Bitkenstan_83 - Burrito.

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A story about bitcoin, crypto, blockchain, and life.

Bitkenstan has a running story line.
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Clapperboard: (Roll 1, Scene 1, Take 4, Bitcoin 101 school)
Captain Crypto: We start with the ledger. Let's put it to work. Image piggy banks...scattered all over. (piggy bans emerge) These re bitcoin wallets.
General Kellimahl: So the pig is the wallet?
Captain Crypto: For this lesson, yes. And number 2, they're glass piggy banks. Everyone can see what's inside.
Mr. Dumas: Sounds unsafe.
Captain Crypto: Back to the ledger. All of the balances are recorded, visible. But no names!
Mr. Dumas: That's what I'm saying.
Mr. Holler: (returns on screen)
Captain Crypto: You're back.
Mr. Holler: No, I'm not.
Captain Crypto: You're not?
Mr. Holler: I just came back to to tell you I gotta go to the bathroom.
Captain Crypto: You came back from the bathroom to say you gotta go to the bathroom?
Mr. Holler: Precisely.
Captain Crypto: You really ought to ease up on the coffee.
Mr. Holler: The others situations were coffee-related...This one is burrito-related.
Captain Crypto: Take the hall pass.
Mr. Holler: (exits)

Creator: I think he's already got it.

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