Embrace the dreem (no... really!)

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I alluded to the fact that this post was coming last week, and I wonder if you all have been wondering what I meant by embracing the dreem.

Of course the obvious connotation is that in order to fully be on board with your passion project (or dreem) you need to make it a part of your existence. It's unlikely to happen when you're not fully committed. It takes stamina and endurance for the times when morale is low and energy is even lower. Embracing the ups and downs of a dreem is critical to seeing it through.

One of the most valuable assets in Dreem execution is having a Dreem Teem. These are not just cheerleaders, encouraging you from the sidelines. These are people who are willing to get into the trenches with you, investing their time and energy, blood, sweat and tears with you. These are your people, your family, your dreemers.

I have been blessed to have people catch the fire very early on in my "Hive career". People who have known me for almost the full 7 years I've been here! (Yep! I just celebrated my 7 year Hive birthday) @shadowspub and I met on her PYPT show, and that changed everything! @penderis and I met through Buddy up (a passion project started by @calumam) and @bluefinstudios - who was a staple on PYPT would become interested in joining an onboarding project I proposed way back then. From project to project these three people would sign up and sign on for adventure with me and never give up on me. I can't even count how many hours in the last 7 years these three have dedicated to seeing a "dreemie project" succeed. Since then our teem has grown into some of the most amazing 20+ dreem teemers, and many more dreemers, and together we are all taking steps together to make DreemPort something special.

So, now comes your challenge for this week.

Don't take this lightly. Think this through and weigh out your answer carefully. The success of your dreem is highly influenced by the dedication of your teem.

Who are three people that you would ask (and are going to ask) to be on your teem for your dreem?

What are their duties?

Why are they the dreemer for your teem?

Do they have the time and energy to actually commit to your dreem?

What qualities do they possess that would add to your positives and reverse your negatives?

This post is due in DreemPort by this Thursday. Don't miss the submissions deadline on the site! (there is a countdown timer that will let you know when daily submissions close) And don't forget...these special challenge posts give you 2 points towards the Dreemer of the Year contest!


Part of my long term dreem has always been closing the distance between dreemers. I hate physical separation, and I love connecting with loved ones, face to face. When you have an international project, it can be really difficult to be working alongside one another remotely, year after year. I have always longed to have a dreem meet up where lots of dreemers could connect, laugh, share meals, and most importantly - embrace.

I've been tried to do this before...and Covid and visa restrictions had other ideas for my plans!

But... dreemers never give up, and I'm trying it again!

So, for December 2024, how would you like to embrace THE original Dreem? aka...hug me!☺️

At our last Dreem teem meeting, I announced this surprise, and we now have 7 Dreem Teemers that are planning to meet.

I will be paying for :

ONE additional Dreem Teem member, and

ONE Dreemer

to join us.

We have chosen a country that should be easy as far as visas, and I will be covering the flight, food and accomodations for our two winners!

I hope you're looking forward to embracing the Dreem, because she is really looking forward to embracing you!


Thanks to @shadowspub, @penderis, @bluefinstudios, @kemmyb, @wesphilbin, @mypathtofire, @melinda010100, @samsmith1971, @silversaver888, @lizelle, @kenechukwu97, @jacoalberts, @acgalarza, @blackdaisyft and @dreemsteem for making the @dreemport voting power go farther! ❤️

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This is so exciting! You constantly amaze me, Dreemie!


hahahaha it is SUPER exciting for me!!!! One of my biggest dreems!

By the way - I tagged you on a comment yesterday - someone is wanting to sell their ecency points and if that's allowed - i was going to buy them for the Treasure Hunt! But I was just making sure that didn't go against any Ecency rules first! I can find the comment if you missed the notification! let me know hehehe

It is allowed. Much nicer if they donate, but of course they can sell them. They are theirs to do with as they will!

DreemieWeemieSeeme you really are a Dreem superstar and I had the honour to embrace the Dream and to hug you for real! Another wonderful challenge this it too.

yes - and regardless of this dreem-up... hehehe I hope I get to see you again for another hug!!! hehehe

Oh yes, I would love to hug you ma'am, for you have been amazing. I wish you a great Sunday.


Thank you @amiegeoffrey !!! You have a wonderful Sunday as well!!! 🤗

I must say that you are a real genius...the dreemer for life challenge is really opening me up to new possibilities, making me think crucially about what I want for my future.

As for meet the dreem...oh it would be an honour and a pleasure to meet and hug you for real ma'am.

Thank you for the good effort here on hive....also Happy hive anniversary as well.

Have a great week


7 years here hehehe yes - thanks for that congratulations!!! hehehe

I'm so glad to hear that the challenge is prompting you to truly pursue those dreems!!!

Yes ma'am, it sure is

This shows that you are really aiming dreem to be bigger and I wish you success in all your endeavors
This is an amazing one
Kudos to you

bigger and bigger, and grabbing more and more dreemers to be a part! hehehe

I think too many people try to take on projects by themselves, possibly to prove to others that they can do it, or because they're not sure anyone else will be excited enough to help out, but truly, there aren't many projects that don't require a team to build something out properly. People bring such a range of skills, it'd be a shame not to take advantage of that.


and that's the thing, isn't it? there is only so much time in the day to learn things ..we can't possibly learn it all ..nor do we have the passion for it all!

I have learned so much throughout my life that it's wonderful to find people who love to do the things you hate ..and hate to do the things you love! then the teemwork flows so beautifully because everyone is doing what they're meant to do!

I have a firm commitment to allowing my teem to find where they thrive...and if they don't find a spot....they can possibly convince me to create a role I didn't see we needed hahaha

(if it flows with the overall vision)

I've also learned the beauty of delegation.....hahahaha. that took a bit longer for me to learn though.... 😂😂😂😂

What advise can you give us as a beginners to have as a dream

hi there - i actually wrote a post today - in response to your comment here :)

here is my answer to you! :)


I'm almost sad because I know this is not going to be the time when I get to feel your warm embrace but then I'm super happy because my fellow dreemers will and that's more than enough to console me!

The challenge for this week is interesting! From all the teem members I've worked with over the years, the one that stand's out for me is my partner and big daddy, hehe @tengolotodo but I will have to think more about the other's, they are somewhere hiding in their shells, I'm gonna fetch them out 😂.

This is going to be exciting!!!

I !LUV you dreem and I really wish you all the best achieving one of your biggest dreems 🥰. Always remember that you are Amazing and AWESOME!


hehehe and how do you know it won't be you???

you are a dreemer so you must never give up hoping and dreeming!!!
plus - you are still our reigning DREEMER OF THE YEAR!!! HAHAHAHA you definitely must keep dreeming!!! :)

Ill be sharing very soon the details on how dreemers can try to grab that chance to get a ticket to that dreem-up! hehehe

and you can do me a favor.... it's not my biggest dreem to only bring two people...
its my BIGGEST dreem to be able to do this every year - and bring MANY. want to join in prayer with me that we can see that happen??? and that God would bless our efforts each year to make it bigger and better and involve more dreemers???

hehehe if you feel led... please pray over that with me!! :)

Giving up is so far from the option dreem, I'm just not ready for now so I'd love to give the opportunity to others that are ready because I know there will surely come a day if God wills when I'd get to see you and other amazing dreemers.

Yeah, it's not your biggest dreems but it's one that will lead the path to you achieving your biggest DREEMS! And yes, I'm definitely going to keep praying for you, it would be a pleasure 🥰.

hehehe yes i understand about timing...

but remember - its December of 2024!!
so - maybe you might be ready for then???? we will see and wait to see what God does hehehe

i love your heart - either way!

By then I think I'd be more busy but I'm looking forward to it.

I love your heart more, I'm actually trying to learn some things from you 🥰

Aww what a compliment partner hehe now I look forward to what you come up with.

I'm looking forward to it too partner 🥰

@hopestylist sent you LUV 🙂 (2/4)

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@dreemsteem! Your Content Is Awesome so I just sent 1 $BBH (Bitcoin Backed Hive) to your account on behalf of @hopestylist. (1/1)

This is rwally.gettimg.fun and educational as well.. I've been exposed to many things and I am really happy that I'm a part of this.

It will be am honor to meet you and hug you ma'am.

#dreemport #dreemerforlife

hehehe it would be my absolute joy to bring dreemers around the world together for a yearly event!

that would take a lot of money... i know. and a lot of dreeming and praying! hehehe

but - my Jesus loves to surprise me with these things when I least expect it!! so... i will continue to pray and continue to dreem!!! :)

keep watching to see how you can enter your name into the dreemers who can try to grab that ticket!! :) info coming very soon! hehehe

Honestly, this makes me remember 22222. Oh! it was 5 2's right? hehe can't remember clearly now.
Building a Dreem Teem that's been with you for 7 years is truly impressive. The challenge to assemble a team for our own dreems is thought-provoking. Excited to see DreemPort grow, and December 2024 sounds like it's going to be an epic embrace of THE original Dreem!


it is EXACTLY like 22222... hahaha

well...smaller. lol

and maybe that's what we needed to begin with! because the 22222 dreem never died! it's the same exact dreem, just 2 years into the future with 2 years more of prayers hahaha

I just hope that we can keep it growing until it's the BIG trip that I always dreemed of!

I love that 22222 is still alive in your mind!!! hehehe

Sometimes, a smaller version is exactly what sets the stage for something big.
The spirit of 22222 lives on, and I'm all in for the unfolding adventure!

i totally agree - i needed to be more patient for the bigger dreem i guess hehehe

Whew, this bears some serious thinking! (in a short space of time) ... I'm on it...

And I could get lost in that image. Geez...it's stunningly beautiful, Dreemie 😍 truly exquisite - that must have taken quite some time to craft 🥰

Seven years is a long time to be on the blockchain - a mammoth achievement and testament to your commitment, not just to your own dreams but also to those of others... because that is just who you are! 💗 From the start you have had people beside you who valued you both as a leader and friend... and nothing much has changed. You still have people who would follow you through the fire... well almost... I mean... if you ever ask us to go through actual fire, we may have to rein you in... just a little 😂... but then it's all about perspective, right... and seeing and doing life with you brings so much of it. It has opened my eyes to so much more than I ever dreemed possible. I am super proud to be associated with the best project on Hive, and you and Dreemport hold a very special place in my heart that can never again belong to anyone else. I love you, Ms. Dreems 💗

#dreemerforlife #alwaysthebeginning

hehehe if you think about it... i think you already have your teem. you just dont know that they are! hehehe

and yes- 7 years is a very long time!

the time it took jacob to get leah. another 7 years til we get rachel? hahahahaha my gosh i hope not LOLOLOL

and the only way i'd ask you to go through fire is maybe one of those firewalks. but... they seem ridiculous hahahaha so probably not LOLOL

i love you too!

Wow, now I am excited at this new update.
Thanks and we are looking forward to this day.

it should be pretty exciting! I can't wait to give out more details about the meetup!

That will be nice to see really

This is beautiful Dreem. I'm not sure where to even start.😄
First off, Happy 7 Years to you. Can't believe you've been here for this long. It's been 7 years of impacting lives and I wish you many more years here with bigger blessings to offer.

I'm thinking 3 seems so small and I wonder who I'll pick now but I'd love to do this regardless.😄

Cheers to this big surprise. And to whoever the winners will be. Lots of !luv to you Dreemie.🤗💜

thank you for the congrats! heheh i know - i still remember sitting in my old house - in my living room - opening up my laptop to read the posts on this chain! hahahaha

well - it was not called Hive then - but... hehehe same place ;) same crew

and hehehe 3 - well its just STARTING with three people. if you have more youd like to bring on board - go for it!!!

and as far as the big surprise - oh my gosh, i cannot wait to tell dreemers how they can join in the fun to grab that chance to be a part of the dreemup! its coming soon! hehehe so keep watching :)

I am not exactly sure how you did it, keep on making positive impacts in the lives of people all around the world for seven years, but I do understand the influence and support your amaze-teem had through the journey. Happy seven years of dreeming (on the chain), Dreem.

I really wonder about three people that would make my Dreem Teem, considering the number amazing Dreemers I have met. It would sure be hard nailing it down. But thank you for this. Leggo!

Thank you @olujay!!!

And yeah - forming a dreem teem is difficult at first.. because you want to find the right people. but finding the people who can connect with you and your vision is key.... once you have that, then you can partner with them and start making moves!

and you know what - sometimes a dreem teem is not someone who actually works alongside you.

sometimes they are great mentors - or people who have skills they can teach you... or things like that

start with people you love - that love you.
if they can push you to achieve your dreems... ask them to be a part of your dreem teem! :)

I love Dreemie Adventures and a Dreemie hug from the original Dreemer is as good as it gets. Haha.

This weeks challenge is an interesting and thoughtful one. It's never to be taken for granted.

hahahahaha how long have i waited for this

would this be the real year it happens?

well i'll say this.

i'm turnin 48 in 2024.

do you see what i see
48 = 4 and 4+4
2024 = 2=2=4 and 4



come on - that's a lot of 4's hhahaha i'm claiming it as a lovely sign from God! heheheh

Here you are again.... Mrs. Dazzler...Hehe . It nice knowing 7 dreemers are coming to join in with the 2 winners, and I wish everyone a fun time whenever it gets to happen. It'll be so beautiful to see.

My dreem teemers, hehe... let's see who is ready to ride with me as I with them too. Happy Sunday to you, Dreemie, and.... thanks for everything you've been doing... you are awesome.

I remain an awesomely made #dreemerforlife.

Oh, yeah... Happy 7th Hiveversarry to you.

and happy anniversary to you too - you know what i mean hehehe

and even though i'm so excited for the two extra people coming... i wish it could be 20 extra people coming LOL

so badly!!!!
so so so badly! hahahaha

but maybe in the future. I will keep asking God to increase what we're doing so that we can add more and more to the mix.

He knows how badly I want it!! hehehe

Hehe 🫠🫠. Thank you, haha.

Yeah... I know. You have a big heart to welcome everyone. You are that kind of person.

I know God has heard you. Let your faith do the work as you do your best.

Wow! First I want to say Happy 7th Hiversary Dreem!

I believe one of the things that helps people grow faster in life is having a teem who is ready and willing to help one achieve their goals.

I am glad you have people like that in your life. I will also love to have teem members who would love to work with me and I them.

You are so amazing and I would love to meet with you and hug you as it would be an honor for me. Thank you for all you do.


a teem is absolutely invaluable. and when they are joined in hearts and minds and spirit - its like they are just moving along the same path without even trying! hehehe

and yes - as I mentioned in other comments - all dreemers who have their accounts in good standing are eligible to try for the contest! More details will be coming soon as far as how to be a part of it.... so just keep your eyes open! hehehe

Thank you so much Ms.Dreemie 🤗🤗🤗

Happy belated Hive anniversary Dreemie. Seven years of generosity. Cheers to you🥂.

This is all really exciting and for the umpteenth time, I'm always proud to be a dreemer. ✨ This week's challenge is a really thoughtful one, I better put on my thinking hat.


hehehe i'm so proud for you to be a dreemer too @wongi!!!

and i have no doubt that you'll do justice to this week's challenge! Just take your time and think about whose hearts you connect with

they dont have to be on hive! they can just be people in your life that encourage you to strive for more and check on you - and build you up!

thank you for the well wishes on my anniversary hehehe

Oh this explains the challenge even better. Thank you so much Dreemie 😊

Wow, it's been 7 years of impacting lives in this blockchain Dreemie. Congratulations 👏🎉 and I wish you all the grace you need to continue your great work here
This week challenge is taking a nice direction cos I love working with teem ...now, I have been thinking deeply whom my teem of three could be.. you will find out soon
It will be great to get a Dreemie hug from you 😍

hi lovely!!! hehehe i can already feel that hug from you LOL

I think forming a teem is so critical to pursuing a dreem. having people alongside you on the journey is like breathing life into you at the most critical times. finding those souls are a gift!!!

i hope this helps people to start really setting their dreems in motion to th enext level

You are right and that's why I am taking my time to search deeply for these souls...lolz

It is true, sometimes we need some people to help us achieve somethings. Nice one.

7 years on Hive? That is awesome, you have done great here.


thanks so much lizi!!! hehehe

Wow! Wow! Wow!
A Dreem meeting.
Please anyone that will make the list should please feed us with enough photos of the gatherings.

This contest looks easy and difficult too.


hehehe you better get yourself in the contest too - and be ready to take your own pictures LOL

you never know - the winner could be you!!!

Wow! I took a pause to think for a while about this contest. 7 years on this space, Happy 7th year Hive birthday!. Having a strong, dedicated and trustworthy team is really important when a project is involved and I must say that I really appreciate all you and your teem do and how dreemport motivates and encourages the consistency of dreemers and the rewards as well.

This is a contest to carefully think through. This is really a CHALLENGE.

How sweet to have a dreem meet up and receive a sweet hug from our dear Dreemsteem. Oh! I would love to experience this 😍

Popped in dreemport, being a #dreemerforlife

I'm so looking forward to this meet up already hahaha and I can't even wait until next December!!! LOL i wish it was this Decmeber and i wish it was more dreemers that I could bring along hahahaha

maybe in the future!

and yes - our dreem teem is quite a blessing for me... God-given gift!!!!

Yes, I feel same too but just as this year ran fast, next year might run faster 😄.

But this is really nice. May God keep us safe as we look forward to that day.

WOW! This is incredible! you are truly incredible!

I lovvvvvvvveeeee dreemport and I am glad to be a dreemer any day, any time🥰🥰

Always a #dreemerforlife

hehhe be sure to keep your eyes open for all the details to join in the contest to be one of the meetup winners!!! hehehe

I sure will, thank you Dreemie❤🤗

Reading through was like watching an interesting movie, why did I come to an end? 😁 Just imagining how fun it's going to be meeting other dreemers face to face, gosh!


hahahaha one of thebest things ever - is meeting online people face to face !!!
i love it so much!!! and i really can't wait to bring someone along for the meetup next year!!!!

i can't wait !!!! cannot wait!!!

be sure to stay in the running for that win! hehehe it could easily be you!!! I'll be sharing details very soon on how to join in!

Hehhe.. that would have been one of the best things that would have happened to me..

Well, whoever gets lucky to be the one to win the race, is not going to ever forget the experience in his/her lifetime

This is super exciting and thoughtful.
Congratulations to anyone who qualifies for this


all dreemers with accounts in good standing are eligible!

they only need to keep their accounts well, and keep striving! I'll be dropping more details soon :)

Okay dreemie☺️☺️

This challenge will be amazing, where are my gee, let's do this together

It will be a great blessing for me to bring two winners along for this trip! ehehehe

just stay tuned for the details - it won't be hard at all to compete! You just need to keep dreeming faithfully and that should be enough to get your name into the mix!!! hehehe

I will surely put in all my best effort, thank you for your reply

It's good to know you've had teem who had been here for a very long time. No doubt you've all come to understand yourselves over the years.

The meetup is a nice idea and it's great to know you're sponsoring some of the travels. I have a question though, are the teem we are to select hive users or anyone we've shared this dream with and had shown interest over the years?

no no no...
any dreemer who has participated (like yourself) will be in the mix.

It will be a random selection - (similar to what you've seen on the Hunts) but more details will be coming soon!

The only restriction is that there can never have been any negative measures taken against your account on DreemPort. (aka - a dreemer is disqualified from this contest if they have ever had their privileges revoked)

this is at least for this challenge. We will see how long that stands in years to come...

Alright. Thanks a lot for the details

Wow! A real "hug me" meet, this is incredible I would love to be that lucky dreemer, that alone is a dreem come true.

Woot! Woot!! 7 years of being amazing and impacting lives on hive, so I hear a standing ovation 👏, continue being amazing ma'am and many more years to fulfill your wonderful dreem.


hahahaha i don't know who is more excited - dreemers - or me??
i think me :)

thank you so much - 7 years is a long time and its had its ups and downs for sure! LOL

but glad to still be here :)

Seven years and still standing tall is quite an achievement. I celebrate you ma’am. Looking forward to learning from you.


thank you so much :) i'm happy to keep learning from others too :)

You are welcome ma’am… Learning is endless and we won’t stop learning 🙂


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Wow!! Just got back from 25 days of hibernation and here's the awesome challenge, a prompt that could make a so much more awesome read.

You're a super Dreemer.😍

💛Made my way here through #dreemport. #Dreemerforlife

hi there lovely!!! i hope your hibernation was a restful one hehehehe

yes - this is our third prompt on the dreem!!!

you can catch up by reading these... let me list them for you! hehehe

Dreemer of the Year begins now!

The Dreemiest Space

Death-Defying Dreem Tools

Just start: lessons from a crochet hook

hehehe i know it's a lot! lol but you're welcome to jump back into the water!!!! Hugs to you!

Oh wow. I'll just wade with the 3 person challenge hahaha jumping to the deep waters right away is too overwhelming.. 🤗 lovelots.🥰

This is beautiful, and I wish everyone who has been in this contest the best of luck. A win for a dreemer is a win for all.

Happy 7 years anniversary to you and have more amazing years.


every dreemer that has an account in good standing should be eligible to make the requirements of the contest! so.... that means you are eligible :)

let's see how it all works out - more details are coming! hehehe

See u in my post, 😁

hahahahaha looking forward to it

This is amazing news I would love to hug you and embrace my dreem

Well it is definitely the plan for 2024.... and I'm already waiting on details - and making this dreem get closer and closer!!!

hope that you'll keep an eye out and join in the fun!

Definitely I will join the fun

Congratulations 🥳🥳

@eunice9200 you are the lucky winner of 100 Dreem Tokens for participating in Dreemport’s Bounty.


Waooo, I am happy, thank you I appreciate this


Happy week to you
Thanks for sharing this story with the dreemers

thanks for coming along to see! I hope there is more to see in the future as we grow and change!

Thank you so much ☺️

Thank you very much 🙏🏿

Another one 😊😊😊😊. Thank you.

Thanks so much ❤️

Thank you!

Dear @amberkashif, you just got hugged.
I sent 1.0 HUG on behalf of @luchyl.

Thank you very much

Many thanks for the tokens.. really appreciate

Thanks a lot

Thank ya ☺️

Thank you very much

A big thank you🙏🙏

Thank you🥰🥰

I look forward to embracing the Dreem. I am so grateful that she has chosen to embrace. She has influenced and inspired me to be and do better!


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I already have my Dreem team, I think they are up to four even they are one of the best I have encountered. I really love this challenge.

Dreem always dropping it as dope as possible. This so exciting to read!

Sounds exciting, now who are The dreemer team for me

I am glad to be Dreem Teem. It's an honour.

The imagination of the meeting gives me a thrill. Lolz.

You are special and have a heart for humanity.
You always amazed me with the way you do your things.
I can't imagine myself hugging you.🤔🤔 It going to be a great dream coming to pass.

Congratulations on your 7years Hive birthday, dear Captain Dreemie!
And thank you for reminding me again that my Dreem can become true with the right dreemteam in place. I am so blessed to be a #dreemerforlife

Wow, this is a bigger 22222. This is so amazing and I appreciate you @dreemsteem for your benevolence, always.
I can't wait to meet other dreemers. It will be a happy moment to finally see and embrace them all.
The final winners are already very fortunate people to have the largess you promeesed them.
God willing everyone will be happy in this adventure. Thanks again

Happy 7 years anniversary Sis. You are truly a rare gem, strong, devoted and resilient. More dreemers are going to come true for you and us all. God bless you. Hip hip hip! Hurray. Congratulations again

I'm very new to dreemport, I I just learnt about it today and so far I'm enjoying it. Your words in this post just indicates how beautiful your heart is 💜. I loved reading your post. I want to keep dreeming 🙂🌺