Death-Defying Dreem Tools.

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One of the most significant differences between the dreem and the dream, is the energy spent in waking hours to propel your vision forward.

I didn't comment on many of the Dreem Space posts, but I read almost all of them. Why? Because this is more than a challenge for Dreemer of the Year, and more than just a post for the books. I didn't want to diminish the mission by dropping a comment that turned the focus to a visit from "dreemie". Let's keep the light shining on you.

This is an invitation for you to go further regardless of who is watching, who is reading, who is responding.

This is your chance to change your life.

Life is not guaranteed, is it. Death is guaranteed. Well, this got dark quickly.

But is it dark? In order to appreciate life, we must appreciate death. And the fact is, death IS coming and we don't know when. Too often as children we fill our lungs with bravado and youth, shouting out into the abyss, "I am invincible and I will cheat this so-called-death".

And then years later, hunched and defeated, we are living in a prison of the mind and body, brought about by our own complacency, where Death sips eight hours a day from us and tugs for more, draining away our resolve to make something significant with our existence.

It's sneaky. It's insidious. It's apathy wrapped in fear, covered in insecurity, trapped in doubt, bathed in procrastination, frozen in immobility.

And while you wait trembling, Death laughs.

Because Death wins when you waste Life. The end will come and you can't stop it. But the race? THAT is where it matters. THAT is where you LIVE. Are you living?

WHY do you have that DREEM space? Why did you write about it?

For digs in a treasure hunt? Cool, that will be fun. But is that all?

Or is that DREEM space calling out to you to be built so you can house your DREEM.


Don't do it.

Don't sit there and shake your head and say "That might be for other people, but not me. My post was only a silly dream for a silly challenge."

You're right. It will only be a dream if you continue to keep it there. But if you dare...

What are the top three tools that you need in order to take the next step? Don't be general. Be specific to yourself and your dreem and your journey.

Name the three specific tools.
Be bold.
Speak them publicly, on the nearly immutable blockchain - no less.

and then - get ready to defy Death.

This is your second challenge post topic, due next Thursday in DreemPort by end of submission time. Looking forward to it.

Thanks to @shadowspub, @penderis, @bluefinstudios, @kemmyb, @wesphilbin, @mypathtofire, @melinda010100, @samsmith1971, @silversaver888, @lizelle, @kenechukwu97, @jacoalberts, @acgalarza, @blackdaisyft and @dreemsteem for making the @dreemport voting power go farther! ❤️

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Death-defying tools, huh? This sounds like we are going a layer deeper. Potentially examining whether we have what it takes in more ways than one - identifying which strengths we will have to rely on to make the journey to the other side. The fight to achieve the dreem is very reel. Anyway, that's gonna be my angle on it!

Love this week 2 challenge, Ms. Dreems 🥰

Always here for the love of it (and friendship of course 💗)... oh.. and let's not forget the biscuit(s) from @penderis 😂

I LOVE you guys!!



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Thanks a lot

Thank you 🙇

Thank you so much.

Thank you so much

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Thank you🥳

Thank you ma🥰

Thank you so much

Thanks, Ambs 😊.

Thank you!❤

Congratulations 👏🎉

-Thanks a lot Ma'am @amberkashif. And congratulations to àll👏 God bless you in Jesus name. Amen!🙏

Thank you

Dreemport challenges are not just regular challenges I love how important messages are embedded in the challenges. You don’t just participate in the challenges and don’t learn something in the process.

Thank you so much Dreemie😃

Always a #dreemerforlife🥰🥰

Thought provoking.

Well, this will be an extract of what have written for the previous week, kind of included everything including the steps and process😅.

I guess it is another chance to go into more details.

Inspirational dreeemie✨



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This is getting interesting - a continuation of the dreem space entries. Nice


My dream and dreem space we're not just for the challenge....I wanted to share my dream with the get it etched in time and space that once upon a time .......Becky dared to dreem.

This challenge is evoking a lot for me... first is freedom. Yes freedom from the captivity of body and mind..... freedom from societal nay Sayers and prejudice....freedom to make a difference.

Thanks dreemsteem for this..... I am an awesome amazing #dreemerforlife

I think this challenge is made for you...

Thanks for the vote of confidence boss boss, hehe...yeah I still like the fact that it rhymes.

Take care

Hehe yes I do too 😁

Death! The word is cold, brutal, yet a necessity. We will die one day, and I did submit a post regarding this some minutes ago. We can't cheat death, nor defy it when it is ready to come. It is simple.

This is why we ought to live life. No pretence because that will lead us nowhere. My dreem space is real and achievable. I don't know how... yet, but I can see it coming into fruitfution be because it isn't just a dream... it is my dreem.

And the tools, I got them staring deeply at me both inside and outside.

Thanks for this, Dreemie.

Always an awesomely born #dreemerforlife.

Death is coming?

Death is inevitable
I’m sure that if it is possible to prevent death, people will do so

-Death? Jesus Christ rose from the dead, so it is possible for us, maybe not physically but spiritually, all things are possible with God!!! This could happen in our dead dreams to turn them into lively and lovely live the life and GOD will take charge of Jesus' name. AMEN!❤❤❤🙏🙏🙏


Death is compulsory for everyone, regardless of who you are.
My dream space is not just a challenge but a reality.

Death is a call we all must answer my dream is one thing i really what to achieve it is a reality and not just a dream


This connected to every part of my being. You are right! Death wins when we waste life, so I will not waste mine. I DON'T WANT TO and I WILL NOT WASTE IT.

My pen is already flowing. Thank you for this Dreemie.

Always a #dreemerforlife

Death is the thing that makes life worth living, isn't it? Had we not had a limited time, why would we bother to spend it in fruitful manner. Death just takes our body but the deeds are left behind.


This is a thought-provoking challenge.
I wish the best for everyone.


Well, we live to die, the equation is not balanced if death is excluded, however how we spend our lives while we were still breathing counts so much. It's what will determine whether death cheated us or we cheated death.

Thanks for this week's challenge. Let's see how it goes.


Honestly, this is great. I think by writing more about our dreem space and the tools we need we are slowly actualizing it. Thank you so much dreemie☺️


I'm not scared of death but anytime its talk comes around, like so deep as this, It gets me thinking deep.

This is a daring contest.
Let's rock it

This is going to be another great week. Tools I need, this needs a tough reflection. Wishing everyone a wonderful time with this.

Death is something that is inevitable and it'll be easier to accept this fact.

I'll be sure to join in this one.

#dreemport #dreemerforlife

It's my hope every time that we write not because we want to get a reward but that we truly mean it with all our hearts and because we are aiming to better ourselves psychologically and otherwise. Brilliant call to order Dreemie. As always.💜

Death defying tools!.Great topic to challenge death n continue having a reason to live. Wishing everyone all the best

I see...we are continuing from where we stopped.. that's thoughtful
Thank you always Dreemie

I just want to live through my life without feeling bad for myself, death comes yes! It's inevitable we would all die but I don't want to die feeling regret. So imma do this challenge with my whole heart hehe. From #dreemport

Death is definitely inevitable but that shouldn't stop anyone from dreeming.

I've not thought of the three specific tools needed for my dreem space yet but I'm definitely going to give it a thought.

I'm loving this, gradual steps into actualizing the dreem space. Though I wasn't successful in publishing my dreem space post, I look forward to diving into this second challenge.

A dream remains a dream if no action is taken to bring it to reality.

Thanks for this challenge dreemsteem.

Popped in from dreemport, being a #dreemerforlife

Congratulations 🥳🥳

@winanda you are the lucky winner of 100 Dreem Tokens for participating in Dreemport’s Bounty.


Death is indeed certain but what good is it to not achieve our dreams in this life!!

Nice one!


Ok, I think I'm ready to defy death 🙂

I am never ready to talk about death but the fact that I realize that it is inevitable makes me live every moment with intensity love for life and always ready for Death #dreemerforlife

Wow, this piece hit me like a lightning bolt of motivation! The call to action is crystal clear, and I can't help but ask myself the same questions about my DREEM space. Thanks for the challenge.

Hmm thinking about this and it gets more captivating to say.
Let's see what I come up with

Let me prepare myself for this challenge

Phew, there is no going back, time to buckle up, dig dipper and get connected to our innermost self for next challenge, thanks for this awesome post dreemie…

This is the an interesting one... A continuation of the last challenge. Let me go ahead with what I got already.

#dreemerforlife #dreemport

I'm so loving this challenge, why writing the previous one about my free space, I kept telling myself Glory it's time to make this a reality, but I keep looking out what needs to be put in place.. Let me just head to write that post.


Lookinging forward to it

This would really be amazing 🤩 Thuo just seeing it now

What is the meaning of life? We live today and die tomorrow, life is vanity!