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Huge update went live few moments ago. got some of the major changes and improvements. (1400+ commits).

Really excited to share some of the details of what we have been working on.


What's new

  • Quick Profile preview, check accounts quickly without leaving a page, just hover on username/avatar.
  • True immutability, deleted post/comment? No problem, you can still view them on Ecency, if you know link of any deleted content, try opening them on
  • Hive Engine tokens, initial integration of Engine tokens, huge thanks to @tipy.
  • Proposal search bar, you can now search proposal quickly.
  • Proposal who voted which? You can view which proposals are voted by someone by adding ?voter=username in proposals page/url and you will get highlight of proposals voted by that user.
  • Russian language, now speaks Russian as well
  • Search in Profile pages, find posts and comments with ease. You can use ?q=keyword in URL as well.
  • Search in Community pages, find content that interest you within community, ?q=keyword in URL works as well.
  • Content selection options, want to share snippet to Twitter or quote in your replies, now with quick context menu, you are able to do just that.
  • Delegation related operations improved, we have improved re-delegation, pending delegations, search etc.
  • Search as you type in main search bar, main search bar does instant search.
  • FAQ page improved, search bar added, added easy to find questions and answers.
  • Permissions page to manage keys, unified password change and private key viewing under single page.
  • Post thumbnail selection, now you can select any image from content body as thumbnail.
  • APR information in wallet, interest information in wallet pages.
  • Muting accounts display changes, improved how muting and low rated content displays.
  • Voting slider warning improved, thanks to @forykw
  • Many many bug fixes and improvements, more than 1400 commits 😮 check all our Github commits here!

We will push update to desktop apps within few days after some testing.

Try Ecency today | Desktop app | iOS app | Android app | Direct Android APK file

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Nice! =) need to find more time to help this project. Really makes a difference when we try to show others that its not that difficult to help the community by helping who is hugely already helping out.

Wow! That is a huge amount of updates! You guys are awesome!

Always striving, right... I am lucky enough to be a user that can help. 😎

You are great! Thank you!

I love the news! 👍 Keep it up, I love using Ecency 😊🙏


Thank you!
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I'm just entering today to work and I noticed some changes, but now that I read this publication I see that they are quite a few changes!

I congratulate the work that is dedicated to achieve a better platform every day.

Any issues you notice, you can open github tickets and provide a way to replicate the problem if possible. If its something that can be replicated by the user, I can surely help.

Hello, I have no problem, I apologize if my wording has been confusing and you have given the wrong idea. What I'm trying to do is congratulate on the changes and acknowledge the improvements that have been made.

No worries 😉 served the purpose of the shout anyhow. Great then!

Wow, nice work and updates! Thanks for giving us so much improvement!

Specific Feedback is important.

Wow finally I have been able to write with the ecency application on my Android phone.
This is a welcome development let's get started. 💃




Sleepy time there?


It was for me... !LOL

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I am using Ecency on a smartphone (Samsung Galaxy A12, Android 10), and some people told me that some of my uploaded photos are not appearing on other Hive frontends (Hive, PeakD).

What (kind of bug) could cause this?

Are you using Ecency web app on your phone or mobile app?

The mobile app. But currently everything seems to be fine. Except the visibility of the covers/thumbnails of my Actifit report cards.

Could you give examples of such posts? We know if image size is bigger than 10MB, doesn't accept it and other frontends using that imagehoster instance won't be able to display, maybe that's the issue. But if you give examples, we can check and learn more.

Now I checked my latest posts and comments, and currently everything seems to be properly appearing, except for the covers/thumbnails of my Actifit report cards on, but even those photos are appearing properly, if I click on the posts. Interesting. And none of my recent photos are above 10 MB.

If you can open you photos on a normal browser it will be woking fine.


Hello; @ecency

We appreciate your work and your post was manually shared on Twitter by @papilloncharity from the DNA team!
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Is this a new community under HIVE? did not check...

DNA is the umbrella body for @amazingnature, @featheredfriends and a few other communities.
That's as far as I understand it and @adalger is the one to ask.

Thanks. Will check later.

Wow! Great updates! Most of all I like the addition of my native Russian)) Although not of course). They're all cool, there's something to explore for the next 24 hours!

Thanks for your work!

You can also contribute with russian translations, you know?

the hive engine tokens look great on mobile! its nice how they are easy to read😎

Lots of them...


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Development!, Development!, Development!, Development!,Development!
Keep on the great work

Anyone can help... if you know how to code I can help...

Спасибо за Русский язык!!!

Did not bother translating !LOL

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Good job @ecency team keep on the good work.
Coming back with fresh ideas soon ;)
Namaste 🙏

Congratulations! Many improvements for the good of all users. I am happy that the platform grows every day with users and in the service it offers. Thanks Ecency.

HIVE ENGINE tokens visible in the wallet is great. Good job!

Hive keeps on surprising me! Thankyou for so many improvements at once

Russian language, now speaks Russian as well

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This is a great update, keep up with this great work boss @ecency

thank you. Thats great.
Looking forward to the changes on the desktop version.

Nice work guys. Impressive list there 👌

Thank you for your help

Woah! What a great improvement. It's cool to get to view muted or deleted posts/comments. Ecency rocks. !PIZZA


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@ecency I boost my post almost 24 hours ago with 300 points still do not received any response please check

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@melinda010100 thanks for clarification I already received my points and used to boost another post

I just requested to you please stay supportive I am going to become super active user of @ecency, I decided to use hive blockchain constantly and activly I ordered to make living from it please stay supportive I am always here to support you

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Upvoted and rehived

Way to go, Team Ecency!
The sky is the limit!🚀

@ecency it's actually sad to see that I have been using Ecency for long but I don't receive your encouragement votes.

That’s really awesome

It is interesting. Thanks.

Hopefully this breakthrough can help plankton.

Hi, @ecency team.
Congratulations on your recent development. Many useful functions.

I would like to draw your attention to one thing:

Post thumbnail selection, now you can select any image from content body as thumbnail.

There is one ‘minor’ problem with this feature. When a photo is selected for a thumbnail of a certain post, it automatically remembers the same photo for the next one, unless the post thumbnail is manually selected again. This has happened to me twice.

Keep up the good work!

That great. 😍😍

Hello, a problem, I try to boost the article

But, why is there a systematic refusal ?

This is great, ecency keeps improving

It would be nice to have an android app that wouldn't require an active key to login to...

You don't need to login with active key on Ecency mobile app. Simply Wallet functionality won't work, all other functionality should work as usual.

That's great that it is supposed to be that way. The symptom is that I am told that the "token has invalid role try a different key or try again later". Now, it seems to be an error message that comes deep within some backend because I was not able to find this string in src/common/i18n/locales/en-US.json. Even the phrase "try a different key" is not in there.

Using the same string I was able to upvote this post:

Perhaps, account doesn't have in posting authority, that might be cause, if I remember correctly, authority is needed to handle scheduling content and some point related operations. But I think you should be able to use app even without that authority.

I was wrong. The login with posting key fails in the android app but not in the web facing front end. The front end works in both Chrome on android and Brave desktop.

Interesting, it shouldn't fail on mobile app. We will take a look. Creating github issue for tracking.

For reference and keep tracking, if you have any extra details, please add them here in comments of this bug report:

At this site you can see which authorities people use on a given account:

So '' does have posting authority for 'leprechaun'. I don't really want to keep the active key on a device I carry around. And I think you agree that you should be able to do posting level operations options with Ecency with the posting key and I know I wont be able to do active level operations in the wallet section. I don't want anyone who has my phone to be able to do that.

I think this is the current reality of the situation: You need active keys to login to Ecency on mobile or desktop. The problem might require radical changes to the source code because of its reliance to Hive-Signer in the login process, unfortunately.

Hivesigner's role is to secure our private api via access token, so there should be simpler logical distinction, not radical changes to source code though. We can gradually improve that logic for sure. Please create issue to relevant source code, if you want to discuss further and easier to keep reference of issues and potential solution ideas on github. For mobile app side, issue created, referenced in earlier comment.

Why are the points returned to me and there is no increase in the reward for the post? Thanks for the answer.