Ecency Monthly Guest Curation Program - is back !!

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The previous editions of our Monthly Guest Curation Program have been great successes, and they've been met with enthusiastic response from the participants. It's always a really tough job to pick curators from all the great applications that we receive, and now we are looking forward to add to our curator ranks once again.

It is now time to commence the 1st edition of our famous Guest Curation Program here on Hive, giving a chance for new people to learn the ropes of curation and in the process also grow their own profiles on the blockchain

Our encouragement program has been encouraging and rewarding everyone, in particular users of the Ecency Web, Ecency Desktop and Ecency Mobile apps over the past several months, and many asked and was curious about the curation program and the job our curators do.

Curators have to navigate spam, abusive accounts and those trying to game our encouragement system, to find genuine authors and deserving content to reward, encourage and appreciate.

Since curation is an integral part of the Hive ecosystem, the Guest Curation Program is an initiative to allow dedicated Ecency users to learn more about curation, and in the process help support several other new and active people as well as grow their own profile on the Hive blockchain.

How To Apply

We have a growing and thriving discord community, so join us on the Ecency Discord if you haven't already, and fill up the form pinned in the #🏁-curator-internship discord channel.

About Guest Curator Program

  • 2 Guest curators will be appointed every month for a period of 30 days.

  • Selection will be based upon responses received in the questionnaire. It would be desired for the user to be a dedicated Ecency user and the decision of the selectors is final.

  • The rules to be followed and perks for being appointed as a Guest Curator will be shared upon selection.

  • As a curator, it is expected that you have a desire to help the community, spread some love, cheer and goodwill among our active communities. And also, have the ability to identify and report abuse.

  • If the guest curator is found to be abusing the granted role and powers, it will lead to immediate removal from the program.

  • If you are not selected as a Guest Curator, you may re-apply again in the next cycle. But a selected Guest Curator can apply to the program again only after the end of 60 days (i.e. 2 cycles after their selection).

We are looking forward to hear from you! Join Discord and show your curation skills to be part of the Ecency curator team.

Delegate Hive Power now and mine Ecency Points + curation reward daily + help us onboard more people:

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Thanks For The information @ecency team, I have filled out the form And hopefully I will be selected in the first edition of the monthly Guest Curator program after migrating to the hive blockchain. 🤲😇

Awesome job and congratulations everybody.

I should look into this one of these times cuz I keep getting these points. I'm sure they have accumulated into quite a pile by now.

Me and puppy dog really appreciate your work and have a very nice day


Hello teacher

In the ecency app, I rarely reward other people's posts.

Points are not rewarded to me.

Please see what happened.


@melinda010100 is doing a great curation job, my compliments to Melinda


@ecency! I sent you a slice of $PIZZA on behalf of @eii.

Learn more about $PIZZA Token at (9/10)

I hope you welcome an off topic question here. I had quite some activity this week in my blog. In my wallet now are unclaimed rewards of 3.347 HIVE, 0.044 HBD, 3.424 HP. That's the same for all wallets I know, apart from deviations in the third place after the decimal point.

However, in the ecency wallet history is a position named "Content reward" (see pic) and those do not add up with the sum of claims. I am asking you, because I do not see those positions in any other wallet. It is author rewards or curation rewards. Nothing like content rewards anywhere else. Do you have any information on this for me? Looking forward.

Content reward is overall reward for that particular content. Just information to give you insight, it is not what you receive but what overall content payout was.

Thank you. So this is purely additional information that is reflected from the post footer, right? I like that! Especially because it clearly states HBD, because the $ sign can be anything and I always wondered whether this is some kind of USD market trend calculation. So it is not!?


Yes it is from that and HBD is considered $1 which it mostly is and sometimes goes down/up slightly, value could be displayed in different currencies on Ecency, you can change the currency in that case market price conversion is used. Did you know you can view your rewards in Euro or Indian Rupee or even in BTC?

Now I do! But while you asked: I'd love to know more about those conversions and pegging like who, when, how these things are calculated. Not all exchanges have the same market price, right? I don't see that reflected enough in all the frontends.

Even in Hive-Engine there's simply a $ sign in the wallet list. And I find myself completely left alone with the question of where these data come from and what estimate they are based on. Just expecting HBD to be valued like USD doesn't mean it really is, right?

PS: Oh, and I thought HBD stood for Hive Backed Dollar, like SBD did back in the day. And who or what is backing it? You guys at Ecency call it something else?


That should be Hive Backed Dollar, we will correct that.
Market price is averaged just like coingecko or

@ecency i boosted this post12 hours ago. I still didn't get any upvote from ecency. Is this normal?


Hi, @ecency!
I have a question again regarding the boosting of posts. 😔
Is it considered normal to buy Ecency Points and use them to boost your own posts several times a day? I see users who are only doing this.

(11 hours later)
Well, I'll take your silence as a YES, then. 😊
Thank you.

Ecency points have multiple use cases and we don't know for what people use it. Our curators know to curate only unique authors everyday, so most of those people who try to game the system won't get boosted anyway because we want to encourage unique authors daily. Also posts are viewed with care from curators so quality of the content is also monitored. Please let us know if you find someone abusing the system.

Oh, thanks for the answer! Yes, I have known about your rules for a long time, so I am surprised that they are violated, and so clearly. I won't say the names out loud. In my opinion, it will not be difficult to check those who boost their posts several times a day (and at the same time check their quality, because, apparently, this is plagiarism).

Feel free to DM us (@good-karma) on discord with usernames. Our curators don't have resource of hivewatchers to do thorough diligence but we work with them closely and abusive accounts are notified promptly and curators are warned to avoid voting for them.

You know, the one I was talking about is so self-confident and stupid that he wrote to you in the comments yesterday complaining about downvotes. 😊 And yes, hivewatchers is already aware of plagiarism in his posts.

Hivewatchers and spaminor blacklists are incorporated recently, now our curators see if author is on their blacklist and make decision accordingly.

What a great effort well-cited and present. Thanks to you

Hi @ecency! I have a question, if I use my points to promote a post that is not mine, do I receive a curation reward for the post or not? 🤔

Promoting won't give any rewards, boosting will reward, if you vote before boost, yes you will get portion of curation rewards

If I delegate to the @ecency account to I get points paid daily? Thanks!

Yes, that's correct. You get daily Points as well as curation reward in Hive.

Hi @ecency. I boosted this post 13 hours ago. But didn't get any upvote from ecency.

this post12 hours ago. I still didn't get any upvote from ecency.


Hi, is esteemapp still active in use?

Hi, What do you mean? Esteem is rebranded to Ecency. We are not and all desktop and mobile apps also rebranded.

Hi :)
I understand what you mean.
I couldn't express it fully. I've been absent for a long time and was curious about the voting system. The voting system still works. Glad to see this.
Best regards.

Hi @ecency , I leave comments on others’ posts via ecency app,but I didn’t get any points at all. Could u help me fix this problem? Thanks

Your this comment seem to earn points, right? Longer and meaningful comments are rewarded, also note that there is limited points you can earn from points or any action it does decrease every time, which resets every day though.

Got it! @evency. @ecency I have one more question. I post every day,but I also didn’t get 15 points at all. Could u help me understand this ? Thanks

Posting also has decaying effect, your first post gets 15 points and subsequent posts will get less and less on same day. Next day again starts from 15 points and decrease, etc.

@ecency ! But I didn't get 15 points even from my first post every day. For example I posted my first article 12 hrs ago and you can see the photo showing that I didn't get 15 points for posting.
I really like ecency app and delegate my 1000 HP to ecency so I pretty hope you could fix this problem. thanks!

Are you using multiple accounts? Might be you got points for another account.

I only have one account on the hive platform . @ecency

That's absolutely a good news 👍. I love using @ecency app

Dear @ecency, I am from Philippines. I have a proposal with you, there are people who want to start blogging in #hivecommunity. Is it possible you can support us? So that we can we can grow here. How can be part of you community?

Thank you greeings from Philippines

You can join our discord: and yes we try to support every community.

This post is very interesting, i would like to try the Curation Activity.
How many time does the curation activity take? i have no idea about this...

@ecency tell me what to do in this situation, @adm and @spaminator thought that I published a translation of the post without specifying the source and voted against all my posts and the entire award burned out, I don't know what to do.

@spaminator continues to vote against even comments.

maybe you should withdraw all the tokens and leave?

ps. deleted the text of all posts, left only this one:

I think they have appeal system where you can appeal to them and they will consider removing from their blacklist. If someone mistaken, it usually gets resolved.

thanks for the advice, I tried to contact these bots, but I saw only dozens of people who humiliate themselves and ask the bot for forgiveness .. this is not my way is a wonderful, beautiful and functional platform, I am glad that I made my small contribution to its development.

good luck and prosperity!

@phasewalker, I think to go to a more loyal and democratic platform, it is pointless to fight bots

Boosting is never 100% guaranteed and peer reviewed by our curators. If they cannot catch up with review within 24 hours then refund is issued automatically.

More info:

That guy is only taking and has said he has no interest in promoting Hive on his other platforms. Whether you continue to support him is your choice.

Just to give you an update, we have different opinions in our curators team. General stance so far in majority of them, nobody is obligated to promote Hive when they are using the platform. As it is decentralized and open for everyone to participate and eventually become part of the platform/investor. We will keep an eye on potential abuse cases, please do ping us if you notice any. 🙇

Fair enough. Some of us pressured him to verify the videos were his, which he eventually did, reluctantly. There's another account that posted them and never verified. Just seems a shame that all he does is buy votes from you with hardly any engagement. He could do better, but is just taking those rewards.

I saw he's tre to buy more of your tokens from people. I think rewards ought to be related to engagement, but I have bought some from you too. I ought to buy more for other people.

Good point, He is using his points and our curators will monitor quality more carefully now. Engagement is important, we don't want to be content pile without any engagement from authors. With engagement we grow and we want those points to help increase engagement on platform.

Thank you. We will talk with our curators and see what we can come up with.