Dreemer of the Year... begins now.

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Good day, Dreemers.

It's early morning for me, afternoon for some of you and evening for the rest. You won't actually read this until I send it this evening - which is already Monday morning for many. Life on an international spectrum keeps us on our toes and moving, chasing, circling each other!

We have passed by another full year of dreeming.

Have you dreemed? Have you?

I wonder if there are dreemers who are new and who really don't know the meaning of the word "dreem". It's not just a cutesy way to misspell dream - it actually has a meaning..

Dreaming is when you are lost in fantasy and very content to live passively in a world beyond your control. DrEEming is where you take all the best things from your dreams, and realize that you have the potential to build that world into reality with faith, drive, imagination and - the blessing of a teem is always nice too!

Our six week Dreemer of the Year challenge begins today, and the main focus of this year's challenge is going to be... "the dreem".

We want you all to finish out the year by STARTING on next year's path - EARLY. Set in motion the DREAMS that you'd like to morph into DREEMS.

It's not as difficult as you'd think. It all begins with what's inside you! And we want to poke and prod and provoke you into taking some leaps this coming year!

Of course, this will be a competition and the dreemer with the most points will be our 2023 Dreemer of the Year. but.... this is ALSO how people will be earning DIGS for the December Treasure Hunt! So - do as much or as little as you like!!!

The FIRST (and most obvious) way that you can earn points is by submitting VALID posts into DreemPort. As long as the post isn't rejected by screeners/Guild - it will earn you one point per day!

The SECOND way to earn points is to participate in the CHALLENGE posts. The first challenge post will be due this Thursday by end of DreemPort day (5pm PACIFIC).

And HERE is your challenge question:

Describe your DREEM SPACE. This doesn't have to be a place that is currently in existence, BUT - if it isn't, tell us something that you could ACTUALLY create this year as your dreem space. It doesn't have to be luxurious, or expensive! Just tell us what it looks like, why you need it, what materials you need to create it, what kind of budget would it cost, could you make it less expensive in order to make it actually happen next year, do you have the skills it takes to make this place, etc.

Bring us into your heart and mind as you build this place virtually in your post for us!

And as you're writing your post and visualizing yourself in that space, challenge yourself to think.... could you ACTUALLY make this place for yourself in 2024??? How can you START to turn this dream into a dreem, dreemer???

There will be MORE ways to earn points for Dreemer of the Year - but let's START with these two, and add on as we go! That way it's a slow build - hopefully without overwhelming anyone!!

Start writing your first challenge post now!!! Don't wait - put your heart and mind into it and invite us to share in this DREEM with you!!

Good luck, Dreemers!!!

Thanks to @shadowspub, @penderis, @bluefinstudios, @kemmyb, @wesphilbin, @mypathtofire, @melinda010100, @samsmith1971, @silversaver888, @lizelle, @kenechukwu97, @jacoalberts, @acgalarza, @blackdaisyft and @dreemsteem for making the @dreemport voting power go farther! ❤️

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Yah 💃 💃, thank you

Thank youuuu!

Awwn thanks so much

Thank you so much ☺️

Still dreeming... hehe, thanks Ambs 😊

💃💃💃💃 yay thank you.

I love you for doing this, thank you dear😘😘

Thank you for the token @amberkashif

Thank youuuuuu


Thank you

Thanks so much ❤️ @amberkashif
I need to change my gear 😁

Thank you ma

If I'm being honest, I have never put much thought into the meaning of dreem because it was easy to consider it has a misspelled form of dream but from your explanation it actually makes more sense.

This is an amazing challenge theme "the dreem" it will allow us to be able to put materials in place in our mind that will bring our dreams into reality, forcing us to think about the steps needed to make our dreams achievable. Quite a thought provoking challenge.

An amazing initiative and an opportunity to earn more digs which is also a dreem😅😅

Always bringing in the fun to our activities, I'm curious and excited what I'll come up with my Dreem place 😍
Thanks Dreemie, more vhim to everyone! Hehe

Oh wow, creative initiative, let the best person fit for the position win.

Happy new week dreamers.


This challenge will be fun and it is always good to have a dreem. Happy new week to us all.

This challenge will definitely get people thinking 🤔 and it's simply a nice initiative
Sincerely, I didn't know that Dreem was really a correct word, I was thinking that it was just designed that way haha..now I know better, I gat to wear thinking map for the challenge
Always fun activities for dreemers...let's see who will emerge the dreemer of the Year 2023

Hmmmm now this got me thinking, what is my dreemspace,? Well my thinking and writing cap is on.

As always there is fun all the way.

This looks so creative and I’m super excited about it. Thank you so much dreemsteem for making us rack our brain.

I just found out the meaning of dreem today.


Bring your dream to light, start dreeming it now 😂

This is really a thought provoking post that will inspire creativeness in one. Hoping to see the outcome.


This is sweet. Super awesome, and it gladdens my heart, knowing we can write out our dreem and see it go into fruitfution. No dreem is too big. Once the mind is set, it'll yield something...very soon.


Dreemers! Our six weeks Dreemer of The Year Challenge begins today, and the main focus of this year's challenge is going to be... "the Dreem's.

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Please add the tag for lorylol🤗

Alright 👍

Found it man, see yah in a bit, thanks for the tag 🥹❤️🏃‍♀️

Nice, one brother. GoodLuck on this. Haha

@kenechukwu97 You skipped my name 😢 I'm still a dreemer 😫

Haha... Thanks so much for bringing this to our notice ooo. You will get a mention the next time we have use the tag list.

You're welcome. Alright then.

Thank you!!!

Well Done 👍.

Thanks for the tag ☺

Ohh, I never knew the true meaning of dreeming, we learn everyday on this space. Can't promise to be the dreemer of the year, but I'll definitely give it a shot.


Another reason why I'm proud to be a dreemer. Cause we don't just Dreem, we get to try and actualise them, incorporating fun, our minds, our hearts and most of all our dreems into something we can all learn from. This is beautiful Dreemie. Can't wait to start dreeming.💜🌺

And here I was, thinking that Dreem was just a fancy way of spelling dream. Now I'm aware and I totally love the real meaning of "Dreem".

I'm certain this six weeks would be awesome! Buckle up dreemers.


This challenge starts with a beautiful topic to ponder on. My resolutions has never worked, maybe because I set an unrealistic dreams or maybe that life always have a twist to everything. I'll need to think deep on this.


Dreemport keeps brining fun challenges.. I be sure to drop something.

#dreemerforlife #dreemport

So I was right all along. That drEEm is more than just a fancy way to spell drEAm. It's the doing word, and that's what you're inspiring us to do with this challenge—as always.

Now that you mention spaces, I do have shadings of what mine would look like, so I guess it's time I dreemed it out and paint the full picture. Let's do what? LET'S DREEM!


I never knew DREEM is a real word. I used to assume it as usual 😄

The initiative is a very good one. I'm only wondering how the points are gonna be picked to select the dreemer of the year. Or maybe it's gonna be from already existing records.


Wow! I never knew that "drEEm"is a meaningful word until now.
I have also not put on much thinking into my dreams in recent times as I did while reading this post.

This has been helpful, seriously. And I am inspired to put my dreem on paper.

I could not clearly understand the rules and rewards 🤔 maybe that's 16 hour work day talking 😪

Wow! This is a beautiful and great way to end the year 2023 and plan towards a productive and prosperous 2024.

I would say that DREAM + ACTION + FAITH= DREEM. It all begins from the MIND.
Thanks @dreemsteem and team for this initiative to DREEM OUR DREAM.

Popped in from X (formery twitter)

This is my 2nd visit from #dreemport being a #dreemerforlife 😊

This challenge is a lovely one and it will make many work hard and be pushed to move very fast to achieve their dream.
Thanks to @dreemsteem for this initiative.

Great post

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Thanks for removing the misconception of the meaning of dreem. I really really love the challenge and will surely participate.

I am an awesome #dreemerforlife.

hehe I am in on this. Looking forward to seeing the contest heat up amongst our dreemers in the public domain. Loving the idea of dreeming our dreem space into existence and making it something we can achieve in this next year. It doesn't have to be the final dreem... it's taking steps to achieve a dreem space we can achieve within a year. A S.M.A.R.T. dreem lol I love it, Ms. Dreems! 💗


#dreemerforlife #alwaysthebeginning

What is the truck drivers favorite part of the movies?
The trailers

Credit: reddit
@dreemsteem, I sent you an $LOLZ on behalf of samsmith1971


Like a newbie I didnt understood much about dreemport but this make more sense
#dreemerforlife !? Oh yeah without Dreams we cant go so far.... So lets dreem something🍀

Congratulations 🥳🥳

@lorylol you are the lucky winner of 100 Dreem Tokens for participating in Dreemport’s Bounty.


👀👀Woww, this is something that i never thought that could happend thank you so much

Keep Dreeming. It can happen again and again. Hehehe

Haha 😂

I love that energy lory!! Keep it pumping!!❤️

Yay! 🤗
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Dreem actually has a deep meaning getting to know from this post. I thought it was a misspelling or some abbreviation of something.

I will be looking forward to a lot of entries from other dreemers, this will be my first time participating in the dreemer of the year challenge and my second time hearing of it, let me sleep on this topic, I will join everyone in a bit, thanks, slow and steady wins the race 😂😊…

Hmm sometimes i just wish i stay inside my dreams for a while maybe i'll bring that into existence

Wow!! I never thought the word dreem has a meaning, being so negligent, I never even cared to Google it. Such a beautiful meaning behind the word.

The task for this week is nice, let me get my writing tools set.


I'm dreeming already, especially now that I know the meaning of dreem lol


I love how you always make Dreemers have fun all the time
It is really good!

Seriously this is absolutely amazing, I think I see a lot of fun there ,dreemie you are doing wonders #dreemerforlife

Oh how nice, let the writing begin, I pray I get the inspiration to write well


Glad I got to read this post, I used to think 'Dreem' was a fancy name for 'Dream', now I know better and it's even cooler knowing its meaning. Trying to wrap my mind around my dream space, I have it all in my head, I guess it's time to put It into writing, feels exciting!


Hi my name is DreemieWeemieSeeme and I love to push you into new frontiers!


@dreemsteem, @tengolotodo just sent you LUV. (1/5)

I have been drEEming all this while and I need to create a drEEm space for my journey into the next year lol! So yay! Let it begin!

Seriously i never knew the meaning of dream i am glad that i learn new thing let the luck winner wear the crown.


This got me thinking about dreams, I hope I find true meaning in what I want and how my dreams will be achieve

This challenge will be so much fun. Already got my thinking caps on and started dreeming.


Hello everyone. I'm relatively new on hive but I really would love to be a part of this. I think I just got even more enlightening on what dreemport is all about.

Honestly this challenge looks really interesting, though right now I'm in a dilemma if I should write on something that existence or something that's doesn't for my Dreem space

Dreams come true when you believe, let alone when that dream has a double letter E in it, it's going to come true in many folds I believe. This is an opportunity for everyonr to drEEm big and let out their hearts out on all they have always wanted to happen. It's a great challenge and we are inviting God to join us in the challenge so as to make it happen as we have wished it. 🙏
Thanks for always wowing us with your initiatives, I love this challenge.
I need my work space free from all distractions to bring in my dreem space. Hahahaha. This dreem must work.😅😅😅😅. I am a proud #dreemerforlife 💃💃💃

Wow! Dreem is a standard word. Why doesn't google know it 🤔. It's biased, I think. Hehe.

Well, whether or not any knows we know. And we Dreem.


This is so nice. Love it.

I’m glad that I am part of the dreemers!!

Now, the meaning of dreem is clear, it is good thing to manifest those dreams. Nice.


Dreem has helped spread my content to different people and realizing the actual meaning of Dreem gives me joy.

The idea is actually enabling us plan ahead of 2024
Love the initiative #dreemerforlife

Amazing one one. I am glad I would be able to narrate my dreems I was almost lost in it and forgot there could be a challenge. But I am glad I could hop in even in the dying hours.

the meaning of the word "dreem". It's not just a cutesy way to misspell dream - it actually has a meaning..

Honestly I thought it was just a cutesy misspell of dream, ohh God! Hive keeps teaching me new things.

I can’t wait to come up with my dreem place🥰🥰

Always a #dreemeerforlife🥰🥰