Ecency in first 9 months

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Infographics highlights some of our achievements so far since our relaunch/rebrand. Results are quite surprising and better than we expected!


Thank you all for your contributions and support! 🤗

In another news, now shows links as well thanks to @roadscape!





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Great job, keep on innovating, hopefully ecency will be more successful.

After looking around the Hive world for couple of weeks...I finally found out this hidden overall for me to share my posts and make comments! The rewarding system is just like the cherry on the cake!
Addicted to @ecency for sure!

Thanks for building this up for us and keeping on upgrading for better experience!
You rock @good-karma!!!


Glad you like it, we will continue to bring you more tools and features! 😉

Congratulations and continue the achievements!

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Congratulations! For me, it’s still the fastest and most refined interface for the Hive blockchain. No unnecessary clutter. All three applications - web, desktop and mobile are great! 💪😎

Just a beginning of a long journey. Congrats everyone, thanks for such an amazing app ^^

Love the new branding and what you've done with the platform.

One area of focus I would love to see if possible and your team is up for it would be better onboarding. It's honestly what's killing and holding back hive right now. Out of those 20,000 new accounts how many are active? I'm going to guess it's a rather low number from the hive stats that get posted where active accounts are rather low compared to created.

It would need to have groundwork with an easy to use UI that walks them through the steps but is also short you don't want too many steps. Easy onboarding is one of the primary things Hive seriously needs. After that we can start digging into building more apps that use Hive.

Out of those 20,000 new accounts how many are active?

And how many will be active later?

Probably "very little" is the answer to the first question, and "even less" is the answer to the second question.

It would be interesting to see the exact numbers.

I can only tell what I experienced over the years.
I registered on the Steem blockchain on 2017.05.17.
I achieved more than 1000 followers, but most of them left the platform long months/years ago because of their disappointment in the platform (very low, almost non-existent amount of interaction on posts in general).

I also left a few times during the previous almost 4 years, but I always came back so far.

I still have some hope in the platform, but I am very disappointed in it, like most of the people.

Or rather not in the platform, but in the behavior of the people.

Almost everyone focus on their own posts, and almost no one cares about others, which results in a lot of ignored posts (I am not talking about my Hive posts, but Hive posts generally on the Hive blockchain from most of the people).

Hopefully HF25 will increase the interaction.
I give some more time (maybe a few more years) to this place.

There's a lot of good people on this chain as well that are encouraging engagement and dividing out rewards to those who are engaging with posts. We need more of that especially from those with massive stakes but I feel like some of them want to keep it and hold on to it instead of taking the time to do that. Which is fine but divide it up at least a little from time to time. This platform and it's people that make up the community need to continue to better and I believe we will get there.

There's a lot of good people on this chain as well that are encouraging engagement and dividing out rewards to those who are engaging with posts.

Recently I also became one of them to show a good example.

Have some !PIZZA.



@bitcoinflood! I sent you a slice of $PIZZA on behalf of @xplosive.

Learn more about $PIZZA Token at

Thank you, agree about onboarding! Our devs have done quite good job of simplifying signup process with just email you can get started in matter of seconds. And we have some plans on guiding new people and have educational linking for parts that may look confusing. It is iterative process and takes time of course, but we will get there.

Those are massive numbers.

Quick suggestion. If you could consider doing your update a little less frequently.

I mean, keeping little improvements to make one big update, say, each month or 3 weeks.

Just a feedback.


Do you mean updates to mobile app or website? We try to do them monthly, unless there are critical bugs.

Yes, Mobile.

That makes sense.

Congratulations 🥳🥳🥳🥳, keep it up, thank you


Where can i see what is planned for the future?
Which features?

It would be nice if i could selevt under notifications only the votes and it qould be nice if i could see my votes.

Some times i read a post give a vote and want to comment. But after votimg the app was closed. Happend that it crashed or i closed it becaus of a call... than it starts new and i have to search this posting :(

We will consider adding this... Also we will make a post about roadmap

That would be very good, thank you

Good ecency successfull

I was refunded for post upvoting, why?

Hello Excelent

Refund happens after 24 hours deadline pass. Sometimes our curators will not be able to catch up with reviewing a lot of posts.

thank you for the report, have a nice day

Godspeed - way to go Ecency

Looking forward to more

Hi @ecency!

I use Ecency Vision all the time, and here are a few things I would like to draw your attention to.

1. In the account profile, if you do not specify https:// in the website name, then Ecency Vision substitutes to the beginning of the line. Аs a result, it turns out like this: instead of (Everything is OK on and peakd.)

2. The link to the account page with the addition at the end of the slash gives an error. That is, — OK, — error. (on peakd, the situation is the same; — OK)

3. The account mute doesn't work. Muted accounts are still visible in the feed. (Everything is OK on and peakd.)

4. Delegation does not work correctly. According to the rules, if the user has already delegated, for example, 1000 HP, and wants to add another 100 HP, then he needs to delegate the total amount of 1100 HP. If the user has less than 1000 HP on the balance after all the delegations, the application returns an error — insufficient funds. I will demonstrate this case with a screenshot.

As you can see, I can't delegate another 100 HP to you, even though I have them on my balance. (Everything is OK on and peakd.)

That's all for now.

From the wishes, I would like you to add a visual markup of percentages to the voting scale — at least 25%, 50%, and 75% (I know about PageUp and PageDown buttons).

I hope you understand my English. 😊 Thank you for your amazing app.

Thank you for great feedback, we will fix those in upcoming update!

This is gonna be great! 😊 Thanks.

first 2 we already pushed a fix into source code, other two we will fix as well and include into upcoming release.

Cool. 👍 👍 👍

I am happy having joined Ecency, however, due to my limited time, most of the time I repost stories my stories that I publish first on other platforms. Although I made a couple of unique articles for Ecency, I still feel that I've not given the required attention to it yet. I am trying to post at least one exclusive article per week, but I also think that some of my stories need to be republished as they may contain enough value to the readers here.
Thanks for the support of Ecency in my first steps. I feel what you are doing is helping everyone.

Btw, do you have youtube app installed? It should play in Youtube app for Android 8.

Could you please share screenshot or error details? We did fix Youtube player in latest update but maybe there are some glitches...

And those are youtube videos only, right? Is it happening in all posts or in particular post? Added this into todo list so we can check