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Couldn't wait to share this piece with you guys. Our new logo animated, it just feels so smooth, isn't it?! 😎

Esteem logo animation

Rebranding and changing logo is one of the difficult thing to do and it takes time for now logo to be recognized, it takes time to update all copies of Esteem logo on web. And you won't still get them all updated, but with time new logo finds home in peoples eye and heart.

I am thrilled about potential of Hive and going forward I will try to be more active in posting and engaging, sharing what's happening behind the scenes and what I am building, etc.

My head is a hive of ideas, I will continue to share them here, lets build the future together!

Hive on!

eSteem Footer Line

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I already incorporated new eSteem logo in my video animation about Hive Ecosystem, hope you like it.

hi mister, this looks really cool

I think the new logo is great! πŸ‘πŸ‘

So cool....anticipating your future releases and updates.


Can't wait for the android release!

Hey boss, when will you release the update for Android?

Just make it multichain.

This will never happen because of few reasons. Main is that Steem will change it's code on it's own soon and Hive will go it's own way. The more time pass the more different in the code they will be and it will be a pain to make it compatible with both. Another reason is Steem was bought by one person who wanted to centralize the whole blockchain. This is against community so it's healthier for the whole blockchain to consider Hive is sort of a next step or an evolution of Steem. At least I hope so. I understand there might be many different opinions on that.

super nice one πŸ‘!

yeah super clean.