Bitkenstan_87 - 1984

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A story about bitcoin, crypto, blockchain, and life.


Bitkenstan has a running story line.
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Captain Crypto: (standing in front of a 1984 billboard) I guess there's only one lesson left to teach. Fred, fetch the master tool.
Fred: (brings a sledge hammer and hands it to Captain Crypto)
Captain Crypto: Thanks Fred. Time to go to work. (Captain Crypto runs down a hallway, citizens are sitting and watching The Man on a huge screen, Captain Crypto spins wildly and slings the sledge hammer through the air, the hammer hurls directly into the huge screen of The Man, a large explosion is caused, the screen goes black)

Creator: I guess we're gonna prevail after all.

Originally posted May 23, 2020 at

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Bitkenstan is the webcomic that became the world's first NFTcomic on bitcoin, cryptocurrency, blockchain, and life.

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