Ladies, 5 foods to avoid during your period✍ A THREAD 💚❤

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1....Red meat🥩
While red meat is a good source of protein and iron for your body, it’s high in prostaglandins, a chemical compound produced by your body while on your period.

This compound makes it easy for your uterus to contract so that it can get rid of the uterine lining, resulting in your menstrual flow. However, the side effect of excess prostaglandins is menstrual cramps.


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2...Processed foods💚❤
Processed foods are high in sodium and excess intake can lead to water retention, which, in turn, leads to bloating. This is likely to cause more damage during your period.

So, you might want to stay away from salty foods and processed foods to avoid this.

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3..Spicy foods 💚❤
For some people, eating spicy foods may not be a problem but for others, it is. Spicy food has a way of upsetting their stomach which can lead to certain discomfort like diarrhea and nausea.

So, if you’re one of those whose stomach isn’t particularly receptive to spicy foods, then eating it while on your period might not be a good idea.


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If you easily get moody or depressed when you are menstruating, it’d be wise to stay away from sugar.

Have you ever heard the words sugar rush? It’s a situation where your body experiences a spike in energy levels as a result of increased sugar consumption.

However, this spike is usually followed by a crash, which is known to cause mood swings. So, avoiding sugar or excess consumption during your period will help you feel better

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5...Excess fatty foods💚❤
Excess fats can interfere with your hormones, which can lead to inflammation and period pain. So why not save all the yummy fries for later.


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Hmm I got to know lot from this post, thank you for sharing this💕

I rarely eat red meat. But I think I should avoid sugar in these days. Because I put too much sugar in tea. Btw I prefer lukewarm milk and boiled egg in periods.

Informative post

You are welcome Dear 😘. You know learning never ends. I found out about them and decided to research and share with my lovely fellow ladies

You did a great job sharing with us.💕

It's all plagiarism, so don't get excited.

Ohhh sad....

Oh gosh, this is what I crave whenever I'm on my period (╥﹏╥) specially excess fatty foods and that sweets (╥﹏╥)

Most times our body craves for what isn't totally good for us

It's so cool how our bodies instinctively know what it needs the more you think about it.

Yeah! Our body has a magical way of knowing what it craves for

Oh no, every time that I have periods, I always eat what I crave.

Sometimes it's good to crave what we crave for. But, have you ever thought: is to good for me at this particular time🤔😂

Ahahahaha I agree but sometimes I just go for what my tummy asks for. 😂😂

It cool sometimes

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