Mobile 3.0.20 - Community tags, bug fixes and major stack updated

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Just quick update about our recent release on Ecency mobile apps and work we have been doing.


Shortly after release we discovered dark mode wasn't setting correctly on each app restart, we have fixed it and plan on doing another release in a day or two with other additions. With new update on base of application (React native), we can now more accurately detect bugs and solve issues that's hard to detect.

What's new

  • Community tags visible on Feeds
  • Update on bug reporting service, Bugsnag
  • React native update from 0.61.5 to 0.63.4
  • Startup crash on some devices
  • Leaderboard api fix
  • Renderer update
  • Languages update
  • Parsing json on comment edits fix
  • Font size decrease a bit
  • Voting time bug fix
  • Many other bug fixed and improvements

If you are React Native developer, feel free to join and help developing features we all love using, our mobile application is opensource.

Join mobile translation team:
30 languages already enabled on Ecency mobile app, thanks to our awesome contributors.

Stay tuned, stay excited, stay united! Don't forget to share news with your friends.

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Hopeful for the dark mode persistence.
Although, the font size seemed perfect as how it is now.

I have not had any problems with the font size so far. But I do not know how it looks right now, because I have not tried the new version so far.

If dark mode really important, would recommend waiting couple more days until we release 3.0.21. Fonts are much better in newer versions.

I like the dark mode very much for some reason. I use it since a long time. I do not even remember when I started using it. Maybe it would be a good idea to make the dark mode the default appearance.

You can change it easily from Settings page and previously we had auto detect that will detect theme from mobile device, but in 3.0.20 we had to remove that temporary due upgrades, we will return that soon until then Settings page has you covered, you can set it once and use all the time...

Hello, congratulations for the great work you're putting to @ecency
I'd like to ask for small deligation From The app to get me started please


Convenient application for working on the Hive blockchain. Thanks a lot. I wish you success.

Nowadays Ecency is my favorite Hive app.

Thank you, you can try our website as well, Both website and mobile app works in harmony, your drafts are synced and notifications and other perks on mobile app really designed to improve your experience on Hive.

I love the web version more than app.

Everyone has favorites, good to know you are liking website more 👍 mobile app still will be best for push notifications, we are making sure website and mobile app works more in harmony with each update, those updates are not necessarily visible but has long term effects

This is the best app on the hive ecosystem

Best app on $Hive

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Each version is better and more stable. The best Hive mobile app. 😎 👏

Nice one, i cant wait to use the upgraded version

Thanks for the update! I use Ecency daily and this improve my experience a lot more

I love the app very easy to use
Thanks for the dark mode


Ya pertenezco a esta comunidad. ¡Éxitos!

Hola @ecency.

Es realmente agradable ver cómo ustedes siempre están tratando de hacer mejoras en la aplicación, de esta manera se obtiene una mejor experiencia en la plataforma. Saludos desde Colombia.

Hi @ecency.

It is really nice to see how you are always trying to make improvements to the application, this way you get a better experience on the platform. Greetings from Colombia.

I want to report a potential issue wherein downvotes (or optionally upvotes) from muted accounts still show up on the user's notifications on #Ecency, while other frontends (such as #PeakD and #HiveBlog) don't display downvote notifications from muted users.

Other apps use hivemind notifications, we have our own internal one, added into backlog, we will improve it