Ecency Video Feature Leads Media Content on Hive

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Ecency Video Feature Leads Media Content on Hive

The battle for the best User Interface on Hive has never been greater than it has been over the passed couple of years with a number of teams working towards constant development. We've come a long way since the early days of which limited not only the abilities but was really off putting for many people who are used to using things like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter etc.

PEAKD launched and it has become the Hive staple for many. Let's be honest PEAKd still has a lot of features in it and ease of use in relation to access to Hive Exchange is pretty good.

Leo Finance also arrived and it has been great for people focusing on Finance related content but coming up or more so taking over a fair bit of Hive lately is Ecency. It's main draw card at one stage solely relied on the ability to earn points to call in an upvote. It is a wonderful addition for new users and I wish it was around back when I started out as it would have helped me grow a lot. Also to reward other users when my upvote was only dust.

But Ecency's latest feature is nothing short of amazing and if you're producing video content, it reigns supreme.

Ecency Video Uploads

Now I am not too certain what god came up with this idea and I say god because by the time you finish reading this post you will understand why. But it is the best thing since sliced bread and the best Video content uploader on the Hive Blockchain.

About 10 days ago @good-karma published a post letting everyone know that Ecency now supports video uploads. Like the good Hivian I am I have been testing it out. It was a little choppy at the start and one of my videos didn't load but that's ok. I was amongst the first and there are always issues to iron out.

To use it, it is super simple all you need to do is head on over to the website not the mobile dApp as the feature isn't available on mobile as yet but will be soon.

Once on the website go to create a post as you normally do and now you will see the new feature of a video camera. Before you upload your video you will need to take a screen shot for a cover photo similar to Threespeak and have that ready otherwise you will get a basic threespeak and ecency image and it isn't too attractive.

Upload a video and let the process commence. You won't see the video right away because unlike Threespeak which shows you the upload and then post and encode after. Ecency does it all in one go and you can't select your video until it is fully encoded. Once it is just click insert and a Hyper Link will be added.


Here's where Ecency Exceed over Threespeak

It's not often a tribe (if you can call Ecency that as it is fast becoming a cult of awesome Hivians) exceeds the main but Ecency delivers on multiple fronts. The above video I just added is stored in the "gallery" section of the video player. All videos uploaded on Ecency go into your gallery which means I do not need to reupload a video or copy past a link and much about if I am writing a post.

All I need to do as like I did in this post and click insert and it will be automatically inserted into my blog and I can keep writing. That in itself is an epic feature because it allows me to now do more things. Like if I am creating a tutorial I can make multiple small videos that I can add text too each video and upload them all in the one blog. You can't do that on Three Speak.


But Wait There's Still more

One thing that I really struggle with on Threespeak and it is no fault of theirs as it is a video sharing platform similarly like YouTube, but it's the fact I can't easily add hyper links. I have to do the ol [ () approach and manually paste in the link. Unlike Ecency where I only need to copy the link and when I click on the link button it automatically posts the link I have saved.

The same issue with images, again Threespeak isn't one for images but Ecency really blends the Video sharing and Blogging together in once place where as you can see in this post I have added a number of Pictures and Videos to complete my blog. Allowing me to achieve a better outcome that helps me deliver my point in this blog.


Perfect for Cooking tutorials

My other love is Cooking and you might have seen a number of my cooking blogs around now with Ecency it takes my abilities to another level being able to put in the initial cooking video with the added benefit of images if there are core points I want my viewers and readers to understand.

A special shout out to @sandymeyer who yesterday reached out about how to upload videos. I hope this post helps and also covers some of the fantastic benefits that come with using Ecency to upload videos.

Well done to the Ecency team and I look forward to using Ecency as my preferred Video uploading UI. Keep on keeping on!



Hahaha! I love being part of the Ecency cult! I'm so glad you love it as much as I do!

I was in awe when Decks were introduced. I have never been so organized. I have Decks set up for my communities, and for my favorite friends so that I can easily see everyone's blog page. I have a deck for Ecency's Waves for short form content that is fun to watch and I expect it to explode when it becomes available on the mobile app.

The video feature is beyond awesome, and if anyone has questions we are happy to help in Ecency Discord!

And I keep hearing rumors about many more exciting additions that will be released this year!

Fantastic and yes I totally agree that the Ecency community is a great one. I can't wait until the mobile app gets upgraded to also include it.

Note, you can publish your videos in any community, not only Ecency or Threespeak.

Oh yes that is true to. It's been great!

I'm really glad to see this. The video-uploader feature i've been waiting for so long is finally here! As u said, yeah it's perfect for cooking tutorial... And gaming contents too! I hope the Ecency team can improve it further so that this feature can be used in mobile app as well.

Thanks for sharing @melbourneswest 😊

You're welcome. Yes I do too. It's been fantastic and I even use it for Shorts now

Ecency is my most preferred frontend on Hive, I use it most of the time. Integrating video uploads from the platform us a great feature to have, now our blogs can have a greater dimension. Video will be good in explaining some key concepts :)

100% agree It's nailed video content and I'm really happy it is here.

I'm not sure why, but I've had bad luck uploading videos on 3Speak. They fail encoding about half the time. The first one I tried via Ecency got stuck at 98% then when I looked on 3Speak, it too had failed encoding.

I have issues with 3speak from time to time also. Ecency still nutting out a few things. One of my previous videos didn't load fully. But it is working now.

I have never tried to make use of this feature here on Ecency but Imma try it if I have a reasonable video to

It's a great feature and I would 100% recommend it

Maybe I missed it in your post but where are the videos hosted? And how are they linked to the chain?

Verry well described and but unto context! Thank you so much for this, and as I can read in the comments there are people happy to read about it, motivated to try it out! What a sucsess!
Respect and all the best!

Thank you, I am glad you enjoyed it. I love how you can add videos into a blog. Rather than just one video only. Tutorials will be a lot better to do now so that's great


This looks awesome! Well done Ecency team and I can’t wait until it is available on the mobile app.

Until that time I’m still using peakd, mostly because of the template feature.

Perhaps I should just use the Ecency website on mobile..

I mix it up between Ecency and Peakd. Mainly Ecency these days though

Haven't tried it yet but it's a huge plus for content creators especially those who make video contents.

It's a great feature and I would 100% recommend. I will be using it more often for my videos. It's wonderful

It's cool. Ecency is doing great already.

Great news. Must engage more with ecency.
Mainly using Actifit at the mo.

Also wish to use 3Speak.

The Hive ecosystem has something for everyone


Ecency is a fantast app!

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It's good

Another great addition to some already awesome tools. Ecency already has the feature where you can write and store more then one post at a time and schedule when they come out. Now they have added video. What they are missing is the ability to post to a community while still having the post show up in your blog page. Or did I miss this feature?

100% it's fantastic and love using it

It helped me to a lot
I can't wait for the mobile app update that has this.

It is extremely exciting and I can't wait either

This ecency updates has gotten me a bit more active. I checked my peakd analysis yesterday and woooow.. have you been waving Sir?