice chairwoman, secretary (administrations), treasurer (finances) and then the general members that discuss and vote yes or no on all of the opportunities...

And have you heard of this organisation?

@justclickindiva mentioned it in her blog and I think it is an amazing idea and it might help you girls get what you need to get the ball rolling....

Wow, you know, I just realised that I pretty much described how the hive works there- in a very basic

That's a great way to spend it. Good luck fulfilling your dreams! Go for it lady!

Thanks you so much, am glad you understand.

Thanks for sharing your experience with us!

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Thank you always

If only your Father was more understanding of your Mother by not only expressing his love but trusting her with some of the family's savings, and given some power to make choices on behalf the family and listen to her ideals. I always weiw marriages as a Partnership more than a Hierarchy. What an example he could have set.
I wish you and your friends success in the Fashion world. @monica-ene

Am glad you understand.
Thank you for the wishes.
I appreciate