'Esie Adventures' Contest - 📢ANNOUNCEMENT📢

in Ecency2 months ago

Do you know who is Esie?

It is Ecency's cute, friendly, helpful whale! The name was offered by @jamerussell in the 'Name the Whale Contest'.

So, why don't we go on an adventure with Esie?


  • Write a story about Esie
    It can be any genre (ex, fiction, comics, fairytale, etc)
  • The story should be at least 100 words
  • No plagiarism!
  • One person one entry
  • Use the hashtag #esieadventures
  • Leave in the comments under that post the link with your entry

Since it is our first contest with Esie, we will give you 2 weeks to write your story💙

❗❗❗ DEADLINE: October 7th ❗❗❗


1st place: 3,000 Ecency Points
2nd place: 2,000 Ecency Points
3rd place: 1,500 Ecency Points
Honorable mentions: 150 Ecency Points

Can't wait to read your stories! ☺️

The contest is supported by @Ecency and @melinda010100



Thank you for your beautiful story!

Hello everybody.
Here I leave you my participation to the contest, I hope it will be to everyone's liking:

I love this adventure! I will write it down to participate...
check this out my friend @promete0sz @joseal2020 @ikigaidesign @albanyescribe @sugeily2

I'm in :) So many possibilities for this 🙌🙌🙌

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Waiting for your story! :)

Estupendo a escribir entonces y crear aventuras.

é isso ae boa campanha para apoiar os criadores de conteudo

Waiting for your story☺️

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This will be such a fun writing contest! I can't wait to read the stories. And I love your good luck banner. ♥️

Thank you, Melinda🥰

P.S.: feel free to use the banner at your convenience :)

Thank you! I will! ♥️

Good morning Esie, how are you today??

Esie is waiting for her stories :))

In wich community may I post it?

I posted Esie adventure, I hope you will like it

I posted the Esie storie in ecency, did I mâke any mistake.

Please share the link to your post here :)
And thank you for the entry

Sorry, wich link.??

I'm not able to publish. How does it work?

Did you just join Ecency?
I delegated you HP, now you should be able to publish posts

Ok. Nice!

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I am definitely going to give this a try. I will put in an effort to write a nice story❤️

Thank you!
Can't wait for your work!💙

This is nice! Ill take it!

Great! We are waiting for your entry!💙

hola👋 a todos aquí paso dejando mi publicación, para este interesante concurso, espero que mi historia sea de mucho entretenimiento para todos las personas que la lean 😁


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Here's my entry, thanks so much 💙🎁💙


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