Discord Monthly Giveaway Winners #32

in Ecency2 years ago


Every month, 5 users who actively help others in our discord chat will win the following prizes on the basis of their ranking:
1st place - 500 Points
2nd place - 400 Points
3rd place - 300 Points
4th, 5th places - 100 Points each

Basic rules

For the giveaway, you need to be active on our discord and reach at least level 1 with the Ecency bot. You must not spam or abuse to gain levels or you will be banned forever.

You can check your ranks using this link. Any changes or updates in the rules will be notified on our Discord and here in the Ecency news.


We would like to appreciate the efforts of @dickturpin, @flipflopcrypto, @felipejoys, @unklebonehead, @dandays for being active and helpful on the Ecency Discord, and congratulate them for winning the 32nd Discord Giveaway.

Rewards will be sent out soon!

1st & 2nd Place Winners from previous month aren't eligible for 1st & 2nd Place in current month's prizes.

Good luck and keep Ecencing! 🎉🎉🎉
The 33rd Ecency Discord Giveaway is now live!!

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I didn't know there's an award for it. Thank you!

Its good step to promote ecency . Highly appreciated.

Very good. Arrange more such contests specially for minnows.

Hey man, don't even mention it. Its always my pleasure. Actually thank you to all the senior for making our life easier. Love you guys!

Congrats bro

Thanks man. I just got lucky coz the server was quiet. Tbh

You're welcome bro 👍🏼, a win is win bro don't sell yourself short.

Juz trying to keep my head from bursting with pride hahahaah

Lol I get that.

I've accumulated almost 1000 #ecency points, how do I use them all

Promote your content's or boost your voting power.

Congrats to everyone who won 🙌🏼

Congratulation to all winners! :D 🎉🌟🍕

Awesome job everybody and thank you so very much for your hard work me and puppy dog really appreciate it.


I still have problems logging into discord