Let's talk about the Ecency Proposal

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Hello guys, welcome to my blog and welcome to the #ecencychallenge. I will be using this post to rap up my entry for the weekly prompt in the Ecency Proposal. Talking about the ecency new proposal, in that proposal, most of ecency features were upgraded and some things changed.

  • First of all, we start with notification.

Notification will have filters, and also that push notifications will display the Avatar or thumbnail image to make it more easier for you to identify the specific one.

Then wallet, features like swapping, HBD/ HIVE, delegating and managing hive engine tokens better.

  • Lets also talk about RC easy delegation.

You will also be able to delegate your RC, better representation of RC easy delegation, and management.

  • Also,lets talk about decks.

Ecency team decided to revamp decks by creating it as a separate page. Wow.

  • And also waves.

This feature has beought a new sense of excitement to who create short-form contents, keeping them informed and entertained within the platform.

Thr ecency waves is already an implemented part of the proposal but trust me, there's going to be other updates on it, its a place for users who love short content creating, it could be informative a d also entertaining.

  • Lets talk about the Floating FAQ

This is really going to be awesome, and when implemented it would make blogging more easy, its going to be like a guide showing users their way through the frontend, this is going to be more advantageous for the new users.

The ecency proposal is going to be a very big update to the frontend and it all need our support, you could support with this link below👇

@xuwi, @melinda010100 here is my participation for the #ecencychallenge


We appreciate your participation in our challenge. Every aspect of Ecency has been carefully designed to make it convenient for our community members. Thank you for being a part of our community.

WOW 😲. Thanks for the gift

Yay! 🤗
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