Art Deco Sun Theatre; Gem

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It took me a while since I mentioned about the beloved local theatre in previous post Trendy Town Yarraville. I finally visited the Sun theatre a couple weeks ago to watch the movie named "Interstella"- a ski-fi movie that pushes the boundaries of imagination and takes viewers on an extraordinary journey to distant galaxies. Oh well, that was quiet a good film but I'm here to take you on a virtual tour to explore the remarkable decoration of the iconic Sun theatre in Yarraville. 😊

Located in the heart of vibrant Yarraville-Melbourne, the Sun Theatre stands as a timeless gem in the heart of this bustling community. As As one of Australia's oldest operating cinema, the iconic Sun Theatre has been an integral part of the community since it first opened its doors over a century ago. Its Art Deco architecture captures the essence of a bygone era. I've visited many theatre; however, Sun Theatre is something special and charming. I felt like stepping into the enchanting world of Theatre, where nostalgia meets contemporary charm.

It was abandon in 1980 then rebought by someone. The owner refurbished it back to the old form but with modern technologies. Good decoration inside of art deco: the bar, the furniture and even the stairs. Every detail at Sun Theatre exudes an irresistible blend of classic elegance and cutting-edge design. More than one cinema in there with different sizes room to suit the movie or occasion. I love comfortable old-school chairs that provide ample space for my arms and legs to stretch out as I immersed myself in the magic of film.

The huge wall of the back of the theatre outside happens to face the car park and has been used as a canvas for full size mural fitting of the art deco style of the theatre. By the way this car park happens to be the Yarraville's railway station car cark, so convenient well place

If you're a movie enthusiast, Sun Theatre is a must-go place where movies are seen as more than just entertainment. Its unique blend of classic features and modern amenities offers an unrivaled cinematic experience that you will not forget in Melbourne's Western Suburb of Yarraville. :)

What makes it even better is having the option to grab a delicious meal or refreshing drink right after the movie. Luckily, the cinema is strategically located near an array of fancy restaurants, trending coffee shops and cozy pubs adding convenience and variety to your post-movie plans. I head over Grill for a burger and it was so good. It was a well-spent evening that left me with a full stomach and a heart brimming with satisfaction. 😃

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Cool place! Reminds me of one vintage cinema complex in Krakow :) Very special atmosphere there too. Btw is that you in the first picture? Look fantastic! :)

@tipu curate

Yes, it's me haha
thanks @phortun

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A good movie and delicious food after!

Absolutely yes, thanks for stopping by :)

I heard Interstella but haven't watch it yet
It was the food that caught my attention. Hehe..
Interesting place though

Quiet a good movie. I don't write the details but highly recommend it :) You will love it :)

What a place! I absolutely adore old cinemas and have been a patron of an old picture house in Leeds where Im from.
That place looks so beautifully and sympathetically restored.....the burger doesn't look bad either!

Take care and keep warm ;-)

I can't disagree with you. Yes, the cinema was delicious and the burger was beautiful...oops wrong way around haha :)

I love art deco, and they even the writing bang on!

What a great place to watch a film, your food looks pretty tasty Trang 😁

Art deco is something very elegant and I love it too :)
Why go to standard theatre with so many people? The place worth visiting, and I'll return. The food was great 😊

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