Ecency Discord Topic: Eating Out

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Hello Everyone,

Welcome to this week's Ecency Discord Posting Topic.

Last week there were some really great summer walking posts and this week we stick with the summer theme with eating out.

With the nice weather it is often great to go out to eat, even more so as you can also eat outside in the summertime. There are also a great many options to restaurants, bistros or snack bars.

Very often we like to visit sommerfestivals and grab some freshly made chips and a cold drink to enjoy outside with family and friends. Yesterday we also took a trip to the local Ice Cream shop where the kids like to eat ice-cream and people like to grab a coffee or cold drink.

Do you like to eat out in the summer time?

Let us know in this week's Ecency Discord topic.

This week's Ecency Discord topic is:

Eating Out

As is usual with the Ecency Discord Topic, you are free to approach this as you like. This could be through writing a story, sharing your thoughts, taking some photos, or producing some art.

Here are a few ideas to inspire you:

  • Where do you like to eat out in the summertime?
  • Who do you go with?
  • What do you like to eat or drink?
  • What do you see when there (any photos)?
  • Why do you like to go there?

Feel free to let your imagination flow and use another aspect that you can think of. You can post in any community that you like, but make sure to use the #edtopic tag so that I can find your post. 🙂


I will be giving out Ecency Points tips and a mixture of tokens from our sponsors:

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The @stickupboys with LEGION and CINE tokens

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@ecoinstant - with Archon and DHEDGE tokens

A big thank you to all our sponsors. There are now even more reasons to take part in this week's Ecency Discord topic.


The Ecency Discord Weekly Posting Topic is open for everyone on chain! There is no need to be an Ecency Discord member, no need to use Ecency to post, and no need to post into the Ecency Community.

You have time to submit your post until next Sunday evening.

Write at least 200 words, and take your time to make a good content post out of the topic.

Please write in English or for bilingual posts make one of the languages English.

The exception is German, still, a post in only German is allowed. But because of the low interest from the German-speaking community the #edtopic explanation post will be only in English.
Nevertheless, I would still be very happy about more participants from the DACH.

No need to mention that it should be your own content and please always source your own or free-to-use photos properly.

Use TWO TAGS: #edtopic AND #ecencydiscord

Why use those tags? Because you are free to post in any community you choose and so we can find your postings with the tags. Secondly, we want our Discord members to interact more with each other on chain as well, and this is a possibility to find each other and leave a nice comment. Prizes will only be sent to those using the #edtopic tag.

#edtopic is reserved for the weekly posting topics only, but #ecencydiscord can be used, whenever you want.


Last week it was great to see many summer walk posts. We had 11 great entries and token prizes will go to:

@p1k4ppa10 @tengolotodo @les90 @qwerrie @tahastories1 @ph1102 @hjrrodriguez @henrietta27 @palomap3 @chaosmagic23

Please give me a few hours to send them out during the day 😃

Here are some highlights from last week's entries:

Wednesday walk at St.Petersburg by @qwerrie

Time to do the white entttropy summer walk by @tengolotodo

To summarise:


Make a great post, be sure to read the rules above and don't forget the 2 tags so that I can find your post. If you have any questions, please ask in the comments or join us in Ecency Discord

This posting topic is open to everyone on Hive!

Have fun posting and I look forward to seeing your entries!


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Highlighted posts pictures from the mentioned authors.

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It will be fun to see these posts this week!

I think so too! 🙂

Just a question. I can't see my name on the summer walk list. What did I wrong?

I checked now and saw you didn't use #edtopic tag so I didn't see your entry. I add you to the list now and send you tokens too. 😉

Ah... I thought I did everything correctly. Sorry and thank you!

I always forget something too. Mostly hashtags or choosing the community. More than once, the article was posted only to my blog instead of to the right community.

naughty naughty!!!

Don't forget the #edtopic tag if you do it this week 😁

🤣 uhm... yes Sir!

I'd like to start a diet.
But I've got too much on my plate right now.

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@tengolotodo, I sent you an $LOLZ on behalf of @chaosmagic23


Hm 😅 I See myself gettin hungry from those upcoming posts !LOL

Ah close enough

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I am getting hungry too! I had just take away today, or I would have a post already. LOL

This is a nice topic to write on.
Thanks for this prompt .

Thanks for checking it out.

Let me get writing then 😁

I finally got a chance to enter this contest - yay. Thanks for this prompt and new community.
Please find my link here:

Thanks for your entry :)

ooo this is a good topic lol

Thank you for the tokens and the mention Steve.

A huge thank you for doing this every week, I know how much time and effort goes into things like that.

You are appreciated:)

Great prompt this week again, and eating out in the summer, I might surprise people, let's see!


What does a thesaurus have for breakfast?
A synonym roll.

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Thanks Ed. I appreciate your participation. 🙂

Hello, Thanks so much for hosting this and giving us something to write on. Hehe.

Here is my entry to the challenge;

Thanks so much.

Thanks for your entry

one of my favorite topic to write on and I have finished my post on it wowow
here is my entry:

Thanks for your entry


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