Dreemer of the Year Update!

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Here is Your Weekly Report; Keeping You Up-to-Date With the Progress in Our Dreemer of the Year Challenge!!!

Hi, Dreemers!

Would you like to see your progress in the Dreemer of the Year Challenge? Then keep on reading!

In our weekly report, you will be able to track your progress, see who is in the lead, learn about new ways to earn points, etc...

In the first week, we started by awarding 1 point for every valid post you submit during the Dreemer of the Year Challenge and 2 points for every post you submit on Thursdays according to the Challenge Topic of the Week!

In the second week, we started tracking the "Top 5" from the first week, the daily "Top 5" in the second week, and those who are currently ranked "Top 5" in the challenge.

One more addition in the second week was the WOTW challenge as presented by @samsmith1971!

So, in week two, points were awarded as follows:

  • Every valid post submitted: 1 point
  • Every post submitted according to the Challenge Topic of the Week on Thursday: 1 Point + 1 bonus point = 2 Points
  • Ranking in the Weekly Top 5 for week 1: 1 Point
  • Ranking in the Daily Top 5 during week 2: 1 Point every time you got ranked.
  • Ranking in the Challenge Top 5: 1 Point
  • Submitting a post for the WOTW Challenge: 2 Points

Let's have a look at some of the results.

Weekly Top 5: Week 1.

The following people received 1 point for ranking in the Top 5 for Week 1 of the challenge.

@emrysjobber, @jhymi, @nkemakonam89, @olujay, and @rukkie

Challenge Top 5 to date:

The following people received 1 point for ranking in the Top 5 for the challenge.

@glorydee, @jhymi, @nkemakonam89, @olujay, and @zitalove

Congratulations to everybody mentioned above! Well done!

To keep it simple, we will only look at results in detail for points awarded once a week.

But wait, there's more!!!

Top 20

Find Out Where You Are on the Ranking!

The following people should take note... there is only 1 point between you and the Top 20!!!

On 12 points, we have...

@emreal, @jessicaossom, @kilvnrex, and @wongi

Wow! Only 1 point is separating you from being in the Top 20!!

The rest of the ranking is as follows:

On 11 points

@adetemi and @merit.ahama

On 10 points

@inishar, @julti1985, and @wallay

On 9 points

@amberkashif, @holler, @kemmyb, and @nwothini335

On 8 points


On 7 points

@cescajove, @cindynancy, and @esther-emmanuel

On 6 points

@adoore-eu, @eunice9200, @jazclassic, and @samsmith1971

On 5 points

@princesbusayo, and @seki1

On 4 points

@abdul-qudus, @mcyusuf, and @samiwrites

On 3 points

@lizizoo, @mckane, @rayoo, and @tengolotodo

On 2 points

@dreemsteem, @hamez, @nancybriti1, @sommylove, and @winanda

On 1 point

@b0s, @melzi, @pazartesi, @rare-gem, @restcity, and @ukotex

There you have it!

I hope that helps...

Now you should be able to know exactly where you find yourself in the challenge and what you need to do going forward!

Just follow the prompts every week and make use of the various ways you can use to earn points!

Good luck to you all!!!


Stay well, stay safe, and DREEM BIG!!


Wooot 🤭🤭... interesting 😍
Number one in the list, that's nice

I need grace to continue this race , haha 😂😂


Keep choping life... hehe

Let me chop small 😉

Hehe... enjoy 😉

Yes, @nkemakonam89! You are number 1 on the list😄👍! You've got the grace! Keep up the good work!

Thank you 😍

Wow, I'm topping..

Not as fast I as anticipated but still topping.

Congratulations to the first twenty., I hope to reach that level soon..

#dreemport #dreemerforlife

Keep topping, @nwothini335, and you'll make the first twenty soon!

Thanks a lot

Thanks for the update. It was indeed helpful, now I know where I am so I can buckle up and not sleep off like I did yesterday lol.

I'm glad it was helpful, @jessicaossom! Now you know exactly what to do! Get those energy levels up and do your thing👍!

Wow, I would need to top my game plan... Let's go

That's the spirit, @kilvnrex! Let's go!

Hmmmmmm, see how weekly top 5 is affecting me, Omo dreemer of the year challenge is not for the faint hearted ones lol, hopefully we loot sth with our position ahahah, I see you at the top nkem 😂😂…

Lolz... keep racing 🐎

Keep up the good work, @quduus1 😄👍!

Wow!!! Congratulations to everyone. We have more weeks to still move up and get more points.

Let's do this dreemers.


Yes, there is still plenty of time to move up and get more points, @rukkie! And there are even more opportunities coming up to earn points with...!

wowwwwwwwwwwwww this is getting exciting!!!! hehehe

thank you for doing all this amazing work for us @jacoalberts !!!! and look at that top 20!!! they are so dedicated hehehehe

this week we will add in a new way for people to earn points! ehehehe

thank you!!!

I'm glad you find this exciting and that you like this report, @dreemsteem😄👍!

Yes, that top 20 are really dedicated, aren't they? But I can see many dedicated people here, so they will have to be on the lookout, the competition is on...LOL!

This is such a pleasant surprise. Congratulations to everyone. Glad to see I'm among the toppers. I do wonder what points I'd missed out on though.😅

Your name will show in this report where you earned points. If you don't see your name, that might be where you might have missed something. The only points I didn't show in this report (to keep it simple), are the points awarded for daily submissions and the daily top 5. But every time you submit a post, you know that it will earn you one point. On Thursday, it will earn you 2 points. You can also check the website on a daily basis to see if you ranked under the daily top 5. If your name appears under the top 5 for the day, you will also earna point for that.

Keep up the good work, @jhymi!

Very nice, and congratulations to everyone on the list. Let's keep on doing what's best.


Keep up the good work, @balikis95!

Congratulations to everyone on the list. Let’s keep going☺️


Keep up the good work, @beeeee!

Wow, this is awesome, congratulations to the top 20.
I need to work more.
Thanks for the list.


You're welcome, @julti1985! Good luck on your journey ahead! Keep up the good work!

Oh congratulations to everyone. Thanks for the encouragement...❤️‍🔥🔥

You're welcome, @jazclassic! Keep up the good work!

First time topping the charts.

And here I was about to give up, thinking I'd lost a lot of points😅😅. Thank God. This post gave me the boost I needed to continue .

Congrats to everyone ☺️☺️

Awesome, @zitalove! Well done! There is always a first time! Now you just have to stay calm and maintain the momentum! You can do this! I'm so glad to hear this post gave you the boost you needed!

Congratulations everyone, just woah.. I am speechless, well, let's see how it goes. Congratulations mom, @nkemakonam89


I so glad made the list...i will buckle up to finish well, hehe.

Congratulations to us all, we are all ddreemers and winners.


Congratulations to all topping the lists 🎉🎉🎉.

It keeps getting interesting. Now I see where I am, I climbed a step further this time.

I'll keep pushing and dreeming big.

I wish everyone the best on this.