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Excited to invite everyone to be part of Ecency through translation program. Our next update on website is almost ready and some of the new changes already available in alpha website.


Multi-culture and multi-language was always one of the strongest points of Ecency/Esteem because we embrace people from all culture and nations. With that said, we are launching new translation program where you can make Ecency speak in your tongue and get rewarded in process.

How to contribute translating Ecency?

To join translating Ecency website and desktop app

To join translating Ecency mobile app

Next update of website and desktop app is going out in a day or two. We have Finnish language ready to go on top of English, do you want to see your language as well? Join us!

Earn extra reward

We are giving out 1000 Ecency points for contributions with more than 150 strings, phrases. Create a post about your work in #hive-125125 (Ecency) community, we will also upvote contribution posts as well.

Thank you, let's build future together! 🚀♥️🌊

Support Ecency, in our mission:

Hivesigner: Vote for Proposal


@steemityourway could help with a French translation

Would be great! 👍

Can I make post on what ecency mobile app. need updates and what is missing in it I am been using it a while now and I am facing some minor problems

Would you please elaborate on what minor problems are you facing, so we can fix those?

Problem like I have problem posting in community

Do you mean you get error when posting in communities? I just tested, it is working quite ok. Or you are suggesting to improve posting into communities?

I am saying when you use app on mobile phone you don't get the option post in community

Right on mobile app Editor page is simple, tags has to be filled manually. Or you can go to Search page, open any community and click Create post from community page, it will fill first tag automatically. It is in our todo list to improve editor on mobile app

do you need a Greek translation?

Of course, I know number of Greek speaking people using platform, would be helpful to all.

Hehe we are everywhere!

great so where do i have to begin? cause through the translate link it doesn't have a greek language option yet!

also sorry for the late reply!

Greek language is added, check back please 😉

awesome, just clicked to join!


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Oh this is really great sir.
I am rally excited about all of this.

Thank you! Looking forward to see Hindi language 😉

That is all my pleasure sir, its will honor to work with you 😄😁🙏

Really very excited.

where you can make Ecency speak in your tongue and get rewarded in process.

Not only that, if translated to regional language, then we can bring in a lot more on this chain. For example, I see many from my place interacting on twitter in my regional language. If we can have someone translate apps that would bring their attention, to get rewarded, it will be win-win for both.

Exactly, Ecency mobile app already has around 20 languages. So adding them to our website and desktop app will be great for adoption. Btw, next update will come around Monday which will have regional language as well as local currency displays, so you can see rewards in your local currency 🚀

i could help with the spanish translation ;3 i sent a message on your discord server

Great, we will check our discord messages. You can also directly join request from links in post. 🙇🙌

Hi @good-karma and @ecency team, I started the translation, but I am a very noob in the crowdin platform and in the script of a website. I click on the first resource, the string:
g -> edit
and I translated it as
g -> modifica
It's ok or I have to eliminate the g -> portion and write only the edit translation? I hope you understand my doubt. I add a screenshot. Thank you :)


Yes you should be translating Source string (phrase) not context of that phrase. In this screenshot, Edit is phrase and g-> edit is just context of that phrase, shouldn't be translated.

Many thanks, I'll start soon my work in Italian Language :)

Interesting, try these please
Website and Dektop app:
Mobile app:

This links is work!

I can help with translation into Russian.


I can help translate all the website, desktop and mobile to portuguese.

What are the steps to help?

Please join via provided links and choose Portuguese when joining so you can get started translating. Crowdin translation interface is quite simple and easy to use.

I am waiting to approved to team translation... my username it is dpaiva

I'm happy that ecency all time makes new things 😋👌👌👌

Very welcoming update
You can truly express yourself only in you local/mother language.
I think this move will be a big boost to people who could not join the network because of language barrier.
Very good move.
This make me love @Ecency even more 😍😍

I am interested in collaborating with the Spanish translation, I am going to join the site and then be able to collaborate as soon as it is approved.

I had long ago made a suggestion to translate the Steempeak interface, well, that was last year, before the hardfork that gave rise to Hive, but the idea keeps coming back to me, it turns out that to date neither Steempeak nor Peakd have available the option to change the language in its interface, I think that is something that could improve and could ask for help from the community.

Our desktop and mobile app had this always, now adding to our new website is natural way for us to embrace people from all over world. Thank you, looking forward to your contribution, Spanish is around 50% done now...

The Spanish translation is now 100%. I am glad to have collaborated.

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I had some spare time and translated Ecency website and desktop app into Serbian (lat) language. Since certain words and phrases are not used in Serbian language additional review is necessary. In the following days, I'll help with the translation of the mobile app too.

Thank you very much. We value your contribution greatly and yes some terms might need improving from our sides too so they are more generally understood by average internet users. 🙇

Great! I just sent the application for a Polish translation

translation to Polish done the mobile app.
I did the most hihi

This is a good news for mass adoptation

I want to help with Swedish.
Will have a look at the plattform and see What I can do

Great, thanks looking forward to your contribution 😉

I think it is good if you make a guide tutorial how to fill in the translation. I am a "noob" when it comes to technical things. I will still give it a try this week.

Ok, we will think about creating Guide to translating Ecency post soon.

I can translate into Czech, do you want it?

Of course, as many languages as possible. Thank you! 💪🤗🙏

Great job Team Ecency!!! Please is there a way we can set rewards to 100% power up when posting from the ecency app?

From mobile app, yes. Please click on ⚙️ icon on Editor screen and select Reward option to set Power Up.

Please add the #Filipino language on the translation list for desktop (it is already available for mobile).

Alright added! Thanks!

Is there going to be Bulgarian available for the Desktop & Web versions?
I could definitely help with translation :)

If/Once we have Bulgarian contributors finishing up translation, we will enable it for sure.
Feel free to join:

i meant that if you add Bulgarian I can start translating right away

Oh right, sorry. I thought we already enabled it, looks like not. I just did add Bulgarian, thanks!

It's okay, as long as things move forward :), btw I just applied


А така аз преведох мобилното приложение.
2/3 часа работа има няма...

Да, не е много работа ама ще го направя за 2-3 дни че не ми се заседява много


Мхм ;)

Качвай по нещо да може Да ти създавам стойност като станем повече по малко ще достига до Вас.

@iliyan90 туко що пуснах едно постче :)


Cool 😎

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ok thanks for the information. I am very glad to hear it. I am ready to contribute to raising ecency

At the moment it is very difficult to find a good translator, often people make mistakes and then they make a very sloppy translation. That's why I can say for myself that you should definitely think about where you can go and you won't have any problems. I am glad I found , which really do a very good and fast translation and no problems with it. So I hope I can help!

Thank you for suggestion!