Ecency Challenge-win boosts and points!

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Hello Ecencials, we are excited to announce a new #ecencychallenge and we believe it will be both rewarding and enjoyable. Create a post about your most utilized Ecency feature and your thoughts about the Ecency Proposal.

Every participant in our challenge will receive a vote from Ecency.

2023 has been highly productive and busy for Ecency, with significant changes and new features implemented by our developers. We are looking forward to reading your posts about your most utilized feature of the year, as well as your thoughts on the updated Ecency proposal. Posts participating in the Challenge with high-quality content will receive Ecency Boosts and/or Points. The challenge will conclude the following Sunday, giving you until then to complete it.


  • Make sure to include the hashtag #ecencychallenge.
  • Tag the profiles @melinda010100 or @xuwi in your post.
  • Link to this announcement by leaving your post link in a comment here.
  • No need to boost your post.
  • No more than one entry per day during the week of the challenge.
  • Please include the Ecency proposal link in your post:

Stay engaged. The Ecency rewards season is starting, and we will soon introduce the annual Advent Calendar. Best of luck to all those taking part.

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The Ecency application on Android smartphones is slow even though the internet network is good, it looks like the developer needs to make better improvements so that the application is not slow, I am more comfortable using Ecency via the web. #ecencychallenge @melinda010100

I also experienced this. And I experienced occasional crashes too. For example when I scroll down or up during reading a post, or when I try to write a comment. I use the Ecency website to write a comment in these cases. Sometimes there are problems with displaying and uploading images/photos too. Currently it is properly working. I write this comment from the mobile version of Ecency on my Motorola Moto G22 (Android 12) smartphone.

Hmmm. It's lightning fast for me. I'll ask if they have suggestions for you.

Yh it's super fast for me too.

it's working fine for me as well.

I'm quite excited to see the entry posts! 💕

I will be soon here with my entry 🤗

You may enter every day for a week.

Oh okie. Is there any specification?
Like any word limit or any thing about pictures?

I think we may give bigger boosts or more Points to the posts that show you put some effort into it.

Thanks for assistance 🙂

Wow! I'll submit my entry after deewali :⁠-⁠)

I will be entering in it.

Cool and rehived :-)

Great! I hope I'll post something :)


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This my entry


So excited to be part of this awesome project and a proud Ecencial. Here is my entry for today. Thank you!!!!

As a proud ecencial, this is my entry for day 1 ecency challenge

I love Ecency, it is one of the best apps on Hive. Keep doing the great job guys

Hello Amazing people
Ecency on the big move
Here's my entry

I'm the most excited member here. Ecency has really done so much for us. It is time to move to the next level with ecency.
This is the link to my entry 👇

This is so beautiful, my entry will come soon

Ecency is my favorite app that keeps me mobile with hive. I will be sharing my post soon

This is a very good system, I will definitely add my entry tonight.

My entry is on the way.

I am happy to be part of this challenge. Here is my entry link

Hey Ecency, it's Willy, a proud Ecencial, with another entry, talking about another awesome feature am so grateful for. I hope you'd enjoy.

This is interesting, am in for it

Hello everyone here is my entry for this challenge, thank you.

What a good day for us. Ecency is only getting better every day. Kudos to everyone here.
The link to my post.

Hi ecency, this came in late, but I know I couldn't miss a day talking about my favorite feature. The 7 days won't be enough, so I have to make use of every single day I've got. Here is a link to the post. Thank you.

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