HI DREEMERS!! ready???

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Dreemer of the Year 2023

I hope you had the best LOVE MONTH imaginable! I thought I might be able to participate since my daughter and new son in law were getting married!!! What a great opportunity to share that love with you all!!

But ... as the mother of the bride, I ended up being a lot busier and without the time that a Hive post would require! Then, left the country to dreemup with some dreemers 😍 (Dreemers not shown hahaha... but can you guess what country I'm in?? lol)

But it's ok... I wasn't able to write at the time, but I would love to share some pictures of the gorgeous bride! (these are some from our camera - so - forgive the quality!)

And... the beautiful couple, bathed in love!!

You can see @quirky.countess with her new husband - and her wonderful brother (and my son) @bbqgriffinwings by her side. She asked him to be HER best man ❤️

SO much fun... a gorgeous wedding!!!!! We could not be any happier!!! For any of you that would like to see parts of the wedding... feel free to check out this video! ❤️

LOVE abounds!!!

For all of those who participated in ALL three weeks of the LOVE challenge, we have a new profile frame for you!!! Hope you enjoy using it!!! If you have earned it - @jacoalberts will enable the frame for you on DreemPort - or as always - if you didn't earn it, you will have until the end of November to transfer 4.44 hbd to @dreemport in order to activate the frame on your profile page! If you do, please do let @jacoalberts know of the transaction!


What's next???

6 week Dreemer of the Year 2023 challenge coming up!!!

Our lovely @hopestylist was our 2022 Dreemer of the Year and she will be ending her reign and ready to pass that crown onto this years Dreemer! (or...will she make a dash to take it again??🥰)

This is just the announcement for our challenge...but it won't be starting until November 13 and ending on December 22!

You can be sure that the December 23 Treasure Hunt will follow with a lot of excitement, prizes and fun!

So get ready.... get rested...get pumped!

Dreemer of the Year begins November 13! Keep your eyes peeled for upcoming announcements! You can also watch our site and our discord for upcoming info and who knows... maybe a surprise or two??

Thanks to @shadowspub, @penderis, @bluefinstudios, @kemmyb, @wesphilbin, @mypathtofire, @melinda010100, @samsmith1971, @silversaver888, @lizelle, @kenechukwu97, @jacoalberts, @acgalarza, @blackdaisyft and @dreemsteem for making the @dreemport voting power go farther! ❤️

all images belong to me... or DreemPort :)


I almost shed a tear watching your daughter and her charming husband dance to You by Benny Blanco and Marshmello around 39:00. And then, the speech around 33:00 was so heartwarming to listen to. I couldn't watch all of the video, but these moments I found melted my heart and made me long for the day I'll cleave to my own woman and have a blissful life ahead with her. Congratulations to you daughter and son-in-law!


You know how the wedding guests get to take wedding favors with them as they leave? Well since you all were here to congratulate and celebrate with us... I wanted to send you off with some wedding favors!

I am about to send 4 HBI to each of our "wedding guests" here as of 4:44 pm today!

Thank you for celebrating with us @samsmith1971, @bhattg, @jacoalberts, @adedoyin01, @luchyl, @rukkie, @adoore-eu, @balikis95, @meyateingi, @razfat, @nkemakonam89, @tengolotodo (and yes tengo!!! it was Panama hahaha), @treasuree, @julti1985, @coquicoin, @jhymi, @kingsleyy, @amiegeoffrey, @deraaa, @emreal, @beckyroyal, @jessicaossom, @stuartcturnbull, @olujay, @sommylove, @nwothini335, @lizizoo, @kilvnrex, @wongi, @whitneyalexx, @dwixer

You should have 4 HBI in your accounts! Enjoy those votes from this day forward hehehe

Thank you so much ma'am.

Wow!!! Thank you so much. We love you.

Wow! That's awesome! Thank you so much! We appreciate you!!

Thank you so much😊

Awwwwww 🥰
Thank you so much Dreemie

Thank you so much ma'am 😇

Thanks a lot dreemie 🌹💐

Thank you💕 enjoyed the educative and humorous sermon/wedding vows 🤩
Congratulations once more🎊

Thank You,dreemers love you

Awwwn thank you very much ma, really do appreciate it.
Congratulations once again

That's beautiful Dreem. You're the epitome of kindness. Love you.💕

Thank you for the gifts....I appreciate 🤗

Wow, even though I didn't attend physically I still have a souvenir to go home with, and a big one at that.💃

I greatly appreciate the gift.


Wow! Thanks for your kind gesture.

Thank you so much Dreemie and Panama cool, we nearly moved there...

Thanks for the gift. So nice.

Thank you very much!

God Almighty 🙏 Bless you Abundantly 🙏💕🙏
Thanks Ma 💕

Wow! Thank you very much Dreemie 💕 😘😘

Hehe, see Dreemie killing me with gifts. Haha. Thank ya ☺️

Wow!! Thank you so much 🥰🤗...

Wow, this is incredible thanks @dreemsteem.

Thank you so much.


Love love love... Love is all you need 💗

What a gorgeous wedding! They make the cutest couple, Ms. Dreems. And that dress... aargh... to die for!!!

Looking forward to the next Dreemer of the Year contest - should be barrels of fun 🥰🤗😁 I wonder who will take it at the finish line this year? It should be an exciting 6 weeks, that's for sure!

@jacoalberts please can you enable the love frame on my profile. Sending 4.44 HBD now to Dreemport.

I've been away from most things Hive for a few months... preoccupied with off-chain stuff... but looking to find my feet... and my writing voice again soon 🤗

#dreemerforlife #alwaysthebeginning #loveisallyouneed

Hi @samsmith1971! I enabled your frame for you👍! Enjoy it!

Thank you, Jaco :-)

You're welcome, Sam😉👍!

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Truly you can't be much happier the bride is beautiful to behold and the wedding went on fine that the prayer of every couple parent.

This is beautiful, congratulations to them.


Wow ! Congratulations to the newly wedded couple. I could see the happiness radiating from you.

Thanks for sharing these beautiful pictures.

Always a #dreemerforlife

Woow, such an adorable bride. Congratulations @dreemsteem , your girl's home is blessed. Thanks for dropping the video, it's an interesting wedding she had there. I enjoyed the humorous stories and it's quite interesting to watch the dances. Well done. I am seriously longing to join the 6weeks challenge. It's going to be a blast, I see. Best regards to the newly Weds. 😘😘😘

This is so sweet, Dreemie. I love your look and then the couples....

Oh, the couples are breathtaking together. Remmy's dress looks so beautiful . I love it!

Congratulations to them again and to you and all well wishers.

I am very ready for the Dreemer marathon. Hehe... let's go!!

Have a nice day, Pirate Dreem.


The Bride is so Beautiful ❤...

Can I participate in this?

You are welcome back to the platform and I wish your daughter a happy married life
The wedding venue looks fantastic

Awwwwww 🥰🥰🥰 I
Welcome back Dreemie ❤️😍
Your daughter and son in-law looks so amazing..they are bathed in love indeed

These are beautiful shots..so romantic 😂
Happy married life to them ❤️

So good to hear from you Dreemieweemieseeme ...
The country no fluffing clue, South Africa? Mexico. Panama I could go on and on lol

As for your daughter and her wedding, she and it look fabulous! So yes you are forgiven for being MIA!

Awwn such beautiful pictures and lovely couples , congraulation to them. I wish them a happy married life

And u can't wait for this 2nd of the year treasure hunt.

Wow, love is in the air. Wonderful pictures and she looks cute in her wedding gown. I wish them an interesting married life.
Welcome back @dreemsteem

Hello, Dreemie! Long time without seeing a post from you and now I see why. Congratulations on your daughter's wedding. Beautiful!!! Many blessings to the newlywed couple and hugs for you 🤗

So glad to have you back Dreemie. And your daughter looks absolutely gorgeous. I'm extremely happy for you and I pray for many blessings for the married couple. Lots of love, my dearest Pirate Queen.❤️❤️

The wedding clips are so beautiful. Happy married life your daughter and your new Son in law.

Dreemer of the year? Let me see and feel how it's done.

Welcome back from your vacation... before you go again. Lol😄


Your daughter is so beautiful, happy married life to them.


Welcome back and congratulations to the newlywed couple👏👍!

What a beautiful sight! So happy for you and your daughter. She is a beautiful bride. Really beautiful.

Both of them look adorable. I can't take my eyes of them. Love is a beautiful thing. I wish them a happy married life.

Wow!! The month of love is gone but love abounds forever, hehhe.. let's see what the dreemer of the year challenge looks like.


Your daughter is a beauty to behold... congratulations to you as you and your entire family.


Awwn, the photos are do beautiful.
She looks so happy, and I bet you must be a proud mom now.
I love that she made her brother her best man.
Everything look beautiful.
Forever to go Remy😇😊
About the challenge, I am looking forward to it.
Congratulations ma'am 🙂


looks like a lovely wedding, I trust you had a great time.

May God Almighty 🙏 Bless there union. A very Big Congratulations 👏🎉 💕🙏🙏 to your dearest daughter.
Happy Married Life to her.

Congratulations 🥳🥳

@sommylove you are the lucky winner of 100 Dreem Tokens for participating in Dreemport’s Bounty.


God Almighty 🙏 Bless All Abundantly 🙏💕🙏
Congratulations 👏🎉 💕🙏🙏 to My Humble Self 💕🙏

This is such a lovely photo. I feel really happy for her, congratulations to her new husband.

I can't wait for 13th to reach so I could join the contest.

#dreemport #dreemerforlife

This is so sweet. I brought smile to my lips. She is indeed beautiful and the gown is top notch.


We hope to see the dreamer of this year.


So much loveee to go round. This whole post got me really emotional🥺. The photos all look amazing and the pride is incredibly pretty. I wish them a happy married life and congratulations to you..the latest mother-inlaw❣️


Oh wow! Congratulations to the lovely couple @quirky.countess and her spouse. Congratulations mother of the bride @dreemsteem May bliss, beauty and all things tremendous come your way 🙏🏽

Congratulations to your daughter and new son in-law. I'm anticipating the next challenge already.

#dreemerforlife !PIZZA

The bride looks gorgeous. Glad the wedding was a success and congratulations to you dreemer .


$PIZZA slices delivered:
@kilvnrex(2/5) tipped @dreemsteem

Awwwwwwww this was so nice go watch, I love weddings, I love how two love struck puppies say their vows in front of every important person in their lives.

Congratulations to you and your daughter Ma’am, you both rock!

Always a #dreemerforlife🥰

Congratulations to you and your family
@quirky.countess is looking beautiful. (Can't believe how fas they grow up 🤣)

Congratulations to your beautiful daughter and her handsome groom. I wish them a happy married life, they will enjoy their union to their good old days.

It was really emotional watching that video and seeing those different couples matching in was really lovely.

I'm looking forward to giving the crown to someone else because I've not been so active as I should but I'd definitely give it a shot.

The love frame is beautiful by the way 😍

Congratulations to the newly wedded. Your daughter looks so pretty and her gown is so lovely.
I’m glad you were able to make all these happen.

Congratulations to you Dreemie...you have been so busy with these activities. What made you think that you woild be less busy huh?
Not happening lol!

I'm looking forward to the dreemer of the year challenge.

The marriage of a daughter, that instant when you see that little dreamer become a beautiful wife, is a dream come true. Beautiful pictures, a unique moment in their lives, we celebrate this union, thanks for sharing your joy and this magical moment.


I love LOVE 😍. A big congratulations to your beautiful daughter and her handsome husband. May their love keep growing every day of their lives and may their union be a blessing to other couples. Amen

I enjoyed every lovely moment I watched in the video. The stories your son shared was fun as well. See me being so emotional especially the dance moment with her Dad.
Marriage is truly a blessing from God. Congratulations ma'am on your daughter's wedding 🎉❤️


Congratulations on the wedding of your daughter.
I joined dreemport recently and would love to be a partaker of the next challenge

Oh my goodness the bride she's so so gorgeous, and it's such a beautiful wedding, and let's not start with the groom, they look really happy... praying their happiness last forever and love never stop being in the center of their marriage. Aww this really touched my heart y'all. ❤️‍🔥🎉🎉

Woohoo, this is indeed a good news, congratulations dreemie, I see where your children got their beauties from, God bless her new home, it was nice seeing and being a part of such wonderful memories…

Wow, the bride looks so gorgeous. Congratulations Ma


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