Mobile - native crypto, youtube, external link opening fixes

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Ecency mobile app had another 2 updates, neat feature and few more improvements/fixes included.


We had 2 new update couple days apart from one another, v3.0.21 and now v3.0.22. v3.0.21 update was using new version of dhive library that handles transaction signing and broadcasting on Ecency apps and for some reason, transaction id generation wasn't working properly. After a lot retries and digging up library parts, we found that createHash function within nodejs's native crypto library wasn't working on React Native. Native crypto library is one of the reasons why dhive package works fast and the one we use on our Ecency website and mobile apps. Ultimately solution was create transaction id locally with react-native-crypto and sign/broadcast locally as well. While this took few days of testing, it is totally worth it because we ended up setting up rn-nodeify which will help us adding any cryptocurrency libraries without issues.

What's new

  • Local transaction id generation migrated to React Native
  • Youtube video player improved
  • New update available window that notifies you about new version
  • Hivesigner info link tapping crash fixed
  • Fixed reward and points claiming
  • External link opening improved
  • Renderer updated
  • Other minor bug fixed and improvements

If you are React Native developer, feel free to join and help developing features we all love using, our mobile application is opensource.

Join mobile translation team:
30 languages already enabled on Ecency mobile app, thanks to our awesome contributors.

Stay tuned, stay excited, stay united! Don't forget to share news with your friends.

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Ubdate ,,, greet ,,, this is so awesome.

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Hey, any update on the 3Speak issue? Even just a basic acknowledgement would be nice...

What was the issue with 3speak? Reach out to 3speak team next time if you notice any issues.

Hey! I commented on your previous update post. Right here:

It's not an issue with 3speak itself, it's an issue with how ecency handles 3speak embeds... I covered the issue comprehensively in my comment


The program was updated today. The impression is good, the application runs smoothly and stably. It remains to say a big thank you to the development team and everyone who contributed to the release of this great app. The availability of languages is impressive, now more users will feel comfortable. The profile setting has been improved, it has become more convenient and stylish to set up a profile. I liked it, I will work.

Thank you, glad you like it. Last few months we mainly focused improving stability of the existing features and adding new set of features was minimal. Now that stability is there, adding new additions we have in roadmap will hopefully benefit everyone who use Ecency daily. 😉🙇

The most important convenience for me is that notifications come. Everything is completely under control. It is convenient when outdoors. Thank you.

I have raised this post @ecency but have not received support from you.

I need a new phone to enjoy this new fixes. 🙁
But hey, I'll be fine to use the desktop version for now. I can avail a phone one of these days.

Kindly please add the Pakistani language (urdu) there are many users i think and some can't understand language so its humble request

Great i update thank u

Great! This solves the issues I was encountering so far :D


Good update but have so many others problems

  1. New accounts not open
  2. To slow
  3. If anyone post my Community i don't get point

Please update to latest version, you seem to be using 3.0.19. Always using latest version is recommended for better experience.

Thank you verry much i want to know if my community members made new post in my community but i don't get points
Tell me about this issues

I didn't knew this... If you own a community and someone post to your community, you earn ecency points?

Yeah i read in browser there write par post 20 points

Well that's awesome because it incentivates owners to promote posting on the community and get rewarded to keep the community live and updated. Cheers.

Yes but problem is i dont get points

Yes, Read more about it here, you need to enable community rewards and community should have some members and check other rules:

Read more about it here, you need to enable community rewards and community should have some members and check other rules:

Love it! Thanks for let it fresh and so clean clean 😎 @ecency




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I cannot download the latest version I think it's not pushed to the android play store yet

Really, what version are you seeing? We did few hours ago, perhaps Google distribution takes some time, could you let us know when you get/see 3.0.22 version ?

Hehe 🙂 the moment you reply I get the update ... I'm downloading it now.

This is what I call good customer service.
Thumbs up Mr developer

WooHoo Thanks team !LUV






@ecency, you've been given LUV from @an-man.

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Looks like a great project, thanks for sharing..


You guys are the best, I was wondering if it is possible to have a tab or an option to post, media only, blogs, and microblogs? where we can also filter accordingly?

Better and better! 😎 👏 🍻

Mobile phones have become a necessity for everyone without whom it is not possible to make a living. Those who do not have an Android mobile do not seem to have come into the world.

Hey @ecency question to ask...
Did scheduling posts do count for earning points or not? because I've been scheduling my previous posts and have some more pending for posting and not earning ecency points.

It's something wrong or cannot earn through scheduling?


I just noticed. 😅

We will check why it stopped earning points.

Thanks for fixing this issues real quick as fast as possible. More good job and great news. I will always use the mobile app asp

Es buena la publicación pero sería bueno si la pueden hacer en español así nos incluyen a la de habla hispana #español

Thanks f0r the update @ecency!
I have a question:
I increased my delegation from 500 to 1000 last week. Should expect an increase in income?

Yes, but delegations doesn't add up, they update previous delegation. If you want total delegation to be 1000, you should delegate 1000 that will update your existing delegation. But yes, points reward should increase so does daily hive reward proportion.

I increase it to 1000, but don't see an improvement, @ecency!

Delegation increase was more than week ago right? I can see there was increase here screenshot:


Thank you!👍😀

I really do love the escency app,and i must say a big thank you to the creators and the development team you guys are really doing a great job,i also love the fact that you give points for comment,likes and other stuff which you can make use of to promote or increase the amount of votes you get for your content. I like this app and i would say its the best,Thank you.

Thank you very much, glad to hear it! 😊

Great work... I think it's going improve alot of stuff..

thats very good and keep it up day by day to grow a community

Wow. very important updates and thank you very much for sharing the updates as we can easily fix the problems related to issue

WOW @ecency yo también quiero un poco de curación

Using this app from the very beginning of my hive journey. It's simply cool and user friendly.

Thank you @ecency for bringing forth the existing new features.
Eagerly waiting for more....

Thanks for the update.

Good update, i still think sometimes it is a bit slow, maybe it is just me, i am sure it will improve in the future.