Reflection of Sweet Memory

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I find myself missing the warmth and vibrancy of my country more than ever as winter looms closer. When I stumbled upon a collection of photos from a road trip I took in Vietnam about 2 years ago, memories flooded back and reminded me of the incredible experiences I had during that trip with my friend @crazy-bee.

One of the special province we visited called "Quy Nhon" which is nestled along the southeastern coast of Vietnam. For me, Quy Nhon is a sunny and windy coastal city that never fails to captivate me with its charming scenery and friendly locals.

We stopped there to visit a friend and also saw the sights. It was during Christmas in 2021, and it was still very hot.

Here are some pictures I found on my phone taken at one of the popular destination in the province. It's called Banh it tower which is a historical and cultural monument holding significant value to the local community. At the time, I struggled to find enough words to describe its beauty in term of history and architecture. However, as I looked back at the photos, I realized just how magical and enchanting this place truly was.

You may confuse as Banh it in Vietnamese is a name of the local specility (made sticky rice flour filled with the meat and mushroom mixture). Its name is not just a casual title, but rather it is deeply rooted in Quy Nhon's traditional values.

Thank you to our tour guide friend, we acknowledged that the tower was built by the Champa Kingdom during their reign in Central Vietnam between the 11th and 12th centuries. Banh It Tower is a remarkable example of Cham architectural style that has stood the test of time. Nowadays, it serves as a reminder of the rich history and heritage of this region, which has been preserved through generations despite the challenges faced over time.

I highly recommend you to check out the article from @crazy-bee here. He did a great job writing this historical tower.

Another sweet memory that is etched in my mind about Quy Nhon was the day we spent living by the sea, and had the opportunity to meet with a local fisherman's family and their charming children. It was a sweet seaside memories and A day Full of Happiness: Sea- Life- Children.

Such a sweet memory of my time here !!

Thank you so much for taking the time to read my blog, and I hope you have a great week ahead.


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@trangbaby At first, I also mistook it for banh it. The reason it's called banh it tower is because its shape resembles that of banh it in Vietnam.

Oh yea, I just recognised its shape. They are so similar, lol. Thank you em 😘

It was a time to remember for us, a week long journey along the central provinces of Vietnam. And the motorbike helps us to enjoy the beautiful scenery at its best. I remember it.

Well, good time and hope we do more trips when I return home :)

Indeed pictures reminds us those sweet and happy memories. Thanks for the technology that anytime we can see them again and remember those memories.

Well said, pictures are very important to keep the memories forever ❤

beautiful and amazing place

Thank you :)

A good guide in a new country is very important and looking at your pictures i could say that the guide was very useful to you. It is a beautiful location and maybe i will be able to go there someday as well.

Thanks for sharing.

Yes total agree, its so much better to have a local friend to show us around :) Hope you will visit the place in the future and thank you for stopping by 😘

Sweet memories!!!

Thank you sis


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Such a nice view😍, would love to visit someday

They look like sphinxes!

I can just feel all the history. Truly gorgeous!

Yes it is, not only about history but also Cham architecture :) What they did is hard to believe considering lack of technology and only simple basic tools they used 😊 Truly magical

Nice memories indeed. The place looks magical. Reminds me of some sacred ancient sites built by the Old Mayas that I visited in Latin America. Great shots! :)

@tipu curate 2

Yes, very true I haven't been to Latin America but have seen lots photos and agreed that its similar to this Champa tower :)

Thank you @phortun

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Beautiful photographs of Vietnam, the nature is impressive, the landscape is like a fantasy tale


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Thank you love ❤, VN landscape second to none 😊

Ahh a little homesick!

Its strange, I never met a westerner who has lived long term in SE Asia who got homesick but I never met anyone from SE Asia who DIDNT get homesick when they live abroad!

You take care and be happy and remember the good times gone but focus on the even better times to come :-)

Yes, agreed :) just the way we grown up and different culture taught to us via our elder :)

Thank you, Nathen. 😊