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Greetings to the amazing women on this platform, it’s yet another opportunity to share our ideas and rock our minds together. I will try my best to answer the question for this week and I hope my answer will try to leverage the topic of discussion.
A woman isn’t just a human or the opposite gender of a man and is not a sex object or tool as some men would describe or define her.


To me being a woman means being multifaceted and a valuable member of the society. It means staying strong and standing out in whatever area you find yourself, be it in our Home, religious circle and in the society at large.
Womanhood entails being able to contribute to matters affecting life and leaving an indelible footprint in the sands of time for posterity to hold up to.
A woman is one who lives above being called a “slut, bitch and prude” above every disgusting names that the society paints her to be. It means watching your fellow woman’s back and teaming up together as a strong herd.

There are several outdated societal norms which are pervasive in our day-to-day live but despite all of this, I am still proud to be a member of this tribe and folk. Our universal negative experiences have in one way or the other made us come together in solidarity which is indeed a wonderful thing.

Every woman has been created and given the privilege to carry and bring forth life. Her womb is the incubator that carries and nurtures the beauty of the creator’s hands. The journey of nine months and the different body changes that she allows and accept is usually unfathomable. This and much more makes her unique in every sense.

A woman can be likened to a mother Hen and who would do anything to protect her chicks. A woman will not just shield her children but would spread her protective tentacles to both her immediate family and extended family. She’s more like an amour bearer.

Being a woman means staying assertive and powerful yet kind at the same time.

Being a woman is sisterhood, it means using my privileges to support others whether Black-woman or trans-woman, we grow together.


Answering my kids about their gender;
Despite the fact that we live in a world where people make being a female seem or look like a mistake but no matter your culture, Tribe, race and Gender, you are unique and the best of your kind. Nobody can be you, of course humans do not have duplicates and so you’re perfectly built and structured.
When I have my children, I will talk to them boldly about the in-securities peculiar to their gender and how to overcome them. Above all, I would open them up to programme and healthy talk show that would help them build their confidence.

I would equally try to engage them in discussions and get to find out what they like and not basing it on what I feel a “boy” or a “girl” should like. Every child is unique and would always love things differently. Our inability to talk to them about what makes them feel comfortable, accepted and loved is what opens them to accept the negative narratives presented by the world and their peers. My kids must have their own definition of themselves and must understand that God can’t be bias in his creation and so no matter their gender, they are valuable and cherished.

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I hereby invite @ladivee to take part in this amazing contest.
Hope to know what you think in the comment section, see you there!


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Excellent perspective on womanhood, and what it takes and means to be a woman. It is also awesome that you reach out to lift up your fellow women everywhere @promiseumah1!

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Thanks so much @jamerussell
We grow only by lifting others, tye solidarity and oneness is what will give us an advantage over our contemporaries.

I like your take on what a woman is and what she can do and contribute to society :) Also your plan on being open to your own children regarding gender and stuff. It is indeed important to make them feel comfortable for what they are. I wish you good luck on the challenge!

Thanks @ifarmgirl for your lovely feedback it means so much to me.

You're very welcome :) Cheers to you 😉

Gift of giving, offering all strength to walk life on an equal path. Enjoyed reading both how woman are perceived and how to work with children in modern society.


Thanks @joanstewart , I receive your comment/love with so much joy and pleasure.

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