Ecency's Latest Feature Continues to Revolutionise Hive!

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Ecency's Latest Feature Continues to Revolutionise Hive!

It's big news on the Hive Blockchain that I hope you haven't missed. Ecency has further refined their frontend to be compatible with Hive's very own media sharing platform 3Speak. It's seen a significant uptake in video creation on Hive which is a great thing for our blockchain.

I previously wrote about the development and even provided a walk through in my previous post Ecency Video Feature Leads Media Content on Hive which is well worth the read for anyone new to learning about the development.

I've been using the Ecency media uploader now predominately to upload shorts and a few blogs in motherhood as I mentioned in the article. Utilising the Ecency front end enables bloggers to add multiple videos and pictures creating a seamless blogging experience.


Furthermore it utilised Ecency Video gallery to save videos that can be quickly accessed and added into blogs as I have above. A great development for recipes and tutorials.

But I recently noticed that Ecency released a new feature which is Record a video. This option wasn't available previously and has only showed up over the past few weeks. Now this is a really handy addition for a number of reasons and also lays the foundation for future development that could challenge the industry giants like YouTube. But we will get to that in a minute.

Record a Video

While the record a video option might not appear to be quite the large step for everyday users the milestone showcases a leap on the back end which also shows seasoned users that there is future expansion for a very important function.

Being able to record a video off your device straight to ecency is a great way to manage your content and allows you a separate storage location beyond just your phone. We've all been there, thousands of memories and then the dreaded phone dies and you lose them all.

But that's not the only thing, being able to record a video straight from Ecency cuts out many steps of having to record on another device, save to desktop, go online and upload. Now all users need to do is open the dApp and start recording their content which is great for short form, engaging with people or two more important things.

This is where it gets exciting because it means Hive will soon be able to engage in a new way.

Responding to Comments with VIDEO... We need this feature

A cool feature that is taking off on Tik Tok is the ability to respond to people's comments with a quick video. Now, this feature is pretty much available on our platform which is amazing! it provides the ability to showcase to the broader community that we are all real accounts. While you will still need to upload the video and share it somewhere then share the link into the comments. The ability to add a video in the comments editor bar for Ecency front end isn't that much harder so please @Ecency can you add it.

The other thing that record a video button showcases is that Ecency can create and implement a "Go Live" function which will enable a broad range of new use cases and applications something that is quite popular on other media platforms.

Finally it can also set up Ecency or another UI or developer to establish a Hive video editing software like seen on Tik Tok, YouTube etc. I can really see someone like @stickupboys adding their sound clips that we could pay royalties for with Hive or perhaps maybe even a % of the post payout.

Some really good developments occurring on Ecency and I can not wait to see what else they come out with or if the include the functions above!

How have you been finding the Ecency Video uploader?


ye it is awesome and we definitely be interested in adding sounds as we are working on that outside of Hive at moment!

Fantastic, I'd love to support for a lot of my gym stuff and shorts. If you have a costings that would be good.

all depends what you looking for and the licencing you after, dm in discord will give you options!

Great post!
I like this feature and agree that could be very useful, especially for short content from my point of view. I miss, maybe, because I regularly upload videos to 3speak, to have an option to choose long or short content, I don't want to mess my music videos with other stuff. But that's a feature for development.

Thank you, it is an amazing development occuring on Ecency that will drive the UI into the forefront of Web 3


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super genial

Those arms are popping! Nice work!

Hahaha thank you. I have a comp on tomorrow 😀

I also tried posting a video on Ecency a few days ago and it was perfect
Ecency is an amazing platform

These new developments and update coming from eccency is actually huge and amazing I must confess

Yes it's great stuff I'm pretty excited

My videos just show up saying I’ve either deleted the video or I’m banned.

I can’t link my Hive account to a 3Speak one and therefore I can’t seem to upload videos.

Need to give it some time to load. I've found that helps.

I've been neglecting to use this ecency application since I can't get any of my posts to boost.
Maybe I'll use this feature ro voice my concerns even more.
Thanks for sharing.

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