Mobile - customise feeds, recent drafts and other improvements

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New update for both Playstore and Appstore available. Did you ever wanted to customise your feed filters? Now you can with latest Ecency mobile app, we added ability for you to customise home screen with whichever filters you mostly use. This is start of something great which we think will improve user experience greatly. Also we have improved editor page, now loading recent draft button is less intrusive and more intuitive. Read on to learn more about new changes.


What's new

  • Customisable feed filters on home page
  • Editor load recent draft button improved
  • Feed caching improved
  • Account switch improved
  • Wallet operations fixed for hivesigner login
  • Welcome screen bug fixed
  • Dynamic properties caching fixed
  • Instant Voting value addition improved
  • Image upload user flow improved
  • Promoted posts performance improved
  • Patched nsfw leak
  • Patched post parser
  • Many other bug fixed and improvements

If you are React Native developer, feel free to join and help developing features we all love using, our mobile application is opensource.

Join mobile translation team:
30 languages already enabled on Ecency mobile app, thanks to our awesome contributors.

Stay tuned, stay excited, stay united! Don't forget to share news with your friends.




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Nice. I'll try it ASAP. 😎

Do let us know, how new version works for you... 😉

I don't know if there was an automatic upgrade on my phone because I didn't find an update needed anywhere in the Googleplay store. Where can I see which version is installed?
But last two days works very smoothly...
Yes it's updated, now I see.😎
Yes, it's updsted, now I see 😎

Looks like your this comment was made from latest version. So you are up to date! One way to check, you should see + icon on Feed screen where you can customise Filters.

Yes I see now. It's updated. As I said it works very smooth. Good work. 😎🍻

Yeahh my first reply with Ecency. Thank you for the good work

Nice, hope you like and enjoy experience on

Thanks but still I am facing issues on images thumbnails on profile ! Thumbnails aren’t showing

You probably clicked on this icon..., try clicking on this again, it will show thumbnails. image.png

I got it ha ha ha thanks 🙏
Finally it’s ok


It is showing like this

Me love it... aplication ecency mobile app.

Be cause my blog every day in app now...

Nice. Go patner today


great app.

when will the ecency token be ready to launch ?

There are some parts we still thinking, user experience is important factor for us and creating token on other chain has some advantages and disadvantages (fees, complexity, etc.) But rest assured, we are working on it, we will announce once we have some status update on that. What's certain is that Ecency points you are earning now will be your gateway to actual token.

awesome to hear that, thank you for the reply :)

Wow! So ecency tokens are actually coming, sounds really great!😃

What kind of token? I probably missed the news.
I already know and use Ecency points, but other than that I have not heard about any other Ecency tokens so far.

Good work 💪

Great work, I see a lot of development frequently from the ecency crew, y'all work really hard and have created a great app that I really appreciate. The app now is such a far cry from what it was in the days it was called Esteem! Such an improvement.
Cheers to an even more incredible ecency app that I know is coming in future for sure!🍻

I love all the updates, but can you give us more instruction about the feed filters?

It should be intuitive enough and simple to use. Let us know which part is confusing so we can improve. So idea is simple, you can choose which filters you want to have in your home page. You can deselect and select the ones you want, 3 filters will stay according to your choice. It gives us ability to add more filters without cluttering user interface but also give you guys a choice on how you want your home page should look like.

Keep up the good work guys! keep improving the app for our mobile users!

I just downloaded it, learning how to use, already earned my 1st points, thank you

Nice, enjoy your experience, points you can use for boosting posts, promoting posts and you can also earn by spinning wheel daily for free in Get Points page 😉

I have started to use Ecency mobile app just for few days. Similar to Partiko, I must say that I really liked it. It causes me to keep up with Hive. Thanks.

Glad you like it, we try to make sure you can do everything there is just in your finger tips. Combine that with powerful and really fast website, We hope you will continue to enjoy Hive experience. 😉

Does Ecency has a discord channel?

Thank you for your work!

I just downloaded the App @ecency
I hope this new version is great


Do let us know, how it works on your device. Also try 😉

Okay @ecency, will do. Thanks

Es bueno que vayan surgiendo mejoras todas con el fin de darle mayor calidad a la plataforma. Saludos

I have been using the Ecency app on my phone for couple months now and I love it, personal I feel Ecency app is the best phone app for using

FYI I'm making this comment with Ecency app right now 😂

Long live Ecency 🚀 🚀 🚀 🚀 🚀

Glad you like it as much as we do! Thank you! 🤗

Hi, @ecency.

Is there a problem with the Boost session? Two days ago I used 500 points to boost one of my posts and so far I haven't received any upvote. I did the procedure using my notebook.

What happened?

Thank you for your report! Usually boosting takes upto 24 hours, if not boosted, you should be receiving refund. We will check what happened with your post. From quick check, it seems that refund failed, I will do refund manually, please try boosting again.

Hi @ecency and @good-karma if I delegate HP to @ecency I just have one question if I at any stage like to get my delegation back what will the waiting period be in receiving my HP back ?

Normal waiting period for undelegation is 7 days according to blockchain rules.

Thank you @ecency for clarifying 👍

From what I know Ecency has never stop until we are satisfied 🙋.
Thanks for this awesome amazing features, we love it🤗

Thank you for the work you do for the blockchain!

I have been using Ecency for 14 days now and am very satisfied. I think one improvement that is very important is missing in the article. You can now use 10 #tags. I find that very important!

Best regards Michael


Yes, indeed it is useful... we have added that few months ago, glad you enjoying experience.

Hi, my post hasnt been upvoted yet since yesterday.

There is already 10,000+ installs on PlayStore. That should go up fast with more interest coming towards cryptocurrency. Have some !PIZZA



@ecency! I sent you a slice of $PIZZA on behalf of @vimukthi.

Learn more about $PIZZA Token at

Super app for collect new Excperience end information

Pls look into this issue ?

I guess you figured it out, right by clicking icon above? Like we mentioned in other comment!