Delegate, swap, transfer and save your hive via ecency.

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Uploading videos has been one of the major reasons why I tried using other means for my post. I do it when I have videos to upload and then come back to ecency to make other post that is just write up. But today I can do my video uploading through ecency app. I just discovered it and I have not even made video post since then, but I will surely use it when uploading any video post.

The image is ecency asset.

Secondly, with ecency swapping of hive is made easy.

You can as well delegate your hive to anyone or to any community through ecency which will also be very easy to do, and it will also help you to recieve some tokens from the community that you delegate to.

Trading of hive token can be done through hive too. Just by clicking on the dot below where you see your hive, you can trade hive to HBD and HBD to hive.👇

You can also transfer your hive to your own savings through ecency.

You can make a transfer of your hive through ecency.
Maybe when transferring to an individual or an account.

You can also decide to power down through ecency if the need arises.

In conclusion, there are lots of things that we can both achieve using ecency. The good news is that ecency is getting better every day. You will always notice an upgrade going on to ensure that users of ecency enjoy using the app.

@melinda010100, a special thanks to you guys. I have noticed a great change in our special ecency. Is becoming sweeter everyday for some of us who enjoy using ecency. Keep up the good work. We are indeed proud of the good job that is going on here.

At this point I will love to encourage everyone here to support the ecency proposal through the link below 👇


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