less than 8 hours, Dreemers

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I love Dreemer energy.

I love that we just do our own thing.

I love that there is no rat race, there is no snobbery, there is no blood-thirsty backstabbing. Its just fun. just love. just chill. just dreeming.

Today is my day off, and I'm sitting here on top of my bed, with the heat on. Drinking tea. Looking out my famous window (where I do all my dreeming hehe) and just thinking about this 2023.

I told the Dreem Teem last year that this year was going to be critical. That it would determine how DreemPort would continue. And I'm really pleased to see how it flowed.

I used to STRESS. a lot. I used to be super impatient. (Now i'm only sorta impatient 🤭) but I learn. I keep learning. And I'm enjoying our slow, adorable, sloth-like growth.

Lots of projects soar into stardom and then fizzle out so fast, leaving nothing but ash in the air. But I love our slow burn.


I also love that we have bursts of energy, and flashes of fun!

Cuz that is just addictive and filled with giggles for me

and on that note - you dreemers have less than 8 hours to get your EXTRA digs for the DIGFEST tomorrow.

Remember what this means!!!

You are collecting digs (CHANCES) to scoop up as many EXTRA DIGS (lets call them GOLDEN DIGS) for our END OF THE YEAR TREASURE HUNT in December.

In our Treasure Hunts, you can normally purchase ONLY UP TO 10 digs. We do this to keep it fair and fun!

But -

for our END OF THE YEAR December Treasure Hunt.... it's SPECIAL.

We are going to have

  • NO WHAMMIES. (They go away for Christmas and often as they're running away, they let all their stolen DREEM fall from their pockets... so lucky you - you get DREEM in their place!)

  • EXTRA DIGS ON TOP OF THE 10!!! (we will call these Golden Digs) These are what you will be hunting for tomorrow at the Diggity-DigFest! You can either KEEP these Golden Digs - so you have MORE than 10 Digs to use for the December Treasure Hunt.... or... maybe you think you have bad luck in the hunts - and you'd rather go for the sure thing??? ok! you can sell them to other dreemers! (more to follow on this!)

  • MORE prizes. yep... more.

  • NOTHING is rolling over. EVERY SINGLE large prize in the December Treasure Hunt will be won. NOTHING rolls over into 2024. We want you to clean out our wallets by the end of 2023! hehehe

so... I hope you scooped up all your chances for tomorrow's DigFest!!! You'll be looking for GOLDEN DIGS to show up for you! You will have a 50/50 chance!!! so the more chances you have to dig them up tomorrow - the better!

8 hours left!

Have you done all you can to earn them???

If not... go back to 👀THIS POST HERE to find out how you can earn as many chances as possible in our DIGGITY DIGFEST tomorrow!!!

Have any questions? drop into the DREEMPORT DISCORD CHANNEL to ask away! 😘

Thanks to @shadowspub, @penderis, @bluefinstudios, @kemmyb, @wesphilbin, @mypathtofire, @melinda010100, @samsmith1971, @silversaver888, @lizelle, @kenechukwu97, @jacoalberts, @acgalarza, @blackdaisyft and @dreemsteem for making the @dreemport voting power go farther! ❤️

gifs from giphy.com!


Dreemers! Are you set for our DigFest?

@jane1289, @juliamulcahy, @bluefinstudios, @acgalarza, @samsmith1971, @wrestlingdesires, @sacra97,@palomap3, @oceanbee, @unklebonehead, @ngwinndave, @hannes-stoffel, @kei2, @nkemakonam89, @lordtimoty, @anonymous02, @george-dee, @mypathtofire, @iskafan, @creatr, @melinda010100, @buezor, @idksamad78699, @joseph23, @merit.ahama, @cool08, @b0s, @mrenglish, @hopestylist, @maryjacy, @fragozar01, @kenechukwu97, @ayesha-malik, @sacra97, @jpatrick28, @blackdaisyft, @deraaa, @ijohnsen, @anonymous02, @fragozar01, @simgirl, @dwixer, @blackalbino1, @depressedfuckup, @intishar, @edystringz, @maryjacy, @moontrader, @tengolotodo, @cescajove, @olujay, @ijohnsen, @chincoculbert, @kemmyb, @zyzymena, @aroojkhalid, @mcyusuf, @onyinye.nmeri85, @sommylove, @ksam, @raj808, @melinda010100, @jfuji, @dibblers.dabs, @litguru, @ifarmgirl, @coquicoin, @esther-emmanuel, @mmykel, @adoore-eu, @zonniasparkle, @darthsauron, @stevemuis @snook , @dreemsteem, @beeber, @tengolotodo, @anonymous02, @ksam, @itsostylish, @grocko, @george-dee, @deraaa, @belleflower, @b0s, @buezor, @hopestylist, @merit.ahama, @darthsauron, @dwixer, @amberkashif, @mrenglish, @jpatrick28, @juliamulcahy, @creatr , @fragozar01, @nkemakonam89, @marbrym, @joseph23, @intishar, @litguru, @palomap3, @ahmadmanga, @officialrosh1, @danokoroafor, @sam9999, @grindan @nevies @erh.germany @killerwot @shadowspub @alekst7 @strega.azure @timmy-turnip @lhes, @bnbsc, @jadams2k18, @madeirane, @wongi, @jhymi, @amiegeoffrey, @jellyvine, @ibbtammy, @julti1985, @kingsleyy, @treasuree, @sperosamuel15, @balikis95, @adetemi, @ukrajpoot, @veganuss.family, @ojbear, @madeirane, @seunruth, @rukkie, @zitalove, @kilvnrex, @machalavienici, @rafzat, @jessicaossom, @abu78, @omotife, @emreal, @sam9999, @nwothini335, @princess-dara, @glorydee, @ginika, @wallay, @jazclassic, @luchyl, @idlemind, @abdul-qudus, @holler, @peacious, @princessbusayo, @nwothini335, @quduus1.

Yes we are. This time @kenechukwu97, you are in charge of item 7😅

Lol... If you make me in charge of item 7, hunger will finish you all oOoOO. Haha.

I hope there will lots of takeaway packs tomorrow because I will be so hungry after the digging, hehehe 😂

Lol... There will be lots of Whammy for you, especially 😂. Even if there is no whammy, a special one will be fitted into the bot for you

Hehehe, I want no whammy, just the golden dig 😂

Lol... May the DIG lords be with you. Haha

Ready, set to go!🔥

Haha... Wear your gears and get on the track.

Just an hour to the time. You ready!🥸

Let's go there!!!🔥🔥🔥

Yes oooo. We are ready to buzz

Yes yes yes!
I just replaced my spade with shovel and I'm readily ready 💪💪

Haha... GoodLuck on today's day, Bro

Ready and ever ready.


looking forward to seeing you in full - in January Miss Amie ❤️

Ahaa... We will be buzzing and flying high. Haha. Have an amazing weekend 👍

You too kene.

My username not included 🥴🥴

@kenechukwu97 can you add him to the list? hehe

Haha... He's already added.

Haha... Our comment of the day ambassador surely has to get on the list. Haha.

You will be getting our notifications from now on 😎

Ambassador!! Really

I will take this as a compliment 😂😂😅

Thanks for the addition, it is highly appreciated 🤗

Well Done, Bro. Keep up the good job oOoOO. You are amazing

Sure we are 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

Ahaa... We are already counting down

Yes ooo I am ready

Ahaa... That's good to know.

Cleared out the entire list for the requirement for the extra 10 gigs, quite amazing. I got so powered up😂. Let me go and finish my today's curation on dreemport to fill up the entire process 🤗

Tightening my shoes right now, will be running all the way for my treasures tomorrow 😂

Yo!! Looters, get your looting shovels ready 😂😂.

i saw that you had the most so far!!!

we were just waiting on today's submissions to see if you got the extra 4 for submitting for the last 3 days hehehee (you did all 3 right?? must do all 3! lol)

Done, all cleared up, smoothly😅

Can't afford to miss the chance to gather some digs, to get some loots. 😅😂

What Can I say About DreemieWeemieSeeme

I think Tina summed it best when I say you are ...

Happy Love You GIF by LINE FRIENDS

Simply The Best

hahahaha i love that song!!!!!!!

Classy class like someone else 👀


Nice, Ms. Dreems. Glad you are all cozy now hehe. I keep bumping the heater switch here to add more heat too! Hope dreemers be collecting digging ops for tomorrow! !LUV !LADY !PIMP


View or trade LOH tokens.

@samsmith1971, you successfully shared 0.1000 LOH with @dreemsteem and you earned 0.1000 LOH as tips. (1/3 calls)

Use !LADY command to share LOH! More details available in this post.

You must be killin' it out here!
@samsmith1971 just slapped you with 1.000 PIMP, @dreemsteem.
You earned 1.000 PIMP for the strong hand.
They're getting a workout and slapped 1/1 possible people today.


Read about some PIMP Shit or Look for the PIMP District

hehehehe i'm getting too hot now LOL

is there such a thing as too cozy? cuz i am. LOL

is there such a thing as too cozy?

In your house? Definitely!!! 😂😂😂


It's almost time for the long awaited season🔥

it's been a long year and a lot of dreemers have been super faithful!!! glad to see who will be dreemer of the year!!! hehehe


@maryene and @lorylol ...are you guys missing out on this?

nice calling them into the fun!!! hehehe you'll have to hold their hands i think hehehe

Sure thing!..😊😍

Yeah dear i just register and i subbmited my first link but need time to understand all how it works, thank you


Now I am getting supercharged! We're gonna lick them wallets clean 😋😋😋.

Let's go dreemers 💃💃💃💃💃

HEHEHE yes - we don't want a penny left in our wallets. dreemers - lets go!!!


thanks so much @hive-naija!!!

Wow!! December is going to be super fun, golden digs, here we come🤣


yessssssssss its been a long year - we need to end on a sweet and satisfying note! LOL

I really can't wait 😍❤️🥰😘

What time is the digfest tomorrow

chck the earlier post with all the details - but i'm pretty sure its 9am Pacific. but remember - you will want to claim all your digs before it begins! :)

details will be coming as always - so keep your eyes peeled for all the info! hehehe

Just completed my task, I'm that excited and can't wait for tomorrow to come, Glory for the lucky golden digs 😁


ehehehe yes i love the sound of the golden digs!!! LOL

this will really be nice to see who is getting EXTRA digs for that sweet end of the year Treasure Hunt!!!

because usually we don't go over 10 digs

now... some people can be waltzing in with 20!!!

and.... maybe more suprises??? hehehe

Ready for the hunt tomorrow, although I missed one day for the extra digs but it's okay.
My eyes on the golden dig. Imma dig them all 😂😂


ahhh missing a day - bummer! because those 4 digs came with the steady 3 submissions hehehe

but that's ok - there are more to be found! enjoy! hehehe

Oh no 😭😭😭. I missed Wednesday's submission, my network was so poor, it went off along the line and there was nothing I could do about it. I stayed up late, yet nothing. It was so frustrating 😤

lots of other ways to get digs! we have plenty! :)


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The tokens that the command sends are: 0.1 PGM-0.1 LVL-0.1 THGAMING-0.05 DEC-15 SBT-1 STARBITS-[0.00000001 BTC (SWAP.BTC) only if you have 2500 PGM in stake or more ]

5000 PGM IN STAKE = 2x rewards!

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Support the curation account @ pgm-curator with a delegation 10 HP - 50 HP - 100 HP - 500 HP - 1000 HP

Get potential votes from @ pgm-curator by paying in PGM, here is a guide

I'm a bot, if you want a hand ask @ zottone444

hi you! :)

i hope yo'ure well, brotha! life has not given me much time to pause hehehe i think of you often!

Hey Sista!!! It's good to hear from you! Yeah, you've been really busy! How are things looking with your job, family and DreemPort!? Are you coming back fulltime any time soon? I miss our Chats! Maybe you can find a spot for me in the near future? Let me know. God bless!!! 😀


Wow... here we are again. Ready to dig digger diggest, hahaha..

Let's see how dreemers will clean the slate. Hehe.


you ready Miss B?!?!? hehehe lets see how it goes! LOL

Hehe, you know Mrs D that I am always ready to sail with you 😉.

Fun!!! Happy dig fest it is then🎉🎊 Thank you 🙏🏽

yeahhhhhhhhh bringing out all dreemers for fun at the end of our year! hehehe

I am more than excited about this☺️☺️ Let’s dig for digs😁😁😁

hahahaha i'm super excited too - can you tell?? LOL

I could tell how excited you are from the post☺️☺️

Can’t wait for December!!

Gonna be fun.

December is really gonna be something special I hope and pray!

I won’t be shouting too much today, I will just drop my comment and move on, I will reserve all my screams till December Treasure hunt, I am more focused on the digfest now, tomorrow will be my first time participating in this so I don’t want to scream yet lol, see you guys tomorrow, it’s time to curate…

My digger and axe are well sharpened and ready for digging , I will see you all soon 🤣 …

hahahaha some pirates are have more fortune than others! hehehe

the more digs you go into it with - the better your chances of course!

but - no matter...

these are all the EXTRA golden digs for December!

you will still have time to earn regular digs starting this Monday - when the Dreemer of the Year contest begins!

and then we ride that right into our end of the year Treasure Hunt! fun fun fun!

Golden dig!!! This would be fun. I missed Wednesday and Thursday submission, does that disqualify me? 😢😢


not disqualified at all - but you won't get the chances for submissions.

but you can try to earn all the rest :)

Oh! Okay. I will earn the rest then.

Thanks so much. I love the fun and support dreemport brings ❤️

In other to live a happy life one has to be in ones personal race in ones lane.

Thanks for the energy

glad to share the energy! you are new to Hive it seems - welcome!! :)

I see you're into Actifit! that's a great app! :)

if you ever want to write a bit more and try something new and get to know some other communities - reach out to some of our dreemers! hehehe

@samsmith1971 @cescajove @tengolotodo @wrestlingdesires @kenechukwu97 .... they are all buzzing around Hive with lots of fun places to point you to!

Hello @pazartesi 👋

I'm Cesca and it's an honor🤗 to have you around here, please ask any questions you seem anxious about. I'm here to help you become more of you on Hive.

Let's start from this; have you registered on dreemport yet?

I haven't. Kindly assist with the URL and possible FAQ.

Thanks in anticipation


"Dreemport is a pay-it-forward curation platform. It allows you to get guaranteed eyes on your blog/content every time you share a link to your blog on the Dreemport website. The way it works is this:

You register on http://dreemport.com/ by signing up with an email address. It is quick and easy and takes about 2 minutes.

Then you go to the menus running along the top of Dreemport site and select Earn Dreem and then Curate. You will be presented with links to 5 randomly assigned blog posts for you to visit, read, and rank on Dreemport. Once you have done this, the option to Submit your own post for public curation will be accessible under the earn dreem menu.

You click there, drop in your post's URL and the URL link to your post's header image (by right-clicking on the image in your post and selecting copy image address, and pasting that into the image field in Dreemport). Once you submit it, your post will be screened for plagiarism, image sourcing will be checked and it will be reviewed to ensure it meets Dreemport guidelines which primarily rest with the requirement for content to meet PG13 standards.

The following day your post will be visited by public curators where it is situated on your blog. In this way you get to meet fellow writers and curators, establish friendships and integrate into the community. You will likely receive some comments on your post and potentially upvotes too... and you may do the same for those whom you read.

You will earn Dreem tokens which can be used in the monthly treasure hunt and Dreemerge cards which can be collected and levelled up to earn rewards on dreemport.

I do hope you will take a look and give it a try. It is very useful for new Hivers just starting out to have a supportive community around them."

Once you are done, come to dreemport discord to see more...I would be there waiting for you💚

I'm here incase you need my assistance

Will be fun 🍀🤞

we hope it will be! hehe

You got me super pumped @dreemsteem, I can't wait to participate in the December treasure hunt.


and i can't wait to give out the prizes! hehehe

Thanks...@ kenechukwu97 my name is not on your list, 😂😂. You want to finish all the digs without me abi? 😁

The Golden dig makes me excited. Thanks again for giving dreemers this special golden dig.
I will be at school tomorrow, but I will be on the lookout for when the dig hunt starts. Thanks again Dreemie :)

hehe yes - watch out for announcements and posts and notifications in discord!!

Okay ma'am😇

Ohhhh yes!! Dreemie style!!

I’m not gonna miss this for anything!!🥳👌
Always a #dreemerforlife🥰

all in prep for the December Hunt! hehehe fingers crossed that it turns out fabulous! hehehe

A beautiful time as well. Extra fun and extra Dreemy gifts for everyone. You're wonderful Dreem. Looking forward to it.🤗

yes - the December hunt... lets pray for it to be special! hehehehe

Dreemport is always full of fun, love, and interesting moments.
I can't wait for the December treasure hunt. I pray God keeps all dreemers safe.

The year at Dreemport always ends on the fun note 😃

And the eight hours is here
That's an amazing one!

Well done 👍 things can only get better 🤗 nice initiative.. #dreemerforlife