Ladies of Hive Community Contest #161 - The Festive Cheers

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For this week @LadiesofHive - Contest #161 the questions are

1️⃣ EVERYBODY does selfies, right? You will need to go out someplace where the Christmas decorations are in full swing; whether it's a local department store or your favorite restaurant, someone's home, or wherever the spot may be. You will need to dress festively and hit me with your best shot of Christmas selfie cheer! Be creative; be humorous; be extravagant and over the top! It's early yet (not really) but let's see how to do a seriously Christmas selfie!
~ 𝐀𝐍𝐃 / 𝐎𝐑 ~
2️⃣ The holiday season and the New Year celebrations brings about special traditions in foods. What we want to know is: what is the most decadent dessert you enjoy during this time? Please provide a picture of the dessert (preferably with you enjoying it but not required), and if it's something you make, maybe provide the recipe so we can all enjoy a taste!


I would love to spread the Christmas cheer and waiting for it too but in my city still we do not see any Christmas decorations. Mostly it gets set by the first week of December. One of the reason is also that end of November we are celebrating the Omani National Day and possibly they would not want the Christmas decor to take over that as the National day would mean a lot for any place.

I am not even a selfie person, unless there is absolutely no one around I will never take a selfie, so in that case when I checked my photo gallery, I could not find a single selfie Christmas picture.
But I will like to share a sweet memory of my last Christmas, where me and hubby had gone for one of the School Choirs and it was a fun event.

On another day this was at one of the hotel, not the real Santa but a fake one...hehe

The Christmas that I celebrated with my Mom. It's one more sweet memory for me

Ahhhh and I also clicked a picture with the real Santa here :-)

This is a time of cheer and joy and you cannot miss it.


Along with not a selfie person, I am not a person who is very much fond of Deserts and I avoid indulging in it as well. The only sweet that I enjoy is a Chocolate Cake and this is allowed only on occasions like Birthdays and Anniversary in my home. Other than that we do not have the habit of making sweets or bringing them home. It is one thing that I completely avoid. If I ever get the urge I enjoy a small piece of any sweet when I go to a restaurant. Occasionally I would bring some chocolates. Lately Laderach has been my favorite and once in a while I enjoy having that.

Probably not my best answers for this contest but then this is what I can think of for the questions. I am waiting for the Christmas cheer to start in my city and feel the vibes.

Thank you for visiting my blog. 👼🏻👼🏻💖💖🌹🌺🌸



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Thank you for sharing the lovely photos. December will soon be here and then you can let loose! Take care and enjoy!🤗💜

Yes, I am looking forward to ❤️


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I used to think all Santa are fake 😂

As a kid I used to think that Santa is really someone who comes from heaven on Christmas ...haha

I also used to think so 😂
How wrong we were then

It is so good talking about Christmas especially now that we are in the Christmas mood
You’ve got nice pictures too

Yes, it fills up the mood with joy. Thank you my dear

Such beautiful memories and pictures❤️

Thank you ❤️

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