Hop on the 'Ladies only' Hive Bus

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I am so privileged to join the ladies' group on Hive. Hive is a great initiative that you will regret not joining if you have not already.

Why a ladies only?

I read this question on a server and I felt it was out of place because as a lady, I have often felt that I need my own place to share those 'ladies only' stuff with other ladies which I cannot obviously do in a 'mixed' server.
You might ask, why not share such stuff with real-life lady friends, why need a special room for it?

Nowadays, I feel that I am more connected with my online friends than my real friends which may seem weird to you but I am a person who does not open up easily and over the past few years I have felt that steemit and now Hive has given me friends who can reach to me more easily than my own relatives. So, I feel comfortable talking to friends online than friends whom I don't meet often.

New users

I hope I can attract lady friends whom I had invited over to Hive. They had no idea of crypto and hesitatingly signed up but eventually left for good.
Although it pained me, I have not given up on them, especially edumate(Purnima) who is a good writer and now a lawyer as well.

Ladies of Hive looks very promising and I hope we can be able to do good to the Hive community and make Hive known to each and every online user.

I also thank @raymondspeaks 'The mancave' founder for inviting me over.


Welcome to the Ladies of Hive! Its already a great little group after just a few days. Exciting times ahead!

yes indeed, thank you


Hello, @sayee! Awesome to have you join us here! Please make the Ladies of Hive Community you home! It is yours! We love to know more about you. Do not forget that you can post from the Ladies of Hive Community page in addition to using the #ladiesofhive tag on the first 4 tags of any or all of your articles. This way, the ladies will know more about you through your articles. Once again, a warm WELCOME!

Upped and rehived 😍

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welcome aboard, it's a nice space for sure <3

Heya Sayee, welcome aboard. Glad to have you here, and I totally feel what you're saying. I also have the feeling that I have more online 'friends' than real life 'friends'. And online talking is much more easy often.

Enjoy your time in the "Ladies of Hive" community and I am very much looking forward to get to know you better through your posts.

Have a great weekend, and take care!

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A warm Welcome to "Ladies of Hive." @sayee

those 'ladies only' stuff with other ladies which I cannot obviously do in a 'mixed' server, indeed a great new initiative only we do have some of the other gender in house but they will be over blown with the female attention that might make them leave

hehe true