Ethereum eRush (EER) Brings New Perspective on Cryptocurrency: Proof of Live Protocol and The Easiest Mining on the World

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Ethereum eRush

There are a lot of altcoins on the crypto market. All of them claim bringing new technology and getting rid of some problems unlike before. However, Ethereum eRush coin (EER) is quite different. Although, it is a ERC-20 token is built on Ethereum blockchain. Ethereum eRush has the first proof of live consensus protocol running over proof on work. EER is only coin that has also sending memo feature on Ethereum blockchain. Additionally, it can be mined with regular PC or laptop at home even x86 platform. Crypto mining is a tough process cause that necessity of special and expensive miner devices as you know.

What is Proof of live (PoL)?

Proof of Live

A block is mined in every 15 second on Ethereum blockchain. All EER coins are mined on smart contract. Proof of live algorithm checks online miners one time of every 7200 blocks and distributes block reward according to amount of EER stake. 7200 blocks mean reward period that correspond to once a day.

Ethereum eRush: The Easiest Mineable Coin

The Easiest Mining on the World

Download the miner program. And 5 minute later, start mining. That's it. You just do online your pc and gain Ethereum eRush almost every day. 16.384 EER coins reward are shared according to staking of EER everyday. Halving period is two years.

Revolutionary and Sustainable Valuation of Coin


Ethereum eRush is deflationist crypto money which taking authority of printing money from programmers or coders and giving everybody.
Anyone can mine in 5 minutes with regular old computers. Ethereum eRush has an opportunity stable increasing price cause that miners have to stake 30-3000 EER coins. It will have good balance of supply-demand.

Memo Feature



Sending memo is an already available feature on Stellar an EOS. Ethereum eRush is combined mining and memo sending. Imagine that you are taking money from customers as a trader. You must have created spesific wallet address for your subscribers if you use bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies like exchange markets. When using Ethereum eRush, you just need own wallet address. Your customers can send EER for paying with their customer ID on memo. So, you don't struggle with creating wallets.


Ethereum eRush promises new generation mining, deflationist valuation of price and ease of transactions for investors and e-commerce platforms.



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