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Spread love everywhere you go, let no one ever come to you without leaving happier.
mother Theresa

A little kindness, a little donation to the the homeless, a little compliment to put a smile on a friend's face, a little tip to a stranger, a little generosity to brighten people's day. can all be a ways to spread love and put a smile on people's faces.

Love is contagious, love creates a better and habitable world. The love we spread makes a difference in making the world a better place.

Dreemport and ecency collab week two was all about spreading love on the blockain hive with


A picture from dreemport.

And the week went with lots of love everywhere

Day 1 started with a lot of fun from meeting my teammates



The talk, the gist, the ideas, and the Interactions were lovely.

Those guys are fun to be with.
in fulfilling the day 1 task :


I boosted @deraaa in a post titled WHO AM I? THE VICTIM


screenshot from boost

The post talks about the mind being a mystery and seeing the world from another perspective, where people hide their worst days and only show off their success.

What if we dig deeper to know the rejection, the broken heart, the battles behind the success.

The post emphasized who the victims are, the neutral ones who allow life to happen to them.

you should check it out and get a full understanding I recommend.

Day one ended with understanding more about who the victims are from the @deraaa's post and more interactions from my fellow team members.

Day 2 task was about:



screenshot from boost

That's one good way to spread love on the platform.
Went through a few newbies post and @kikola's post titled Transit around lagos caught my attention because the post contains the joy, pain, and events you are bound to encounter traveling in Lagos state here in my country.

lagos state is one of the most populated states in my country, and a two seconds pause on the walkway would lead to a collision.

I could relate to the post because Lagos is where I reside and when I read through his post and saw the stress, events, and the concept he had to put together the post I felt he deserves a boost as a newbie.

Day 3 was about :


We could not conclude on a community to boost because literally everyone was busy with other things offline.
So on day 4 to fulfill day 3 task
I choose the thoughtful daily post community because posts from that community are always thoughtful and a boost would support more of it.

I stumbled on @sunny's post what is life all about.
And then I remembered there was a time I made a post about life and how we all see life from different angles.

@sunny earned my boost all because we both have the same curiosity about what life is all about, and his concept about the post was also a factor considered as it was a thoughtful one

I'm yet to get a notification for @sunny's boost even after my point has been deducted don't know what is wrong I just hope it reflects at sunny's end



screenshot from boost

I tried looking for an old friend to boost as
Day 4 task is about boosting an old friend
@midemanule got my boost with Hive open mic week 118 because that was his first time posting in an open micHive open mic week 118
I boosted him because even if it been a while since we both see each other, I want him to know I still go through his post and and part of me did that to support him as it was his first time doing vlogging and posting in the hive mic.

The week was with a lot of love and fun.
feels good to be the reason behind people's smile


And Week two comes to a close. It has been a lovely experience with you. You de sha always disappear from group🤣

Lol don't mind me...
Hope you are fit now?

I am very fit. I am even about to detonate my kitchen. Cravings here and there🤣

Don't mind @ijohnsen ooo


You had fun with us🤣. Hope I didn't torture you with my gifs. It was a nice experience really and it was adventurous. Ready for week 3?

Ohhh you and gifs...😂😂
You know I'm down for week 3
Let's get it spiced up!!!!

You did 😂

It is clear you enjoyed the past week and the new week wouldn't be anything lesser, lets keep spreading the love all around the platform.

Yeah I did bro
Let's get this week spiced up