Google PlayStore - Android, 2.2.5 available

in Ecencylast year

Just quick note to update our users, Google PlayStore finally released our 2.2.5 update.

Download it here:


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Cool 👌👌👌👌😋😋😋😋😋

I was waiting for this,
to he honest!
Now all posts will be posting to "Hive", and no more "Steem" support?
And Thanks for a Great App!!!

Yes, that is true. No more "Steem" support, because eSteem is switched from the Steem blockchain to the Hive blockchain. A few other dApps are also switched, such as dPoll.

Finally! Reblogged and tweeted!

Great to see they are supporting Hive... Looks like everything is running as good as it was before the fork.

Keep the good work guys!

Now, I installed updated App from your download link. But, My esteem app is just being 2.2.4 version. Why?

In this version, I can't claim ESTM.

Google Playstore delivers updates to different world regions gradually. So maybe in your region there is still old version.

May be...

Yeah! Question. Are you fully moving to hive or is the client switchable between steem and hive..

Hive only

Thanx finally😊. Sorry about not upvoting the comment I'm getting downvoted because I have sbi shares. I'm using my votes of my accounts to upvote the downvoted SBI content of others.

Look at the download link of the esteem app it directs to the wrong esteem client. I searched in the store on esteem app and the new version pops up to be updated.

That's likely because Google Playstore delivers updates to different world regions gradually. So maybe in your region there is still old version.

There was an update in the store. I installed from scratch. But I'm patient. 😊

Good to have a mobile Hive app. One thing I noticed is that is not showing anything in the Replies tab.

Which server you are connected to?

I was on the eSteem one. Just changd to Hive and it's working :)

our right, we are improving some requests to, maybe that's why it was slow..

I really like the new logo it's much more clean 👌

Finally we got the update

Thanks for the update. I didn't have a smooth experience after the upgrade. I then uninstalled the application and installed it fresh from the play Store and the experience is good now. Thanks for the new version. 😀

Good to know @bala41288 thanks for comment!

So you guys have decided not to rebrand???

We did slight name change to focus on Esteem, instead of Steem. And we updated logo. For now, we think it should be good enough. Time to get recognized as Esteem

Hope that is the best choice

Wow algún esta de regreso la app móvil gracias

40c7kb.png let's go spinning a wheel or two !

great work guys .. the app is still a bit sluggish in navigation from here in Malaysia. which api would be best to use for south east asia ?

Please try different API available in Settings page and after each restart app to make sure you are running on new RPC endpoint. And check which one runs better than others. But things are getting to more stable state each day. RPCs are fixing some issues daily, it might cause some distruptions depending on which server you are connected, but quick change of server should always keep you connected!

Is there a post describing more about posts and boosting? Looking for one but can't seem to find out more info on them.

Wooo! So cool to finally see this live :^) Great work to your all team!