Navigating Hive: Insights from the Hive Humpday Hangout.

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Hey family, Willy here. I've had the unique privilege of joining the Hive Humpday Hangout - HHH on two occasions, and I must say, it'
s been very enlightening. It's a show put together and led by @ph1102 on the Ecency discord server, with highly experienced Hivians from all over the world coming together to share thoughts, lessons learned from experience, knowledge, and diverse opinions. I believe it's a must-attend show, especially for newbie Hivians, as it provides a platform for you to ask any questions you have concerning the topic of the day. Every Wednesday, this rare opportunity is provided for everyone to join in at @5pm UTC! Trust me, it's a comfortable environment to be in, as there is no discrimination, and everyone's views are welcomed and discussed.

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Also, regardless of when you began on Hive, you are still welcome; there's no need to be shy. Personally, I started Hive about four months ago, so am still within the rookie status, yet the awesome people there welcomed my contribution and answered my rookie questions. I must mention that I really owe a lot of this to @melinda010100 since she invited me to join the group last week. I know, I have been buzzing her a lot if you follow my posts, but like any newborn child, we cry to our moms for everything until we can find our own feet.

Alright, enough of the chit-chat. Let me try to discuss a few things I learned during the session. Perhaps, it could be of great help to someone who didn't have the time or chance to join in.

Difference between Hive and Other Social Media platforms.

Well, Hive operates like your typical social media hub, but the standout feature, as noted by @ph1102, is the emphasis on interaction. If you're used to posting content and overlooking comments, Hive might not be the best fit. It's all about engaging to fuel your account growth. Speaking from my own experience, taking advice from my mentor @melinda010100 and getting involved, especially on ecency waves, landed me a cool circle of friends. Believe it or not, my followers jumped up by 15 in just about two weeks of microblogging on ecency waves.

In my little understanding, Hive operates on a reciprocity basis. You can't expect to reap where you haven't sown. @incublus rightly pointed out during the show, "If your post count surpasses your comments, you're missing something." It's a reminder to prioritize engaging with those interacting with your content. You can track your comments-to-posts ratio on

Upvoting Others

Having said that, you'll notice that to receive more upvotes from others, it's essential to reciprocate by upvoting them. While I recognize that Hive serves as a source of income for some, requiring them to power down, it's encouraged to leave a percentage behind for upvoting others. This practice builds a mutual relationship that proves beneficial in the long run. Additionally, when you upvote someone, you're not giving away your own funds; instead, you're making a 50/50 distribution from the reward pool, with 50% for you and 50% for the person you upvoted based on your hive power.

I had to edit this post and fix this comment in by @ph1102 for clarification on HP earnings.

What Really is a Quality Post:

As newbies, we were told that succeeding on Hive and earning favorable curation requires creating a "Quality Post." However, the question remains: what content qualifies as a quality post? Quality, to some extent, is subjective. Essentially, what one considers valuable, another may see as insignificant, depending on individual preferences. @felixxx took the stage to share his profound perspective on what defines quality. He emphasized that quality revolves around what captures the readers' interest. In his exact words, "What good is it if you have the most amazing quality content about some random topic that nobody is interested in?" His point being that, content should not only possess quality in terms of word count and design, but must also be relevant to people. In other words, it should be useful and beneficial to both readers and curators. He reiterated that he would prefer a meme post with meaningful relevance to him over a lengthy, irrelevant article. The key takeaway here is "Relevance."

In another insightful opinion shared by @incublus, he mentioned that he typically upvotes a post based on the effort he perceives an individual putting into it. He further expressed his commitment to supporting newcomers who are earnestly attempting to create relevant and meaningful content while learning about Hive. This is crucial because there's a wealth of undervalued quality content in the Hive Community. Additionally, he clarified that even if a post exhibits considerable effort but lacks substantial value, he would still upvote, perhaps not with a significant vote. @ph1102 chimed in, emphasizing that many Hive users are not native English speakers. Consequently, curators should take this into account, recognizing the importance of the content's message over strict judgments on grammar or language proficiency. In other words, "The substance of the content holds more significance and should take precedence over grammar or choice of English words."

Furthermore, @mypathtofire contributed to the discussion by emphasizing that he assesses the originality of a post along with the effort invested in it, particularly if it captivates readers' interest, before deciding to upvote. @palomap3 expanded on this, stating that she too endeavors to support undervalued posts based on the effort invested and the level of interest they generate.

Considering the insights shared by these seasoned Hive users, it's evident that while manual curation is subjective, there's a common thread in what prompts them to upvote content:

  1. Relevance
  2. Effort invested in content creation
  3. Interesting content
  4. Originality (free from plagiarism)

I firmly believe that any content meeting these standards will undoubtedly be rewarded.

Token Distribution (What contents get curated):

We engaged in a somewhat controversial discussion about how curations are directed toward specific niches on Hive. I suggested that it would be beneficial to diversify curations across different niches, fostering a broader range of interests for everyone joining Hive. In my perspective, not everyone shares the same interests, and this approach could encourage individuals to blog about topics they are genuinely passionate about.

@felixxx disagreed with that notion, presenting a solid point: for Hive to grow, attracting more investors is crucial. He likened it to a business model, emphasizing the need to cater to the interests of stakeholders. Essentially, the content that aligns with the preferences of stakeholders will be curated. I agree with him, considering that in the real world, people won't invest in something that doesn't benefit them. This perspective makes sense if, as a content creator, you view Hive as providing value for your customers (curators) who, in turn, pay for your services (upvote). As @felixxx put it, "If you are writing about something that no one else likes, you're not gonna get paid."

Once again, @ph1102 had to challenge that viewpoint with another insightful perspective. If the expectation is to always write within the niches already curated and everyone follows suit, there's a chance that it could prevent new things from coming up. Sometimes, experimenting with fresh ideas is necessary. There's a chance that an entire community may appreciate that content. If you genuinely believe in it, why not give it a shot? With perseverance, you might end up pioneering a unique niche on Hive. I'm pleased that @felixxx also endorsed this notion.

Another factor to consider is that relying solely on Hive Whales for curation could lead to a sense of dependence. In my view, it might make you feel somewhat constrained. @ph1102 suggested that if you wish to share content about your interests, it's preferable to rely on the circle of friends you build over time who appreciate your work. Don't misunderstand me; Hive Whales are crucial contributors, driving the Hive ecosystem on a large scale. A significant portion of my current HP came from the generosity of these whales, and I appreciate them. We are only discussing this in the context of wanting to pursue your own unique content, outside of niche communities with prominent whales. I hope that clarifies our point.

Members Opinion on Curation Routine:

A question was posed to us as members about where and how we conduct our daily curations. @ph1102 mentioned that he begins by reviewing his personal feed and then explores communities to which he is subscribed. @mypathtofire shared that he checks his favorites (a feature provided by the Ecency app) and then looks at his followers' feed. @felixxx mentioned that he votes first for what people send him via direct message and then checks his personal feed. Well, I suppose I'll have to send him a direct message with this post when I'm done. @melinda010100 shared that she curates the Shadow Hunters community and her favorites first, then focuses on Ecency waves and good comments.

Once more, you'll notice a pattern here. Many manual curators prioritize curating from their personal feed, and to appear in someone's personal feed, they need to be following you. That's why, as we mentioned at the very beginning, it's essential for you to cultivate a circle of friends on Hive.


I trust this article has proven helpful. I firmly believe these debate sessions are particularly beneficial for newcomers, offering insights to better understand Hive and navigate their journey. It's crucial to acknowledge that these are opinions from seasoned Hive members and not definitive rules. If you disagree, that's precisely why it's termed a debate. However, I am confident that the shared words of wisdom can pave a positive path for your Hive journey if you choose to follow them, as they have for me.

I genuinely want to express my deepest gratitude to the entire community for creating this fantastic space for us to learn from each other. A special thanks to @ph1102 for putting together the show and to @melinda010100, my mentor, who invited me to join this circle. Kudos to all the members who participated and shared their thoughts. I won't individually mention everyone to avoid flooding them with notifications, but I hope they come across this article one way or another.

If you enjoyed what I shared in this article and would like to hear the real deal, as you know, I can't capture everything that was discussed. You can visit the Recap post @ph1102 made, which includes the full video of the session, from the link below.

I'd like to seize this opportunity to invite you once again to our next episode next Wednesday at 5 pm UTC on the Ecency Discord Server. I'm looking forward to having a good time again, and I can't wait to see you there.

As always,
Written from the city of Ecency,
Willy, a proud Ecencial.


Wow, thanks so much sir. O really really really appreciate this♥️♥️♥️

A perfectly wonderful recap of the HHHLive show! I look forward to Wednesday's and am so glad that you are attending, too! 🙂

Yep, am already trying to invite people to join in. Thank you so much for all the opportunities you've given and shown me.♥️🙏♥️🙏♥️

Great takeaways, @willythewhale! Thanks for sharing what you've learned here. No matter how long we've been here on Hive there is always something to learn or re learn and review.

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Wow, thanks so much. Am I really appreciate the comment ♥️🙏. Thank you also for the 3 tokens, I feel hive rich already 🤭

Good Morning @willythewhale,
You're very welcome.
Glad I could help.
Have a great day😆

You did such a great job with this HHHLive summary from another day!!! Thank you for all your kind words and I'm happy to read that the show had such a positive effect on you...

Having in the audience so many hardcore Hivians who can interact with each other produces a lot of value for everyone! For those who are participating in debate, but also for listeners who just want to get as much information as possible...

Thanks for this great post and thanks for participating in the #HHHLive! See you next week!

Moreover, staked Hive (hive power) currently offers an APR of 9%, surpassing the rates of many Fixed Deposits and treasury bills globally.

Just one thing about this... The APR that you can see under your HivePower is the true "passive" income...

Hive Power increases at an APR of approximately 2.95%

As I mentioned in the show, those 9% are curation rewards APR... For example, if you want to have your "voting power" close to 100%, you can upvote 11 posts per day with your 100% upvote, and the next day, your voting power will refill... If you do that for a year, every day, you will earn around 9% of your stake (HivePower)... That goes on TOP of those 2.95%...

So, it's not literally passive income, as you have to use your HivePower to upvote others, to get that... I hope I didn't overcomplicate this... :)

Wow, thanks so much for the corrections. I think I made a mess 🤦. I need to quickly edit this since I don't want to misinform others.

Yay! 🤗
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Wow, thank you so much ecency ♥️

This is an amazing work!! You did a perfect summary! Thank you. 🤩

Wow, thanks so much. I really appreciate this comment. Also thank you for your contribution at the HHH, it really helped enlighten me as a newbie ♥️

Your progress is impressive, keep it up! 🤗

Thank you a million times 🙏🙏🙏♥️♥️♥️


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You deserve it! 🤗

🥺♥️❤️🙏 thank you so much.

You have done an excellent job condensing down, what I tried to express.

I just want to add 2 things:

  • I am just one dude with a little stake. I am not the only authority here regarding content. I said what I said, also to maybe inspire others to pick up the same idea.
  • You don't need to DM me, when you tag me in your post - that will pop up in my feed, too :) .

Thank you so much for the clarification. I must say that for me as a newbie, your contribution really enlighten me, and indeed it did its job by inspiring me. I really treasure the advice.🙏

Also noted on not dm- ing you when I have already @ you.
Wanted to know what kind of contents you normally like so maybe I'd provide the service 👀?

I like all sorts of stuff.

Personally, one of the best effects of Hive for me is, that I can get an insight into the every day life of a person from a totally different culture, location, circumstance.
Experiences vary, and I repeat: I am just one dude with a 1$ vote; I'd not recommend catering specifically to my taste.

Oh great that's just awesome. I perfectly understand. I wouldn't do that👍