eSteem Desktop App Surfer 2.2.3 Is Out!

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Great News!!!
eSteem (@esteemapp) just released a latest version of their desktop application, Surfer 2.2.3!

Surfer 2.2.3 - Onboard, manage, more languages


New And Improved Features:

  • New Easy Signup

  • New Profile Editor

  • New Password Update

  • New Chinese (simplified and traditional), Lithuanian, Indonesian, Serbian, Yoruba, Ukrainian, Turkish, Swedish, JAPANESE, Hungarian, French, Italian, Hebrew

  • New Hive tags are shown with their community name

  • Improved Performance improvements

  • Improved Visual Corrections

  • Fixed Minor bugs

Update your app! It is very simple!

  • Click "Update"

  • Download starts automatically.

  • "Restart" your app and that is it!

  • Check the version 2.2.3.

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Finally 👏🏻

Yes finally but bug fixes + new version will come out soon🙂
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Lol. I'm 😅

I upgraded yesterday from a push notice. Noticeably faster.

Today is 2020.02.14, but I still have not received the update notification within the program. I will probably download the installer, and update manually.

Wait for version 2.2.4.
There is some language and minor issues.
Should be coming out soon!

new translations don`t work

Version 2.2.4 is coming out soon so translation will be fixed :)

OH Noooo!

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Quite beautiful really

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I’m loving the new update. eSteem is constantly evolving. I love the frequent updates.

Me too 🙋🏻‍♂️