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Many are familiar with poshbot which comments on post if content is shared on Twitter. We made it bit more fun now. You can earn Ecency points when sharing your post into Twitter. 😱


How it works?

We have noticed many have been sharing their posts to drive engagement and we wanted to see if we can give bit more incentive. Since yesterday, you might be noticing Social reward in your Points transaction history if your post is shared on Twitter by someone else or you. Rules are simple, Twitter - account should be more than 1 month old and has 40+ followers, Post - should be less than 3 days and tweet should contain link with

You can share your friend's awesome content as well to reward them, author of post will receive points. This is basically extra free tipping/exposure to author. Super cool right, we are excited to see how you guys use it.


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Hey @good-karma! This sounds cool, would you be interested in collaborating with @poshtoken? It's still in the distribution phase: but has been up and running for many months distributing tokens to people who share on Twitter (and soon other platforms) until we decide to create it as a real token and airdrop to everyone. The bot also has some restrictions based on tweet performances and is completely community funded (with upvotes for dev work) and no "ninja mine" of tokens.

I did check it couple weeks ago, it requires user to register their twitter handle right ? In this case, it is related to our Ecency Points only, doesn't require anything from user but just sharing content. Would love to collaborate with poshtoken as well, anything particular you have in mind?!

Hmm, as far as I know Ecency points are used to boost your posts, yeah?
Maybe if Ecency would look at the daily distribution of @poshtoken to users (daily 500 new tokens created but some go to null for people who haven't registered) and also award those users with a percentage of Ecency points? It would give poshtoken's some more utility (we've been working on getting it more utility and demand before airdropping).

This idea isn't thought out well so just throwing it out there, if it has any bad implications we can come back to it later once we've created the tokens and airdropped them but still fine-tuning it a bit more until then.

Ecency points are used for tipping/transfer to other users, boosting small limited votes subject to review from our curators otherwise refunded and promote content if you open Ecency you should see promoted posts every 3rd post which has expiry, so anyone can use Points to promote content for certain time period.
We have some allocation for bounties, I think we could very well include some allocation from that to poshtoken users for sure. Daily 500 is constant or depends on activities/shares on that day?

Oh, sounds like your points have evolved a lot since last I checked, nice!

It's going to be 500 constant, the amount that goes to "null" might in the future be used for some other initiatives like onboarding but nothing set in stone (or block) yet. I think any amount allocated which has some value in and of itself could boost the demand of poshtokens as well and get more people interested in taking part in that too to share more posts of their own and others like your points. If you set it up to do something like that, @fbslo can probably give you access to some API of poshtoken distribution, we'd gladly announce the collaboration in future announcements. Anything to help bring more traffic to our front-ends. I'll also make sure that poshtoken is also being distributed to Ecency shares on Twitter.

Hey mate hope you're well, how do you get it to work? If I share something on Twitter it knows? I'm a little lost on it

This is great I used to share a lot of posts on Twitter 😀🙏⁦✌️⁩🍻

👍 Awesome, so now those shares will give author of post some Ecency points as well

That is great sir 😀⁦✌️⁩🍻


Thank you for your engagement on this post, you have recieved ENGAGE tokens.

Wow. 😍 Earning Ecency points for sharing post to twitter is amazing. Its great update from Ecency.

Another great way to reward POINTS! Shadow Hunters and Feathered Friends Community have both been getting lots of POINT tips.

That's awesome. Another way to get or give points to myself or others. Do we need to use any specific tag?

There is no tag specific requirements.

This is another awesome way to earn cool ecency points.
What a wonderful app and community.
Thanks @good-karma for this great idea

HiThanx for the tip we will earn a mutch of money so much thanx

That is a great announcement. Good way to earn more points.