Vision - new mobile menu, community creation redesign and more

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We have released new updates into Vision (, many enhancement and some breaking changes. In this post, we will briefly talk about changes.


What's new

  • New mobile navigation menu for small screen devices
  • Community creation page redesigned, improved user flow
  • Upgrade Razzle to latest v4
  • Double click voting added for quick upvotes
  • Hivesigner community creation fixed
  • Muted accounts improvements
  • Payout and payout comments filters added
  • Render helper updated
  • Improve editor and comment inputing fields
  • Reputation calculation fix
  • Landing page style fixes
  • Downvote slider direction fix
  • Login prompt fix
  • Spellcheck added into editor inputs
  • Tags copy pasting support on Editor
  • Improve padding on mobile devices Community selection box
  • Many many bug fixes and improvements, more than 500 commits 😮 check all our Github commits here!

We will push update to desktop apps within few days after some testing.

Try Ecency today | Desktop app | iOS app | Android app | Direct Android APK file

Did you know?

Ecency is delegating more than 30000 Hive Power to new people joining/signing up every day?!


😲😲 1,558 dev activity in the last 30 days !? That is epic !


Ecency devs are non-stop working 🚀

Thanks for the update! I use Ecency daily to view posts and it's great that you keep adding new tools!

@ecency I really appreciate it, great work keep it up we love to use @ecency
Congratulations to all developers because of your hard work, we are able to use enhanced and more developed version of @ecency services

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A good job has been done, but it is strange why you have not fixed the problem with delegation. 🙁

That's being worked on, we will do hotfix pushes tomorrow with other remaining items for 3.0.19. We didn't want to hold many other bug fixes and new changes. Couple items in our list that we wanted for this release that will be included in tomorrow's release.

Great job. Way to go.

Way to go!!! @ecency💪💯💪

Thi very cool update

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Fantastic new version 👍

@ecency sir if delegates 600hp to @ecency then how much vote i got each day,or any others opurtunaty?

this is very good and hopefully @ecency continues to grow to be the best

How much does ecency takes as a reward from user payout for using ecency frontend?

Very nice. Keep going! 👏 😎

I use this application and it helps me a lot in blogging from my mobile. The "promote" and "Boost" tools are great

Wow!!! Just tried the double clicking and it worked. Nice one @ecency

After the last update, the mobile site has screen hangs. Sometimes there is a white screen. I have to constantly refresh the page. Did you get any feedback about it? Do you have any work?

We didn't get any such reports. Could you take screenshot next time or find out after what action you get those screen hangs?

For example, after reading any content, clicking the 3 lines in the upper right corner, clicking on my profile picture, and going to my profile, the screen freezes. I can't get to the bottom of the page. Refreshing it fixes it. Sometimes it gives a white screen error 1-2 times when I refresh it. It gets better as I continue to update.

Hmmm, need to check it out.

So it's basically a different front end or?

The same pass as for Hive?

Check it out and you tell us 😊

Sounds great, since a few days the ui felt smoother.

Hola @ecency.
Es muy bueno saber que están muy comprometidos con la aplicación y siempre están realizando actualizaciones para mejorar la experiencia de usuario. Un abrazo desde Colombia.

Hi @ecency.
It is very good to know that they are very committed to the application and are always making updates to improve the user experience. A hug from Colombia.

sorry for the off topic but I'm not getting any ecency points anymore, am I blacklisted or something ?

Server had technical issue while devs are away for weekend, we are working on a fix.

seems like you already updating the platform - the Ecency points stopped working for me a few hours ago :-)
anyway congrats on the new features and thank you for the hard work you're doing

We are working on a fix for that, thank you!

thank you i see that already working

for bad it does not work for points for posts? comments? etc?

Hi @ecency and @good-karma the Ecency points stopped working for me last night has there been a change to that or is it a problem it's experiencing ?

Hi there, I noticed there is no points since a while now, what happened?

We are working on a fix, thank you!

Thank you <3 hope you get it soon :D

As I see here in the comments, I'm not the only one missing new points :-( in the app they are now called eSteem points? Maybe that's the Problem at the moment 🤔

They are called Points and we are working on fix.

Thank you :-)

Dear @ecency, I am sorry for asking again, but, can you please check - I do not get any points from you for all my actions (new posts, voting, comments, rebloggings) from you for 2 days now. Can it be a technical problem?

Yes, technical problem, our devs are looking into it.

Oh, I see. Sorry for asking. !LUV

No worries, thank you for reply! We hope to fix the issue asap






@ecency, you've been given LUV from @olgavita.

Check the LUV in your H-E wallet. (1/1)

I'm not getting any point for using ecency recently fix it, please no on comment and voting posting etc @ecency

Our devs are looking into it, during weekend everyone was away and they have been notified.

There is no ecency points for post, vote, comment for me when delegated last two day. Only delegate rewards points (10 ecency) get but others didn't get.
I use ecency app (android).

Our devs are looking into it.

here screenshot


Thanks for the update!
I would like to report 2 things here

  • The menu of small screen does not work well for me. The new menu is fulfill the whole screen, when I click on 1 task, I really don't know it works or not. I still prefer the old menu, it's easier to use
  • The Ecency points are not counted anymore, even I use Ecency everyday. Is there any update on the ecency point?

Our devs are looking into it. Could you share more about first issue, which menu you are referring to and please share screenshots if possible?

Nice update, but please I am not getting any ecency point again. Please look into this

We are looking into it, thanks!

Two questions: 1) Where do I delegate hive to if I want to support this project? The account you are posting this from? 2) If I wanted to be a curator for your project, where would I apply for that?

  1. Yes, ecency account.
  2. Join our discord, there will likely announce when we open up guest curators program again.

Excellent, those changes are for the better; I don't stop using ecency

Namaste 🙏 @ecency , I have one query regarding ecency app, I am not able to find inr or $dollar in ecency app settings, sharing snap, Kindly advice if I missed to set any option in app. Thanks

hey @ecency I have bought 500 estm from decency app with 170 pkr 1st order got filled but I tried to buy 500 estm 2nd time but the show (error you already won this item) but my balance from Zong sim is gone what should I do and why this happened please tell asap

We will check, someone reported this issue earlier. So 2nd purchase failed, right?

yeah that's the problem

360 mujy sy buy kr lo brother point

At what price

Point hen brother

Wow this is great!

Great work team @ecency!!

Keep it up the good work!

Niceeeee 😍

I am also new to this platform and I will continue to work hard on this platform. I hope my hard work will definitely bring color to this platform. If we are supported on this platform, we will do our job. Can improve the quality and we are also learning from your posts. I hope you will give me a chance.

You didn't give us power why?

Nice updating and information for users to use ecency. Tjanks

This is amazing since it would help to further the support that each one of us will be delegating to one another.

Nice! Congratulation!

interesting that post