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In 2018, We have had monthly digest posts to talk about new changes and updates, this year we are bringing it back. This time, we wanted to try something new and keep everyone updated about our progress via emails, especially those who are not on platform yet or been away.


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These updates will be monthly and mostly about what's happening on decentralized web - Hive, Ecency, might include general blockchain trends.

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and the navigation would be optimized: for example, I do not use the tag buttons, which simply take up space, and all the necessary ones are located in the drop-down menus.и навигацию бы оптимизировать: я например не пользуюсь кнопками тэгов, которые просто занимают место, а все нужные расположены в выпадающих меню.
Поменяйте их местами или достаньте в самый верх страницыSwap them:) or move them to the very top of the page

Do you mean swap Featured and Topics ? Move topics to top and move featured to bottom?
It is not ideal but we have them there so you can easily surf for interesting topics/tags also for new people visiting, they might be interested to see some interesting topics/tags related posts.

I don't use this at all:

I use this all the time:
image.png image.png

activate the Esc button

Yes. "I like this" and "thank you for the information" is all what people can say about this. The comment section is full of attention seeker people. They are not really interested in the content. It is so sad.

когда-нибудь я сделаю сеть, где каменты будут в формате PGN, то есть текст будет публиковаться после шахматного ходаsomeday I will make a network where comments will be in PGN format, that is, the text will be published after a chess move

What do you mean, could you elaborate?

return to feed, as in ipfs.peakd for example

Thank You for the information.