Vision - guided ui, simplified global filters, Chinese and more

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Vision ('s codename) got many enhancement during and after recent blockchain update (Hive Hardfork). In this post, we will briefly talk about changes.


What's new

  • Guided user interface - This is one of the small step to make simplest, fastest and best social network for onboarding and welcoming new people into decentralized web. Right after login, you are guided through global filters and perform some basic actions follow people, join communities, etc. We will be working on improving it with each new update.


  • Improve avatar changing - simplified avatar change, now you can just lick on pen icon next to avatar and you are good to go, can upload and change profile picture easily.
  • Information icon with more detailed guide, unified information icon across multiple pages.
  • Voters screen search - Now it is possible to quickly search account from Voters screen.
  • Referral links and easy, copyable field in profile settings page.
  • View private keys - You signed up with and don't know your private keys? Now you can view your keys in Settings page.
  • Voting slider improved - we made it more intuitive for downvote and added some information when changing vote.
  • Signup page improved, to make screens and illustrations consistent, we updated graphics on Signup page.
  • Global filters improved - now, by default you will see Friends feed (people you follow), Community (trending, hot, new) feed (communities you joined) and have option to see Global feeds with extra check.
  • Profile and community page improved - Filters expanded on desktop/computer screens.
  • Chinese language added.
  • Account history expanded - new operations from Hardfork and more detailed description of other operations are added.
  • Fallback images updated to better quality.
  • Many many many many improvements and bug fixes 😊 Check our Github commits here!

We will push update to desktop apps within few days after some testing.


Try Ecency today | Desktop app | iOS app | Android app | Direct Android APK file

Did you know?

You can view curation leaderboard in page... Leaderboard is sorted by most efficient curator.


I love the new changes and additons and looking forward for the future!
Best of Luck!



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Thank you 🙏

Ecency continues to lead the way! ♥️💪♥️

I love the interface. Great job!

Wow sounds awesome, need to explore these new improvements. Loving ecency. com

La interfaz luce muy hermosa y el proyecto promete muchas cosas buenas. ¡Les deseo un montón de éxitos!

Thanks for upvoting me!!!

Why can't I post @ecency

How did you login, using standard method or hivesigner method? Which posting key did you use? Are you using latest version of mobile app?

Privat key / posting key,, ya

Try active key or master password, let us know if it works.

So much good work!

Great news, i would like to ask, if you are going to be able to add a text or pop up that says when is due to payout every post you see, it would be great to have that :)

You can hover on post value and you will get popup about when payout happens. Is it working for you, try it please?

It wasn't working on this old 32 bits pc but works just fine on the phone, perhaps is the archaic internet browser i use... But you are right, my bad, I apologise :)

Hi @ecency and @good-karma , I have tried to delegate more HP power to you twice now the transaction shows that it has gone through but it doesn't get taken from my account what am I doing wrong ??

Also noticing that the hive rewards have been very low is there a reason for that ??

Thanks guys.

During hardfork, curation was increased and rewards increased while rewards stabilized, we have slowed down to recharge VP again, so that might be one reason, other reason now curation rewards are equalized with new HF, so this drop everyone is noticing.

Thank you for clarifying that @good-karma.

The thing I can't understand is everytime i try to delegate more HP to you it never excepts them yesterday i sent you 2000 HP and today sent you another 1000 HP both transactions saying completed but they are not going out of my wallet to your delegation ?? Do not understand why this happens ??

Delegations update your last delegation. If you had 2000 and then you delegate 1000, your final delegation will be 1000. Please keep that in mind when changing, that's why blockchain works. If you wanted to increase, let's say from 2000 to 3000, then you should delegate 3000 and your final delegation will be 3000. If you want to decrease from 2000 to 1000 then delegating 1000 will decrease your delegation and rest will be returned to your HP in 7 days as per blockchain rules.

I really hope you guys work out a better system for this, it should work in a way when we delegate to you they stay there till we want them back and we can top up at any time, what is the point of giving them back shuffling around that's a load of bollocks and confusing whoever invented that system should be shot 🤣

It is not what we are doing, it is how blockchain works, we will improve UI to give warning when changing delegations.

Oh, am not saying it's you guys, i know it's blockchain, your improvements will be more then welcome @good-karma you guys always do everything better 👍


As you can see in this image, your last delegation was 1000.013 HP and in your wallet you see 3002.445 HP is going for delegation, which means around 2000 HP is undelegated and will be returned to you in 7 days.

If you want to delegate 3000 HP to ecency, all you have to do go to this link and sign the transaction:
you will notice delegation amount reflects in couple minutes.

Thank you @good-karma it's very confusing in the way they do it but anyway i just delegated 3000 HP now so the 2000 HP will be retuned to me within 7 days is that correct @good-karma

We will try to improve our apps to make it less confusing, added this into todo list. Yes, that's correct, it will return within 7 days.

Thanks @good-karma that will be helpful can I suggest something, you know when we are writing up our blogs on the button left hand corner you have the "Clear" button in order to clear the post in my opinion it is a very dangerous spot to have button, a couple of times now in writing up my post, I have accidently hit that clear button and has wiped out my post you could imagine how, I felt is there anyway that button can be put on the other side of the screen ??

I would like to report the issue of Promoted posts from muted users which continue to get shown on the feed of the user who muted them while using the #Ecency website.


Moved it up into todo list, thank you for remind!