Beautiful Addition For The Kitchen

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Hi Everyone,

Things have been pretty busy at work so I haven't been able to go out to the shops other than to get some necessities. I wanted some new serving bowls as the current ones are getting too old and I want to change it up a little bit when serving food so I ordered some from Myer and got them delivered. I also ordered some pillows for the kids as their current ones are flat. They sent our parcels separately due to the size and content.

I was pretty surprised Myer used two boxed to send the serving bowls. I guess they want to make sure they aren't broken when we receive them and what's more, these bowls were under $10 each so it was a great bargain! I've always liked light-coloured serving bowls so we can easily see the colour of the sauces and food, also a nice neutral blend to my colour rice bowls. The side of the bowls has nice simple diamond patterns, elegant yet simple.

These beautiful bowls are both dishwasher and microwave safe which is a requirement when I buy kitchenware. I have no time standing there washing all my dishes so it needs to be dishwasher safe at the very least. I was very happy with my buy but regretting it a little now as I should have bought 6 of them so when I have more guests over, I could use them as a set.

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Beautiful addition to your China, indeed!
Ad it was packaged very well.
A great purchase, @travelgirl !

Oh it was well worth it, love it!

hope you have been well :)

It's always exiting to have something. Especially for a kitchen lover like me the bowls got me interested.Have a nice time using them.

Yes I think now as I have a small family, I look out to buy things for the house rather than for myself :)

That's the way it is for we ladies. We put our family first. Cheers

Nice. Time to cook something and serve.

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