The Amazing Gender (Woman)

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Hello friends!
Trust all my ladies in the house are doing great?
I officially Welcome everyone back to my blog today.

For some days now I have been quite busy but I'm glad I'm able to make a post today.


Of course yes!
women are amazing genders and we are full of surprises, even from the creation of the world women are known for the soft and fragile heart and they can easily be distracted and get carried away by little things.

But in all women are the best and they seems to be closer to God and they always have their way to all things they know how to pentrate on things and bring out good results.

I could remember when I finished my Secondary school and I was looking for a job to do in other to save up money for my higher institution, then I met a friend who referred me to his uncle to fill in the space of sale representative in his office.
At first the uncle never accepted the idea of employing a female gender because he fill we can be decieved at anytime, after much convincing he employed me and I started working for him though he was doubting my service not untill the whole table turned customers started coming and a day we could make sales like never before.
I never get to know about the changes untill he called me one day and showed me the records of their previous sales and he compared it to the the recent sales starting from the day I resumed work in that office I decoverd that he has being making higher sales onlike the ones he has be making before.

Then all he did was to keep eye on me to know my secret 😂
but the truth is just simply 🤷
and when he finds out he then changed his mindset towards women.


I was privileged to learn the ethics of life from both people's experience and from my own personal life story.
Then I came to realize that all you need to achieve what you want in life is happiness and when you are happy all things work out easy for you.

While in that office I try all my possible best to put on my best character and good conduct, customers always come in seeing me smiling, always happy, I never gave my self reason to feel sad I don't just go straight to business with them I always start with exchanging greetings and getting to know how their day is going before coming down to know the service they need from the office.
By doing all these you make them feel special and they will feel valued and next time they will always remember to petronize you no matter the distance it maybe take them.


Women are the Best in anything and the simplest, is only a woman that has time to do all that which I did while in my boss office.
Men are filled with bulk responsibilities and are always focus but a woman gives in her time and dedicate her self to what so ever he chooses to do and by so doing it gives her the ability to produce good results.


Women are gifted with great wisdom and for this gifts to manifest all is required is to always be happy free your heart to things and do all you do with love ❤️.

 I appreciate everyone for visiting my blog today. 

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Welcome!!! I hope you have many moments of growth and joy.

Women are gifted with great wisdom and for these gifts to manifest all is required is to always be happy free your heart to things and do all you do with love ❤️.

Will, willingness and attitude move mountains and you have demonstrated this in your work and to your family. Congratulations.

Thank you my dear @tibaire thank you for visiting my blog 🤗