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What is Ecency? In this Ecency intro video, watch this Ecency explainer. We get right to the point in this short Ecency video. Check out this Ecency overview on MarketSquare, the new homepage for the decentralized Web.

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What is Ecency? | Decentralized Reddit | Blockchain Blogging | Decentralized Medium

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Thank you guys, great work as always! 🚀

The app is working just great 👍 and the team is working very hard on improving it everyday.
Namaste 🙏

The app is working just great 👍

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I like what am seeing

Looks good

Nice video, and it sounds interesting. I'm new to this platform and I'm a little confused as to the link between ecency points and hive.

Hey @ecency or @good-karma can you please explain how this points boost works? I spent 500 points and it should be $2,2 however my upvote was only $1,3. How come there is a difference? Thank you

Estimation is not always 100% accurate because it depends on multiple factors and HBD price, etc. Also there is trail of voters that follow our votes. Boosting calculation is done in $ terms but websites shows you HBD value, if HBD overvalued you might see lesser amount but it should be quite close to actual $ value. If it was your latest post, I see that it is around ~1.9 HBD with our team votes only (not including other trail votes) and given HBD is now ~$1.05, that's quite close and it will change until post is paid out. Try boosting with smaller amounts, those tend to be more accurate.

I see. Thank you for your explanation.

thanks for the good article