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Ecency and OCD has been continuing to onboard more and more people everyday. We want to make sure new people find process easy and start learning, creating and having fun. We have made some improvements in our onboarding process few days ago which will help new accounts as well as make sure signups are not abused.


Couple weeks ago @gtg mentioned GetIPIntel service that helps with detecting malicious or vpn, proxy, tor IP addresses. Previously we have used ip quality score to make sure new signups are unique and not being abused. We updated our scripts to use GetIPIntel and looks like it is working slightly better and it is open/free which aligns with the spirit of Ecency.

Another improvement, we started to Delegate some amount of Hive Power to new signups. We have heard many times that new signups having less Resource credits and not understanding system due to complexity, hitting default limits and getting confused. This new initiative hopefully will help, so new signups can interact bit more.

We are delegating 9500.123456 VESTS (edit: we have doubled the amount ~10HP until further evaluation) which is over 5 HP at the moment. Instead of default 2 comments, new accounts can now make ~7 comments which is quite reasonable in our opinion.
Delegation stays until account earns more than delegated amount (~5 HP). To manage delegated HP efficiently, we wrote delegation check script that returns delegation if it is idle or if a new person already earned more than delegated amount. We have shared updated scripts with OCD team, if they will adopt the changes, accounts created by them will also be using new changes.

If you are planning to help with onboard, feel free to try this code. You can review delegation check script here: https://github.com/ecency/delegation-check

What do you think about updates ?

How much HP new account needs in your opinion?

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Thats a really neat idea! Good job!
5hp seems a bit low though, you should have partnerd with @giftgiver which gives 15hp for new users :D

~5 HP mostly automated delegations after new account is created. We can consider increasing it after some months of evaluating how onboarding has been etc. I believe gift giver does thorough verification before delegation right?! I know some new signups getting support from them as well.

Well, yes. Giftgiver doesn't just give out 15hp to every new users onboarding here, we the community have to actively put in their users name in order for it to receive a donation and I think giftgiver just verify's a few elements of the users not having receive some HP from giftgiver before and such.

I just thought that you could have to automatic system by giving out 5hp and if they user is active, Ecency could automatically input an "order" through Giftgiver and the code could be "special" so Giftgiver only delegated 10hp on top for your 5hp when the "order" comes from Ecency wouldn't that be a good idea??

Because I can see how you could easily run into delegation problems if you offered more than 5hp :D

5HP is low right now, it is like $1, but it is enough for half a dozen posts, which is enough to get new users started, it is not bad in my opinion.

If you as a new user want to say thank you to all of the people who said welcome, then yoy run out of RC real fast with 5 hp x)

You have got a point, but on the other hand, imagine if more HP is delegated and other people, that have been here longer, can thank less? The blockchain is limited. No need to thank everyone, I totally get your point, and seems like a difficult choice, but new users need to start slow and pick up the pace eventually. Not ideal, but the blockchain has it's limits

I think that delegation should be combined with a subscription: each subscriber automatically delegates 1HPя думаю, что делегирование должно быть объединено с подпиской: каждый подписчик автоматически делегирует 1ХП
until they unsubscribeпока не отпишется

That is really great way to encourage new user, great idea sir.

Daily many users are joining the hive platform and that is really great 😀⁦✌️⁩🙏

It's a good update and a positive step for new users. Hp can often be a stumbling block for new accounts.

Next suggestions would be a who to follow list with some active users on it and a what to do now checklist to get started.

-read this
-introduction post

  • find a community
    -list of apps

Yes we are moving towards that direction. On mobile app we have suggestion list for new logins. Communities and active people from our leaderboard. For website we have discover page, so we are working to improve that with guided user interface changes. We are testing it right now.

Great to see it. Those all sound like very positive steps in the ecency development.

nice to know that other users are signing up ... still I struggle to get my friends who continue to use Facebook and Instagram ... I can't make them understand what they are missing

Me neither buddy and I have been here almost 4 years xD

Better user experience and easy onboarding for your friends. If they can get their friends and circle onboarded, they can switch easily. Creating niche community or private communities will make it even better.

Thanks for reply... my mission of spreading Ecency will certainly not stop with the first No's of my friends who still use Facebook and Instagram. Of this you can be sure

Can we have a daily list of new accounts posted please? I'm quite happy to delegate 5 or 10HP top up to new accounts that look likely to stick around and follow them up until they get 15+ of their own.

I will give your new script a go as it looks like a great idea.

Best wishes guys :-)

A good place is also to look at the @lovesniper intro compilations, though mind there still may be some one time intro post abusers.

Never thought of that and thanks for the heads-up :-)

Great idea for @ecency.stats, will consider creating it. Script is not universalized yet, but can be improved for sure.

I sort by "new posts" and go trough a dozen of them a couple of times a day to find new content that might interest me.

awesome job on continued support for making onboarding easier and also providing the resources needed to post and comment. After the first month a good account should have enough votes on their content to allow removal of that delegation so they are more inclined to stack. I'm curious though how many people joining really understand why they should power up hive that they earn and how many are simply just cashing it out.

Ultimately we should track exact kind of conversion stats you mentioned, how many people organically find out, join and stake/power up.

The IP filter is only for onboarding, I hope so, right?
I basically always have my VPN on, regardless of where I am and what am I doing.

Ecency is great, and I have never had problems with the connection, but some other apps (even dapps, like harvest finance) block VPN IPs which make sit very very uncomfortable, specially when using P2P tools. So, hope it keeps working with VPN.

I get it why it is important to block VPNs and possible botnets that may abuse the account creation, I am just sharing how and why I use VPNs.

Oh yes, that's only for signups, there is no where else we have limits for vpn or tor, etc.

Looks great! Thanks for the update

Sounds very good. Do you know we could handle 50k people a day onboarding or we could get 2018 struggles? :)

This data that we could handle on hive is always opinions and less on data we know what we can handle.

What do you think?

BTW, with Rc delegations i hammer some RCs to @ecency :)

Thank you for offering help, appreciate it a lot.
Not sure if we will get 50k a day again, but I imagine most of those signups were fake/duplicates. These days signups are much more filtered, matured, if one service has issues we have multiple options, so 50k a day possible to handle, great problem to have though 😍

I think we can become a problem if influencers and people on social media spend attention on it. IMO we could have 8x more wallets if steemit handles the onboarding better at this time. wait 2 weeks is really bad user experience :)

Hi @good-karma and @ecency this is @andrew-charles sorry to inconvenient you, I urgently need your help or advice in this situation that, I accidentally create on my behalf last night by not checking before clicking that button. I was transferring my HIVES, in the amount of 694.289 to my exchange huobi-pro last night in doing so I forget to put my memo address for my exchange and these HIVES have ended up in a @ecency account which has the same name as my exchange, would you know of this @huobi-pro account on @ecency they seem to be quite a large account on @ecency

Would very much appreciate your help with this matter @goodkrama and @ecency I will attach my transfer transactions out from @ecency that I did last night and also attach the account details of @huobi-pro receiving my Hives.

Really appreciated your help with this matter @good-krama and @ecency I just do not know how to contact @huobi-pro account owner otherwise I would be contacting them direct myself. Thanks guys.






How can I register my community? I want to register https://peakd.com/c/hive-104178/created

Register for receiving Ecency points? Login with community account to Ecency.com and go to profile page, there you should see button.

I've logged in with the community account, but I still can't find that button anywhere.

Check this post please, we have screenshot on how it looks and works. https://ecency.com/hive-125125/@ecency/vision-community-rewards-tipping-docker

Thank you.

this link "https://discord.me/ecency" doesn't work anymore. can you generate a new invite?

This post kind of highlights the need for greater clarity on the direction of the social media aspect of this blockchain.

Are we developing this blockchain with the creators in mind who are being censored and as well as the audiences that exist on other platforms who are watching their favorite shows disappear?

Or are we focusing maybe too heavily on, worthwhile and promising albeit, aspects of the transaction capabilities that this blockchain is making great progress on. I say this because if the goal is to create this beautiful and ever expansive blockchain too lucrative to not buy up by a company(ies), then can we make that clear?

As an average Joe on Hive who invested when steem was $1 all the way up and down to $4, I would love to see common sense things like allotting enough HP to new accounts so they could post 4 times a day and comment in-between 10-25 times a day, happen.

I understand onboarding Content Creators from platforms from Youtube, dlive or now Bitchute can be tricky but this space needs these content creators with audience reach of 100,000-500,000 subs on youtube, facebook and even twitter that has 10k plus views on engagement with videos and posts etc. They Should be given a creators token. This token would be voted on by the top 20 witnesses or 30 a to who gets it.

This token would bring guaranteed upvotes for exclusive content creation for Hive all the while advertising Hive to their large audiences.(this part really is unnecessary but the bottom part about downvotes I think is)
BUT most importantly if a down vote was to happen that would strike away the content creators content, thus discouraging further content creation with said token than an committee delegated by the witnesses or the top 20 themselves would have to decide on allowing the vote.

This would decentralize censorship but still allow for it if needed to protect the blockchain from unnecessary pressure from goberments.

Hopefully, this message is taken kindly.

You recently sent me the same delegation return sum three times. Was there a code glitch?

Yes, due to upcoming HF changes, script had some issues. We have fixed it.