Desktop - Performance improvements and bug fixes

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Excited to announce our desktop update, which is available to download. In this version we have improved performance and fixed couple bugs and included changes from our lastest website release.


What's new

  • Changes from latest website release:
  • Post link copy option
  • Windows auto update bug fix, some windows machines are not able to update application automatically, so we changed updating logic slight by offering direct download on Windows machines. Mac and Linux builds will continue to work with single click auto update.
  • Navbar style improvements
  • Version indicator on navbar
  • Undelegation bug fix
  • Renderer improvements for IPFS link detections
  • Internal linking and FAQ linking fixes
  • Downvote power indicator fix
  • Schedules, drafts style improvements & test fixes
  • Fix for fetch initial unread notification count
  • Many other improvements which you can monitor from our official Github page


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I’m so proud to be one of the collaborators. Ecency is awesome 👏 congratulations guys !!!!!

Thank you for supporting and helping to build the best social media network... 🙏


🚀 Nice, good to see Venezuela ranking... Fast and lightness helps a lot, if you have slow internet or limited internet data bandwidth with you save ton of traffic surfing on Hive and it is fast and fun at the same time... 🙌 Big shoutout to our Venezuelan community on Hive for spreading word around and using this platform! 👏

Love how many updates are in here!

Thank you, do let us know what features you use most and if they are helping you to be more active/engaged... 😉

I have never seen such a fast and smooth upgrade as this one. Congrats on development, @ecency!

For points from delegation, is there a caluculator?

Bonus question, the important one, what account should be delegated to?

You can delegate to @ecency. Yes, it is 1000 HP ~ 50 points daily.

Awesome, thanks for the info.

Hey, i like this type of content, congrats for your achievement.

I'm glad there's great improvement in ecenccy dapp and the bug fixed. This dapp has never been satisfied with good and it's the reason i consider it my favourite.

I'm looking for apps to work on platforms like the Librem 5 phone. I see that there is an appimage, so theoretically, this should work and update smoothly on any Linux machine supporting AppImage, correct?

Yes, that's correct. Librem 5 looks like uses Android OS as well, so you can try installing APK files from mobile app,

I am looking forward to trying out the new improvements :)

This is good news

Better and Better! Thanks for this! ♥️

This is super cool 🤩 love it

Just switched over to ecency from peakd and it is so much better - great work!

Great to hear that, you can use mobile app and website, all fully functional and much more in sync, each offering some of the advantages... Let us know your experience after trying for few days 😉

Nice performance of all time ☺️☺️☺️☺️