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Welcome back to my blog friends, I bring you all greetings from Nigeria.
It has been a busy week for me but today I decide to make out time to join the contest.
In this week contest I won't be able to answer the two questions rather I will only answer the first question.



When it comes to food it really a big tasks for me even from my childhood I was known for my selection of food, I don't eat else I see the kind of food that I feel like eating at that moment.
Growing up i notice one thing that when ever I prepare white rice mixed with brown beans then severed it with vegetable I eat it very well to my satisfaction sometimes I even get over feed.
I called the food vegetable sauce rice and beans.
I noticed that the vegetable sauce rice and beans occupy all space in my tummy sometime when I feel hungry and I don't know what to eat or when am not having appetite for any food at all I go for it and the funny part of it is despite how often I eat the sauce vegetable rice and beans I never get tired of it unlike other meal like garri, yam, noodles, spaghetti and lots.

No matter the type of meal am preparing I must make out time to prepare Stew each time I prepare meal and that has been my habit reason why I always have stew in refrigerator because if am not able to eat any of the meal I have available is just for me to switch to my plan B which is my vegetable sauce rice and beans.
Even in school my roommate could call me bird🕊️ and sometime make chest of me do to my slim nature she could say is due to the kind of food that I always eat that has been reason I refuse to get fast😥
I won't blame her for that is because we live together and she have taken note of that several times.

Vegetable sauce rice and beans is only food I could eat for the rest of my life if I were to be given such option.
The food look yummy you can confirm from the image above 😊

@elizabethbit i hope I have been able to answer your question correctly?


I just finished eating this food today. It looks yummy. I love it when prepared with palm oil instead of vegetable oil...

You got the vibe dear.
I prefer using palm oil but sometimes I missed but palm oil and Grandnut oil.

Thank you for you for visiting my blog 🙂

Hi @preciousbae! Yes, you did well. It sounds interesting what you like. I'm curious what is in the vegetable sauce. Thank you for sharing and have a lovely day!

Thank you for visiting my post @elizabethbit.
Well vegetable sauce has different way of preparations sometimes it depends on who is preparing and what the person is using.

I usually prepare mine with pumpkin leave,a little of ice fish and fresh tomatoes.

Sounds interesting. Thanks for responding!💜🤗

You're welcome☺️

The Dish looks delicious @preciousbae
Is that a basic tomato sauce?

Greetings dear @kerrislravenhill
Yes do u like it?