Onboarding improvements

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We have made some changes into our onboarding since our last onboarding update post. Read on to learn what has changed and how we are continuing to onboard people.


Quality over quantity

After the change to IP check service GetIPIntel, we did see some fake signups being blocked but many vpn and proxy services started to get through. Due to that reason, we have now changed back to IPQS to make sure we prevent fraud emails as well as low quality/abusive IP addresses. People who attempt to signup with VPN and other public IPs will get IP quality score is low message. We are seeing much better results now, will continue to monitor the situation.


Delegation changes, OCD team doing great job supporting us with account credits and delegation for some time. Curation and curators should also be empowered, we took over delegation part so OCD can continue to delegate to their curators and grow communities. They are continuing to support us with account credits but delegations for new accounts coming from us.

We made some improvements into our delegation-check script to cover some edge cases.

Join us

If you want to help with onboarding and have more than 1000 account credits please reach out to us. We can add you into pending signups pool so you could help us onboard people into Hive. Or delegate Hive Power earn extra rewards while helping with our onboarding efforts.

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Great improvements for new ones

Good news and ecnecy teem working hard

Great step

That's like a fail2ban with a backend DB with some history (either pre'populated or with ongoing history). Interesting.

Slightly different but very similar

If we have a few spare claimed accounts how do we send them to Ecency?

That’s not transferable asset, if you have more than 1000 account credits and want to help that would be great. It will require some script running skills though

Good to know. I've got far to go!

I have plan to bring more people to hive blockchain. I hope you can help me jn this matter.

Good luck! I hope they join in and love Hive as much as we do!

Hey ecency i have problems in my account when somebody votes me my money didn't add on post why is this happening please fix this please fix it so i can tell my more friends to ise this

@samanthagangal Hive blockchain consist of 3 parts and one of those is hive power. I checked your account and that votes u got are from low hive power users or they give u a small percentage of there vote. The app works fine. You can search what is hive power and how it effects votes payout.

Here is a head start from google:
"Hive power is a measurement for how much influence a user has within the Hive network. The more Hive Power you hold, the more you're able to influence the value of posts votes and comments. If you vote for someone else's post, how much Hive token and Hive Dollar the post creator will get depend on your Hive Power."

@ecency We will help you as much as we can so you can work on development of app. :)

I think the decision and the actions you are taking are excellent, so fraudulent users will not continue to take away opportunities from real users.

Good stuffs for

That's great news out there! It's nice to hear that the quality of Hive is being taken care of. Quality over quantity, indeed.

Good news and hard work! 😍😍

Hello fine Ecency developers, I've noticed lately that I can no longer edit a post from the Ecency android app. The editor opens fine and I can make changes, but the 'update' button remains greyed out and unusable

It's odd because I have no issue editing replies I've made to other people's posts. It's only my own posts that I can't edit

And I can edit no problem through Ecency.com too...

The app is up to date


It's an oddity

Okay... nevermind. My mistake! The app is working fine. It's the idiot user that had too many tags causing the issue. I'm a fool!


Good to know issue is resolved! 😉

Keep improving! Thanks so much ecency. 👍👍👍


@ecency i boost my blog but you didn't boost kindly check it please then done it thanks

Nice! Love Ecency!

Best app to access Hive blockchain!

Is there any way to delegate my RC, without losing VP? Or delegate my RC without delegating HP?

Not yet