May god bless himec

Kindly post in detail about the circumstances before, about and during your son's condition. The Hive community is pretty cautious about now of accounts with very low rankings asking for aid. You may have to go through a verification process of some sort.

I wish your son speedy recovery of his illness.

Hoping for a speedy recovery 🙏

God bless him to get well soon. My heartiest wishes. He is a brave kid

Really sorry to hear that. Hope that you will find a way to transplant his BM.

Best wishes 4 u

Wish you all the best

Why did you remove your post? 😟

it was the first time I post in here .. still new, dunno what to do.. I have no idea what I do... my second post has the content from my first post tho..

It's okay if your second post has not more than 50% of the previous post. 😀

Have a !PIZZA with !LUV! 😁



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